Car Tech – 2014 Cadillac ELR
You could call it the Cadillac Volt, but that’s only half the story


Tyler Perrone says:

Hyundai elantra 2 door with a 40k price

Mark Dillon says:

Price is around 75 k.

Raymond Johnson says:

I love this car and want one. Glad you did not act like your typical troll self and just start complaining be cause old dog had new trick….self.

n777ua says:

Nothing like a prop to keep your hood up on your $80,000 Cadillac.

campkira says:

Regenerate brake on demand what????

The Chill One says:

Damn I so want one of these. I love that back up generator thing.

The Chill One says:

Damn I so want one of these. I love that back up generator thing.

TechMack says:


Ethan Moreau says:

This guy complains about every car…. Every review he gives out, he talks negative about them in a sarcastic tone

DanielHjorthPhoto says:

Can’t wait to purchase the Cadillac 2014 CTS SEDAN 3.6L Premium version! 

James Watson says:


James T Kirk says:

Tesla rules all, and takes no prisoners. 

Harsh Patel says:


Robertas says:

35 MPG? Fail.

pwoo124 says:

Overpriced Volt.

Petermudpants says:

The car does look good, but I would  like to see how it handles converting from electric to gas, if theirs any difference?

im1greatman says:

LMFAO.  They’re trying to see a $75,000 Volt with a Cadillac badge.  Just so everyone knows that styling and interior is NOT worth $30,000 or more!

roberto palma estrada says:

nice hibrid

TheCireMC says:

This thing looks stupid… Go buy a diesel Mercedes or something that will help the earth more than this lithium bomb.

C Johnson says:

Nice, but if it is like the Volt’s system did they delete the planetary gear from the gas engine to the drive-line; because the Volt is a hybrid actually. 

Mathias Van de Kerckhove says:

lookin’ good!

Spiritusantus says:

Damn! That girl standing by the car was banging!

Timothy Nguyen says:

Well… at least it’s certainly nice to look at.

maximum988 says:

I don’t understand why they won’t put a diesel in these things. Theres a reason diesel generators have been paired with electric motors for about a century. On trains, submarines, ships.

Ryan P. says:

OMG – Has anyone else noticed the GLARING error at the very beginning of this video?   –>  “CADDILAC”?!?  <-- (It's amazing how within ten seconds you can discredit yourself as an authority in the world of tech and automotive journalism!  Way to go, CNET!) Btw, has anyone seen the hot concept cars making their debut at the L.A. Auto Show this year?  I can't decide which is my favorite, but it's either the INFINITY, the LEXIS, or the JAGWAR.  Any opinions out there??  🙂

Ιωάννης Καλογερούδης says:

nice car

Marvin Charles says:

Tesla must keep there cars from catching on fire and don’t get me wrong I am a big fan but I also like the Cadillac ELR also!

Eric Von says:

So this is an over over over priced Toyota Prius, but this one looks nice.

D. Brown says:

If they make more hybrids and electric cars that looks this good, America can finally get off their dependency of fossil fuels

ToxicHorsePucky says:

Cars like the ELR and the Volt are great, but I thought manufacturers would’ve thrown in an 80+ Mile/charge battery. It would cover a far greater commute range for more Americans and still have the amazing flexibility of a gasoline engine. If tesla can build a 265 mile battery, these guys can build one 1/4 the size.

Mike K says:

It’s nice, if you ask me a bit late. They’ve talked about this car a lot and for a while feel by now they should’ve made improvements before dropping it into a new caddy. Mountain Mode doesn’t work right away it needs to be set several minutes up to 30 min before for that mode to function the way it needs to. granted most owners will hardly ever use that mode if ever.

Ryan Yeomans says:

I want one

textthing says:

That thing is hideous.

manoman0 says:

Sooo YES!!!

M Pacheco says:

2014 Cadillac Cimarron. based on the chevy cruze

DutchEastIndianApplePie says:

That car looks soo fucking cool

Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports says:

For the $83,000 this car costs, I’d glady buy a CTS-V Coupe or a Model S. This car is for rich people and liberal greeners. The price is ridiculous for what is essentially the same look of a CTS Coupe or ATS Coupe that costs less than $50,000.

chevymaro92 says:

first !

Ace C. says:

This car has a price tag of $76,000.
They must be out of their fucking minds. I would never pay that much for a car.
For 100,000 you could buy a fucking house, or something.

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