Car Tech – 2013 Cadillac ATS
Going after the BMW 3-series and the Mercedes C-Class is hard enough, but shedding some of the stigma that Cadillac has is no small order, except when you are the 2013 Cadillac ATS and you just might have a shot at doing both.


Alphonse Moulemvo says:

Théâtre congolais et

melmelcorvette says:

I would rather buy a c400 4 magic standard and 0-60 in the low 4s and 48 thousand and nothing is cheap and you get treated great I’m stick with my German friends.this is a great car by Cadillac I batted my eyes at its few times seeing one in public. But it’s to expensive for a Cadillac I wouldn’t doubt that it’s made on the Chevy cruise frame there’s to many things shared with the lower end cars for example that stuck out to me like a sore thumb was the turn signal wand inside the car.

Si_Vis_Pacem Para_Bellum says:

I always say how i love German car,but with this?cheaper,better,cooler and awsome!i was going to get the Benz but now im getting the ats

Lbolting005 says:

No thanks, American junk. Will look like shit in 4 years & resell value will suck butthole. Not reliable.

roadracevette94 says:

And now please tell us what you`ve base your comment on Patrick?

Matt Liebau says:

The really need to do something about the CUE and the haptic console system, It’s garbage. Update it or get rid of it

Nick says:

Oh i dunno… The SLR McLaren has paddles on the wheel. The bmw m6 has paddles on its wheel. The Porsche 911 has paddles on its wheel. Shall i go on mr. so called transmission expert…

jcauto1 says:

Other than that he seemed to have good sense as to what’s going on. He is not accurate about the hydra attic transmission being boring. Something he might not be aware of but GM’s transmissions are adaptive transmissions and learn the driver and change shift points based on the current drivers acceleration and driving habits.

Matthew Nix says:

would NEVER buy this car. BMW will always be better. People will comment that im not american for saying that, but the truth is even though Ford and Chrysler have their crap together, General Motors keep producing lackluster cars that obviously rip off other more established cars(e.g. this and the BMW 3 series, camaro and THE Ford Mustang, etc.) 

Kev P. says:

I’ve noticed that Cadillac didn’t put a sunroof in their ATS sedans..even in this tester.. I’m a sunroof kinda of guy, so that would be my only drawback for not purchasing this vehicle.

Jasper Pit says:

What’s up, guys. Keep Up The Good Work. library ad hoc What’s your opinion about it, guys 1!

9rmetal says:

huh, american cars are the worst, not reliable and made cheap

Nick says:


Fidel Dennis says:

This car fits you. It is a very beautiful and classic car. You should get one for yourself. Great review.

moon jo says:

man that interior looks so tacky

Nick says:

You are possibly the thickest fuck ive ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I went to a private school as well and it makes no difference in how much class a person has. In any event, what does you going to a private school even have to do with your opinion on paddles as a method of shifting gear anyway? Who the fuck cares anyway. Grow a pair and get a car with 3 peddles and a stick in the middle of the seats…

CounsilHan says:

From my experience with GM shiftable automatic transmissions, the manual mode seems slugish and dopey. They usually take forever to shift up when you want them to. I wonder if they improved manual mode on the ATS?

Alejandro Naranjo says:

Stooooooop the ruckus ads!!!!!!!!! I don’t care about some router and get angry every time I watch a video!!!!

ArgentPure says:

Most have no cd player. A deal breaker for me. Have looked at dozens and only found one non turbo with the cd player. What a joke!

BladeEdge1221 says:

I’m officially a Cadillac fan now. It has finally happened.

roadracevette94 says:

Oh, you know. Just cars like F1 racecars, now go back to your room in your`s mom`s basement vsvideoboy25.

IceColdViking says:

v6 nah mine bmw 745 has V8 😀 that is a real car 

jcauto1 says:

A very good review. It’s nice to see that this guy actually knows how to use the CUE system. I’m not sure why he called the motorized faceplate “a weird little lift up deal”.

Johnny Tanka says:

I was literally just going to say that. Anyways how are they on the wheel? I’ve got a 6MT 335i and my buddy has a 6MT E92 M3 so I don’t have much experience with the DCT but I’ve heard its brilliant.

whiteandnerdytuba says:

good car ruined. at no point did cooley mention just how small the back seats are. for comparison, a mustang and camaro are in the same ballpark for interior room

cfny says:

if only they can get the reliability up. Consumer reports has it much worse than average.

Musvlehead says:

I dont freaking get this!! My XTS comes with one engine standard in all 4 models of the XTS producing 308hp ..How does the smaller lower model ATS have more hp?? And i know there is a twin turbo XTS V out now but still the XTS should have the Escalade engine with a bit over 400hp come on Caddy…Love the XTS though

Edsel Dagus says:

Sounds like old siri. Haha

coolguy6233 says:

I like how the ATS looks like something formal, and same with the inside. Although I do think maybe they could turn the touch sensitive buttons into actual buttons and also maybe have the CD player right on the front of the head unit instead of inside the glove box.

Jon Smith says:

The latch for the hood is cheap because you’re tiny brain couldn’t figure it out?!  Dude….you’re a clown. The only thing cheap here is your shoes and that little boy fuzz on your face.

Brian Ross says:

“ITS a bore, it searches too high, it misses gears, and it pisses me off”

lol this guy is funny

civoreb says:

Im willing to bet they are using the Cobalt engine in the the 4 cylinder models. A decent car though I am not a Caddy fan because they have always been old people cars and its hard to get that image out.

daddylira says:

I have the experience of driving all of the cadillac cars and all I have to say it’s that they are unreliable, expensive, and the materials are cheap!!! Stay away from GM vehicles they are way overpriced and they would give you a headache in the long run!!!

scalfa says:

Hey you moron, stop overrating american shitty cars and respect to the German cars and admit their awesome engineering!
who the fuck are you that you make fun of mercedes! 

212kingz says:

I would pick this over BMW and Mercedes any day! Cadillac nailed it on this one!

Charlie_Willie says:

The gearbox is lacking cuz it’s still using the ol’ 6-speed automatic.

patrick jackson says:

american cars really are not that great its a cadillac it should be a good car otherwise american cars are just okay.

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