Car Tech – 2013 Cadillac XTS
Cadillac’s all new XTS


fantomtuba says:

calm down people, its somewhat of a rebadged lacross.

camaroman101 says:

you dont know what rebadge means

camshaft53149 says:

i love Brian Cooley.. dont be a dick

Lorenzo Moore says:

this is not your grandpa caddy.

xjlonelystar says:

Why dont they just put a tablet in there….

SaNay Ko says:

DoN’t bE A DiCk

Aaron L Forrest says:

I like this guys reviews, but I too am surprised he said.. “Don’t be a dick”. Gotta love it.

3XICS says:

Who the fuck cares about their CUE system ?

Pete V says:

was confused with the CUE review on this model. Is the CUE system different on the XTS than on the 2013 ATS? In his review of the 2013 ATS, he said the CUE system is way too slow and performed too poorly to be compared to the cheapest of tablets. He also said in the ATS review the voice command navigation worked great.Yet it seems he’s saying almost the exact opposite here…

Angel Gates says:

Lmao ” you not a celebrity don’t be a dick” gotta live this guy sometimes….

Prince Amadi Nwosu-Stevens says:

haha dont be a dick smh

Integratedcraig says:

You’re not a celeb, don’t be a dick.. That was an all time great line! I love Cnet! Love it!!!

ssingh says:

I would try to avoid all the cars with those touch interface for at least few more years, they are slloow. Or at least for me since I expect the touch tech to be as responsive as my phone.

ronald lemons says:

iPhone u mean

Ganbala says:

be a gigant cock

stchman says:

That cracked me up, Brian Cooley can be hilarious.

Studmuffin says:

“Your not a Celebrity, don`t be a dick”… Vintage Cooley Lol

treyday1982 says:

Treyday1982 says Caddy should have stretched out the XTS…none the less awesome ride!!!!!

Stephen Daly says:

Brian Cooley should design cars. Best car reviews on the internet.

positive post says:

love his reviews lol all pros and cons! ! he holds nothing back! good job man keep up the good work

C M says:

Keep up the great work !

Smokey BEAR says:

Nice car but too long would take the other Cadillac

MR. Highland park 313 says:

lol I love his reviews

Steel86Curtain says:

Dont be a dick? New subscriber right here.

fantomtuba says:

look it up.

Joey Boy says:

what about the part where he drives it

Doug Schueler says:

my cue works GREAT!

Jay2DaOz says:

“You’re not a celebrity don’t be a dick” . COOLey.— best in Cnettv

allan azucena says:

Don’t be a dick. WTF!

9125species says:

You’re not a celebrity, don’t be a dick! Classic! LoL


Your not a celebrity. Dont be a dick XD

seattle1986 says:

The best review on YouTube.

Jamel Moore says:

Humorous, yet great review. I personally think this is the best sedan GM has ever produced in terms of luxury, but not performance. Real leather and wood everywhere! Perhaps a first for Cadillac. But the CUE system, while intuitive, is rather undefined and can be downright frustrating to use, especially if you’re not patient with it. I also wish it had the same level of performance technology found in the new ATS, which is MUCH more fun to drive. But this is a great Cadillac!

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