Car Tech: 2013 Cadillac ATS


In this video, I get to check out the brand new Cadillac ATS & all of it’s tech features. The 2013 Cadillac ATS features some of the most innovative technology available in cars today. The ATS is also very quick, the model featured in this video sports a 272HP turbocharged engine with 4 wheel drive.


Paras Valecha says:

I love your voice & the quality of your microphone. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy watching your videos.

Sabino Basso says:

pa has snow that is bad

MrNightmareman121 says:

ball so hard

LanoiZeDrifter says:

Or sold it for more it was worth..

iciesXYZ123 says:

Check out this fuckface who’s jealous he doesn’t have one.

BoLT Spinz says:

i ONLY say this because i’m a HUGE car entusiast and have a huge passion for cars. If i was in his situation i was sell the caddy for 29k or 25k cash in hand from a dealer. Buy an s13, build it and start my Formula D Drift career. (: This man is truly lucky lol He get PAID to open up items and keep them, and gets paid to make videos of it in his spare time and on top of that get’s paid by sponsors. Ughhhh lmfao

Andrew Guyther says:

Really, really want.

diego garzon says:

Giveaway please

RyZz Tot says:


Pj Tobin says:

Your Canadian … Join the club

DORC101 says:

12:29 I was like WTF lol

Frikiton Xplosion says:

how’s the CUE working for you ? I’m wondering if I should get it now or wait till the 2014 comes out maybe they have fixed CUE quirks and other bugs of the car?

Azi DeSent says:

Just got this exact one I’m loving it

spec1alone says:

yeahh. Nothing better than a good weed and a good place to hide it !

Lockdown95 says:

Which package trim is this car? the 2.0L turbo or 3.6L Premium

Sam Coombes says:

If The Fob Runs Out Of Battery And Your Outside the locked car how do you get iN?

Sachi In Wisconsin says:

I hate you! Cuz now I want a car I can’t afford – ugh! 🙁 lol

samuelc123456789 says:

random SWAT truck

eL3ctr1c4L says:

I didn’t know that you can make that kind of money on Youtube

TheFarnumKIR says:


Hasnain 2005 says:

Do you own this

Afsheen Freestyle says:

Well…. He has a R35

MrMagickent says:

but you’re definitely have some good money

Nicholas 2A says:

Whoa. I watch you all the time for tech but didn’t think you’d pop up when I’m researching a used car purchase. Awesome video. Thanks

MrMagickent says:

there isn’t any used cars of this model in my area lol

Jared G says:

check out justin biebers ats

MrNightmareman121 says:

what video camera do you use?

Paras Valecha says:

Really cool stuff.

docdude5 says:

A car with a push button lock that anyone can push on the outside of the car and a push button to start the engine?? Sounds like a great qay to get robbed.

technocatification says:


Robbert van der Horst says:

If I’m right, he said something about a small remote thing that has to be near the car (weither it’s in your pocket or backpack or something like that) in order to open the doors. For the button, you got that right… Not really making it hard to get robbed ;d

jorgenol1 says:

It wasn’t his GTR, he borrowed it from a friend …

Dini A says:

I have this car. It’s a beast.

LanoiZeDrifter says:


Amina Corbin says:

How do you turn on the white running light on the side of the head lights

Ali Karimpour says:

I just bought one and have issues with door locking mechanism. When it locks and some time passes, the remote control does not immediately open the doors. This causes issues if living in cold climate where you need to get into the car as soon as you reach it.

I disable the Passive door Lock but no luck.

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