Car Tech – Cadillac ATS Coupe: Sharp looks and a powerful small engine
Cadillac brings its signature design language to a new small coupe, and equips it with a powerful and efficient four cylinder engine.


rnagic says:

All car companies need to come up with a universal tablet holder mount thing to replace these worthless touch screen dash controls.

YouDontWannaFightMe says:

Shallow-minded assholes dislike this video because they’re constantly bitching about how Cooley isn’t in it. Seriously, this isn’t third grade. Your comments won’t change a thing, they just show how immature you really are.

jimmy james says:

Was expecting to see Cooley…

Edgardo Amado says:

This guy sucks

Charles Ma says:

Cooley, come back… T.T

futurepower89 says:

Where is Cooley?!

YU TIAN says:

He’s improved a lot, give him a break people. Cooley’s got shit to do, give him a break as well!

Na Vi says:

No Cooley? Deuces…

artztt says:

Brian makes the show, this new guy sucks!

Mohammad Sadiqi says:

Where is Cooley

Michael Lee says:

Do I have to say this again? 3 Minute review? What is this, Car Tech 2008? Where is Cooley?

Pradeep Sen says:

This guy sucks. no style. sounds like my granddad. wheres Cooley. We want Cooley back. the only reason i watch CNET on Cars is because Cooley does it so well.

Na5iR11 says:

Wayne has improved a lot and I enjoy watching his videos.

67Bigsby says:

They are just short overviews……give the guy a brake.

YU TIAN says:

60FPS woohoo!

doubletapproductions says:

Yes Cooley is better, but this guy still did a good review and deserves a good review!

whiteandnerdytuba says:

my favorite part of the ats 4 door is that it is a 2 seater car. i can only imagine how small this one is

Trades46 says:

Poor review: he only brushed over the CUE and the specs. A 3 minute review, really?
Cnet Car Tech really doesn’t shine unless it is cast by Brian Cooley.

Metti Herjou says:

+CNET get Brian C back on CnetOnCars !

TekReviews says:

He forgets to mention those lane keeping assists are not standard. They are on the higher up models. If you want all those fancy features it’s $50k USD!

weirdshibainu says:

These things are cramped inside, no headroom.

BLACK&Yellow says:

Cooley must get a lot of head! He’s a good reviewer but damn get off his sack already. This guy did a good job not the best but it was OK. Ppl in the comments mad cause Cooley didn’t do the review. Lmao. Get his junk out of y’all mouths!

TheBigMissel says:

While I’m not a fan of Wayne, I’m not going to say I want to only see Cooley’s reviews. Wayne has improved drastically since he has starting doing these reviews. My only complaint with this video is in the length. I think Car Tech videos should be 5 minutes at a minimum in order to give each car a thorough review.

Lbolting005 says:

You ain’t Brian Cooley, but whatever man, just get the job done with the info I guess.

Djonemore says:


1quickster says:

What happen to Cooley. If its not Cooley it’s not worth watching. Cooley always have something smart to say.

GETOR G says:

I wouldn’t say it looks normal I would say it looks boring !!!

Claire Kennedy says:

She’s bad ass

toneloc62011 says:

Cooley where were you??

Christian Blaskowsky says:

In the part about engine size they misspelled liter. Cooley would never do that.
-Cooley for 2016 president- 

The Curious Noob says:

I know Cooley might seem like an automotive god but he is a man and needs vacation too.

Charles Pinckney - Sounds Nerdy says:

Didnt even realize coolie was missing until I read the comment. you folks hate change.good review

osamaFXX says:

No Cooley, Close the video.

Ben Kangas says:

BOOOOO!!!! We only want Cooley!!!

Sage N Rage says:

Everything that I love about Brian Cooley is what is missing and the main problem with this guy. He is not a pro, and he’s the most boring car reviewer I’ve seen. Saabkyle is more entertaining than this guy. Not to mention how he is not very opinionated when reviewing the car.

prakbis says:

Give him a break guys. Look at him, he is intimidated already thinking about the flurry of negative comments he is gonna get once the review is posted. He tries to give his best shot every time. Cooley has raised the bar, tough to match.

eEvangeliste says:

CNET !!!!



TonyTube407 says:

My initial reaction was, “What’s this woth without Brian Cooley?”  Then I watched the video with an open mind and found that it was a complete waste of my time.  No useful information really.  So.  This was crap without Brian Cooley.

SoSickWidit says:

This car is pretty sweet, but the ATS V coupe overshadows it heavily for me…if I was in the position to afford this new, I think I’d rather shell out the extra cabbage to get the V….otherwise, I’d wait a few years for the price to drop and just get this. 

gargilbert says:

Cooley!!!!!!!! :….(

THK says:

Cooley only reviews “cool” cars.

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