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Annoyed with being driven around and forced to talk to your chauffeur? Get Netflix and YouTube in your Cadillac and avoid interacting with other people! Read our full tutorial:

The 2018 Cadillac CT6 3.0L Twin Turbo Platinum comes with dual 720p screens in the rear with HDMI and USB inputs. The fact that GM also offered 4G LTE and WiFi in their vehicles allows you to connect a device like a Roku Express to the rear inputs and watch your favourite shows, YouTubers, or Perpetual Radio Networks anywhere your car is.

In this video we explain the process to setup a Roku with the CT6’s rear entertainment system and how to fix any screen resolution issues. We also tested this method with the 2018 Cadillac Escalade Platinum, however the rear entertainment screens did not display the content properly, and over-scanned YouTube and Netflix’s UIs. It is possible to still use the system on an Escalade, however the experience isn’t as clean.

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Tony Liu says:

OK, wouldn’t this be downright distracting?

Tony x says:

also honda have a hdmi port on the central console…
dont forget to try it

Albert Kocharyan says:

He said first your need a caddilac ct6 so calmly like its nothing lol. Ok I’ll just puase the video get a ct6 then come back.

CKal1990 says:

Great video! I feel like this channel deserves to be way bigger than it is.

Ross MK says:

I’m surprised manufactures haven’t partnered up with Roku yet

Gavin Bober says:

I work at a car audio shop and we sell unlock interfaces that allow the front screen to play when in drive and not just park. I don’t understand how it’s legal lol

steven wentling says:

So you’re saying it won’t work in my ct-6 luxury model I have to have a platinum model?

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