Car Tech 2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe Premium



Dylan Mahnke says:

This guy is gay I have the exact car but performance package the car is great, he probably drives a Prius and says that’s the best car ever.

Manuel Neuer says:

55th new car!? What the hell do you spend your money on?

A White says:


Nightbird says:

This car looks nice..but you can’t even open the moonroof? No thanks..what a joke of a car this is.

Plus Minus Infinity says:

4:42 This guy is the most entertaining car reviewer EVER!!! I hope that he still reviews cars, I never actually laughed out loud at a car review before now xD

mrmovin12345 says:

that man said the rump of the car lol hahahaha gotta be from the south

Tom DeVito says:

“Did I really say that?” Why yes yes you did LOL

chancy319 says:

What a shit car.

jump oricakle says:

did I just say that? yes you did

Braulio R. says:

God, that’s ugly.

MichaelD8393 says:

4:48 One of Brian’s jokes ever.

kingsofcobra says:

He seems very biased towards this car. I wonder why?!?!

AnonymoussourceL0L says:

I absolutely HATE chrome. Needs to be banned from interiors. Maybe then I’d like Caddy’s interiors a little more.

YouWrasse IsMine says:

Wow, I didn’t know someone could knock such a work of art so badly. I think this guy is totally bias. Not one good thing to say??? LMAO dislike!

extrofactor says:

this man really Hates cadillac. jejejejejeee.

Darrell Darrell says:

The radio is based off windows ce which is why it sucks. I swapped mine out for a 10.5 inch Tesla android radio.

Samuel Dobrow says:

you really did just say that. lol

MichaelD8393 says:

4:48 One of Brian’s jokes ever.

Robert back in America says:

Note to CNET… stick with reviewing back-up cameras… and cell phones… and leave reviews of sports sedans to people who know how to drive.

chelsea7xhf says:

What can you say Brain?! So funny

Daniel Martín says:

This guy shouldnt make reviews .. So gay

cain d says:

Is this the Comedy Central roast of Cadillac CTS ? Wtf

ahmed mido says:

mentally ill … looooooooooooooooool

Kevin Maldonado says:

Got mine 4 weeks ago , I’m loving my baby !

pringlescan81 says:

4:48 probably one of Cooley’s funniest lines ever

Lucky Bastard says:

Who’s stupid enough to buy this GM Nightmare? Oh yea…Justin Beiber.

Ceasar Clark says:

lol what can you say? what the hell can i say?!

Kenneth S says:

Bought one of these last week.  Loving it so far…..

max J. says:

It is a sweet cool car, but back seats are Terrible!

pimpmyride says:


Armando X says:

This guy is always talking shit about almost every car

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