Car Tech – 2014 Cadillac CTS

Cadillac is more than up to the challenge of competing with the German luxury cars with the CTS, now with some weight-saving tech as well as a new graphical interface inside.


jlee222ballin says:

exactly. hence why i want to own a cadillac when i’m older. Too many snobs driving around in their european cars for it’s name. Alert: You don’t look swagged out bro!

impaulos says:

In my opinion, people didn’t buy American luxury cars because they just weren’t as good as the European equivalents. However, now Cadillac is showing amazing cars that as good if not better than the others. But I still think the other American luxury car brands are still not very competitive, like Buick or Lincoln. They just don’t seem to have the same level of refinement. But, again, I think this Cadillac looks great.

ryan flippin says:

I know what I’ll be buying after graduation! GM listen to me, you better not put a crummy truck headliner in this car! Otherwise Merc, here I come!

Evan Ganske says:

Cadillac CTS Sedan and Wagon
Cadillac ATS Sedan and Coupe
Cadillac XTS Sedan
Cadillac NRX (or something like that) Compact Crossover
Cadillac SRX Crossover (I hope they keep the 2.8L Turbo V6 with VVT, SIDI, AFM and DOHC)
Cadillac IRX (or something like that) Large Crossover
Cadillac Escalade Truck/SUV

Jason Marlow says:

We want the wagon!


The new 3 series is horrible. Road noise, numb electric steering and high prices plague it. GM is finally putting money back into their cars and it SHOWS!

ZomBee says:

Better than the new Altima

Chyne20 says:

…………….I have no words to describe this beauty!!!

Sheila LaShay says:

Own this car in Black Raven with Cashmere,wood, leather and suede interior. They are lighter in weight and much more expensive. All the models are $50 plus before incentives. 

block remove says:

If you want to try A car try it in the Middle East, the burning in the air at a temperature of 60 degrees C . its mean ( toyota ) ( mercedes )

futsal21mrx says:

Is it me or does this cadillac have the v emblem on the right back corner??? and its obviously not the v version cause he said it was still to be announced.

marc1093280 says:

The new 2014 CTS looks nice and so does the Lexus GS. The 5 – series is okay. The E-class looks nice. For me, it’s either an E-class or a GS

mrmax86 says:

I rode in one of these last week. Ho-lee crap was it awesome.

zacahry. b warren says:

cadillac coming threw

abdulla mohd says:


Frank Assnot says:

So many people are buying euro/Brit cars that they are starting to look pretty generic. Like when you buy one you look as common as another toyota on the road. It is brand overkill. Go cadillac at least you would look different. Too many Benzes, Bimmers, porches, etc crowding the road. Its a shame really. Going american may actually start to look more “foreign” than foregin cars because everybody’s got a euro/brit car. Go american. Switch your style up.

Joseph The Great says:

GM did a fantastic job on the car

Craig Schneider says:


uaedriver says:

أنا مثلك

300horsepower says:

420 hp in V6 got damn. My old bmw 740i barely close to 300 hp. Badass CTS there

Jonah Gutierrez says:

he’s such a good reviewer.

0slavsan0 says:

CTS – Capability, Technology, Safety.

tripleheshy says:

Sure if you’re a deluded tree hugging leftist.

jpap967 says:

Looks great from the front. Looks like every other damned boring sedan in the world from the back. Sigh…

Bmants says:

So you have proof of this?

block remove says:

if u wana buy a car find ( made in germany ) if u wana buy adevice find ( made in japan ) if u wana buy between them find made in usa

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