Right on Cue: The 2017 Cadillac Escalade’s dashboard tech

We take a very close look at the Cadillac Escalade’s high-tech and gloss black Cue infotainment. Try to ignore the fingerprints.

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NightcruiserMA says:

1:38 is just another example of why CUE has stopped me from buying Cadillacs anymore. “to get very quick access to things like the camera.”

NMTW6 says:

Oh wow thats cool as hell….does Lincoln do this.

Dunbar Longshanks says:

Can you do a Smart car? It’d be funny to get big boy in one.

Patrick Stevens says:


S G says:

My g with a pixel xl. Great vid

dcharizard91 says:

The proximity sensor that senses when your hand is close and presents more options is a terrible idea. People tend to look before reaching over to touch the screen; a person will not know where to touch before reaching out which can be even more distracting since the person is staring at the screen more trying to find the button.

roguedogx says:

I’m fine with letting it think, I’d rather get the right answer slow than the wrong answer fast.

Marco Sawyer says:

Car companies just need to throw in the towel and admit to it’s current and future customers that they are not in the business of making software but Google, Apple, and Blackberry are and so we are NEVER EVER going to design a UX in house.

CarterBurtonMotorsportsDotCom says:

Can you do a video of apple car play and Android auto in action?

Robert Holmes says:

And all that for the price of what?, $75000.00, not worth it American made junk, you better get as many extended warranties as you can for when all of that crap brakes.

One800J says:

Your audio levels vary a lot between videos.

Vic Vil says:

wow! very impressive. it understood him despite his lisp.

whiteandnerdytuba says:

Very quiet voice, it’s what I expect from sub par car reviews

Robert Holmes says:

And again Smart Phones are Better in every way.

michael hartman says:

that display is not camera friendly

Cut de Pie Fails says:

Daniel Cormier is that you?

Sh0wat says:

This guy is the worst reviewer ever.
Boring and very Monotone. I thought you got rid of him when you switched to the roadshow

Patrick Glendening says:

You can select the magnetic ride control adjustments by touching the hard-coded button labeled “mode” on the top left of the center stack. It has touring, sport, snow/ice. Apart from adjusting the suspension it also adjusts steering and throttle response. The button Goodwin mentioned on the end of the column shifter is for trailering, which I think does something with the cooling system and shift points.

Steve Sheehan says:

You must have had a polarized filter on the camera, that CUE display looks like crap. It was picking up on the fresnel lens of the LCD.

ma7mgte says:

What’s the point of this? CUE is being updated for 2018/19. The new one is in the XT5 already

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