Demon Killer CTSV – Watch out for this Cadillac

Dodge Demon who? Never heard of her…
Talk about consistent, 3 passes: 9.14, 9.10, 9.12
Pretty bad ass for a big 4 door car.

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Man O War says:

I knew it wouldn’t take long to see a Gen 3 CTS-V go this fast!

Dialysisforever says:

The CTS-V is one of my dream cars. What is this, $100k Caddy with how much in mods on top of that? I would hope it could beat a Demon. There is always someone that can throw more money in their car than the next guy. There are 1989 Mustangs that can beat the Demon and your Caddy. Nice car.

R. D. says:

What is up with those ugly ass rear wheels and tires

Paul Jacobs says:

Of course you will beat it when you add mods…. let the demon add mods and then see

Sorryimtruthful says:

Gotta hand it to Dodge!… they got all you boys “shook” over the Demon… all y’all straight up on a “Mod fest” to be ready for a Demon to show up.. smh

Don Berry says:

A factory stock car is hot yes but beating it with a home made hot rod is awesome and gives you real bragging rights. Oh i helped develope Mopars in the 60s and 70s but would only drive modified cars personally. I’ll say this driving a car as quick as Demons to pick up a pizza is cool, no matter who built it.

Manny Gonzalez says:

Holy mother almost in to the 8s

raymundo rodriguez leon says:

That caddy should of done 8.6 took ti long at light.

Landon Poindexter says:

Ok well since this isn’t stock let’s just add some mods to the Demon and make this Cadillac are BITCH

Squire Taylor says:

That transmission sweet.

Chap says:

Dodge sucks. The fact that any of you consider it a worthy vehicle company is amusing.

Nemesis C says:

Demonology……..are you there? I see a demon slayer.

LR4sierra says:

4th gear sucks ass

TopTech Services says:


KillahCoils508 says:

With launches off the line like that, you aint beating NOTHING

Dave Keith says:


trinityxsavage says:

I’d take this over a demon any day

the full monte says:

Sounds like the transmission was slipping bad.

Altimgamr is a bitch says:

Faggot ass Lemon fans think nothing can beat their pos junk lol…Dodge cheerbitches are worse than fagyote cheerbitches

Dan Fun says:

I’m a big fan of this car, but stock the demon is still hitting 8s.

MR 707 says:

Before u write demon killer u should know demon come from factory not grocery ctsv bring something from GM factory which can beat demon on quarter mile i think the beast or the fastest production car from GM ZR1 and ZR1 by compare with demon is not fair lighter than demon ,more aerodynamic than demon ,two seater but after all these things it can’t beat demon on quarter mile so don’t bring toy from grocery

Robert Fortson says:

Is that mikes cadi… long time no see

MANXAN H says:

All talk face a demon and put it on tape till then just a v8 powered Prius lookalike

OPEC no says:

That torque converter ain’t happy lol

illmatic 89 says:

Corvette owners hate demons for some reason lmao


I want 1!!

gaknskk says:

Badass. That baby heads down that track straight as an arrow.

Briona Nicole says:

Corvette gears are so short

Al Dingman says:

Everyone wants a shot at the factory stock King Demon so they build or modify their vehicles to take on the King Demon and then brag about it. How about bringing that factory stock vehicle out and race the King Demon or are you scared?

Ryan Barbolt says:

Spend more time on the fuel then they did on the idle…

jimmy feathersmith says:


applechauncy says:

Yes that would be lame too. Some cars can bet one in a 1/4 mile

Mark D says:

That be one bad ass daddy caddy.

Franz Reidner says:

bad ass cadalliac good time

Me3 Graal says:


Edward Bernard says:

How to fuck up a perfectly good caddy. Why not just soup up a piece of shit 2002 Camaro?

anthony bocchino says:

1/4 mile or 1000 feet ?

Elerre Lopez says:

I kill Demons on my day off lol

john Freeman says:

That “V” is bad ass

trentc32 says:

Think it’s about time that this is said.. All the Dodge fan club have the exact same excuse or drawn out line ” But the demon is factory ” Yes it is but in true factory form from dodge D A Y 1 the car is a high ten second car. There is nothing factory about race fuel, slicks, skinny’s, race pcm, minus the front & rear seats, special prep track, unicorn piss , etc!etc! To run the elusive 9.65 that Dodge claims ” a bone stock 4k + lb 800hp challenger can run. And to Date not a single soul has done it. Some stuff shouldn’t have to be said. But one things for sure if the Internet says it it’s true..Surely the car that Dodge was testing was 100% equivalent to the one that they sold the public right??? Yea,…..Well its 8 /1 / 2018.. Show me one bone stock from Dodge car , truck, suv, that runs a 9.65 off the showroom and I will buy it! Lies!! Get over it. The cars are impressive for what they weigh but that’s about it. Oh and I have 2 Dodges in my yard as I type this. Both with Hemi engines. …

Panagiotis F says:

Needs a converter

Michael Jones says:

All stock ctsv from factory with slicks.

roger thornton says:

Dam sure don’t sound stock. I think it’s for an trans brake on it. I believe that’s that catty Big chef was driving last year.

JJ CBOSS84 says:

Thats one fast caddy but that transmission wont last too much long!!

Dan Fun says:

I wanna see a 7s car. Now that’s impressive.

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