Car Tech – 2013 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon
There is something oddly American about the 2013 Cadillac CTS-V Supercharged V8 wagon, even if you will pay for it at the pump.


Mad Pistol says:

I don’t want a normal station wagon. I’m glad they aren’t really a thing anymore in the US.

HOWEVER, this CTS-V wagon is really doing it for me. It’s an awesome design that I definitely wouldn’t mind having.

Josh H says:

Yeah doesn’t really work…

They have only depreciated $14k over 4 years and are still going for 10-14k more than the sedan/coupe.

good luck finding one with a manual…

nbrigdan says:

The CTS-V wagon is simply a beast.

Lamb chop says:

the only tech i need in my car is A/C and An am/fm radio

G.J. H says:

Dud? I watched 15 seconds… Goodbye!

from Clark says:

I too usually like his reviews but he is way off base with this review! The CTS V will quickly become a collector car in no time at all. Im waiting for my CTS sport wagon to arrive after searching for 8 months.sooooooooo excited!

Billy Beheler says:

Here we are in 2018 and I still absolutely love the CTS V wagon! I am dying to find a old school stock v wagon in black, preferably with the black wheels! I love love love this vehicle and awesome wagons period. But thankfully the wagon/hatch & sport brake are finally making a come back. They are popular again! Americans should have never stopped buying these types of vehicle! They are very practical and honestly handle a lot better. It’s the best of both worlds the convenience & practicality of a suv with the handling of a sedan! I mean look at the new Volvo V90 it’s a beautiful machine just breathtaking! Honestly I think Subaru are to thank for this trend. The outback just keeps getting more popular every year and they made hatches cool again as well, look at the new Civic hatch

Ben B says:

You’re wrong! I love the Vagon.

pontiacGXPfan says:

I’ve seen three of these in the four years since they built them

Kari Greyd says:

Why is he complaining about the raido in a 550 hp monster? Who needs a radio with a big v8. This guy is not a car guy.

Mike Cernovich says:

Oy vey the computa is outdated. What will my chicken swinging friends think

Krysco51 says:

Is this guy retarded? The wagon is extremely popular.

Max H says:

I own a 2012 CTS-V wagon. I had the dealer do an 18% performance upgrade (under warranty) and had the car lowered with a KW suspension kit (expensive but worth it). I added HRE wheels (10.5″ on the rears…!) and I am yet to lose to ANY car. I eat up Ferraris, Lambos and Corvettes. It’s hilarious. Great car overall. I like it more Han even my e63. The only negative – the tiny 18-gallon gas tank. Otherwise, who gives a damn about gas mileage. No one who buys this car worries about mpg. Go and buy a wussy Prius if you care about gas mileage.

Jasaface says:

this is a flustering review

Jared Cullop says:

This is exactly why you don’t come to C|Net, the professional dorks, when you’re looking for a car made of testicles and the semen of giants.

Christopher Jordan says:

The best all around Car in the WORLD.

Joseph Landis says:

most beautiful car ever.

GameCaptain says:

This guy is all over the place, hes sticking his arm all over the engine while its running and would it kill him to get a suit that fits?  All of his reviews come off as negative.

Kevin Williams says:

Who is this douche bag??

The Adventure Mazda says:

I happen to LOVE this car…just way out of my price range. Im sure the reason it doesnt sell very well is because the people who can afford them arent into the wagon style. And with some nice exterior mods this car blows my mind with sex appeal.

Justin Perkins says:

Hey can you talk about the radio for a super long time, that’d be great. Not really here for the super wagon at all.

Michael Lee says:

what the hell is with the red Sentra doing in the intro 0:23

Quadrunner says:

Calling this car a failure based on its marginal sale rates pains me a little as we enter Christmas season. I love America and I’m glad she produced such a fine machine, but I hate how its acceptable to just measure success with quarterly profits.

Also, the car makes a lot of sense to me. For some reason station wagons have been replaced by SUV’s in this country, and when compared to SUV’s in a city environment the car is surprisingly practical, achieves the same mileage, and is a heck of a lot more enjoyable to drive….On the street that is. More importantly its got a stick!

Max H says:

Well, I’m about to list mine for sale on eBay this weekend. 23K miles, K&W coil overs professionally installed to lower the car 2″ the RIGHT way(not just Eibach springs which messes up the handling – $4500), $12K worth of new HRE wheels/tires that were built for my wagon as a test fit(amazing stance – I get comments daily), etc. It has everything but a sunroof(I’m not a sunroof fan – rarely used any I’ve had).
It’s red on black. Keep a look-out. I’ll likely try eBay and the CTS-V forum. Like selling any performance car, I’ll be taking a major loss but such is life.

Chemist says:

Well in less than 10 seconds the illustrious host made it clear that we could easily stop listening to his moronic commentary when he opened up with the term “dud.” What a fool.

Just say no more gop ever says:

Love this whole series.

Marc Bryant says:

that’s the most awesome car your flat pasty white ass has ever been in….

Mike Cernovich says:

This lying Jew

Tom Engelson says:

He’s a buzzkill. Never mind it’s a killer wagon. He’s a typical lib who thinks he knows cars because libs hire him to say what they want

Duncan O'malley says:

Cue sucks and people thought it was gonna be good, and now the wagon is sought after by enthusiasts.

DHR says:

Horrible, this guy reeks of the bullshit salesman tonality and raising voice at the end. It’s like he made this thinking it’s for some legit retards to watch who have trouble comprehending information.

Alana Duckworth says:

I love it!!!!

apheus27 says:

In this comment section:

Massive circlejerk of pissed off internet goers because the presenter didn’t gush over the car.

hey says:

manly wagon that makes mustangs look feminine 

sevan grigoryan says:

The cts-v wagon actually looks sexy like the coupe and 4 door version.

TheGeekwad says:

Idk why he hates the wagon part so much, it’s my favorite part and myself and most people that I know would get the wagon version

John Pandes says:

Ha, I just bought one of these duds.

cadsux says:

Actually, Brian Cooley is a fan of wagons. His daily ride is a late model Ford Country Squire wagon. He owns 2. He use to own other wagons like the Datsun 510 and the Accord wagon. His review was only critical of some of the tech in the cabin and the mpg, but it sure sounded like he enjoyed the drive and the power. His tone is on the sarcastic side, so it may come off as negative bias.

Kh Wong says:

lol I just think wagon bodyshape make alot of model looks more unusual
such as the VW Jetta and Mazda 6 

TheQuatchman says:

Heavily bias review. This moron is driving the automatic version when manual is standard on it. I see this car as a way for a parent to have a useful car while still being able to have fun IMO.

giantrobot9000 says:

Someone get this dork a Prius, asap.

NameGoesHere says:

Is that CD smoking a cig..?

I Love Prophet Muhammad says:


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