Why Buy? | 2017 Cadillac XT5 Review

Motor1 Senior Editor Jake Holmes hops behind the wheel of Cadillac’s stylish new midsize crossover the XT5, to find out if it has the chops to take on the rest of this hotly contested segment.
As Tested Price: $63,845
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How does it look? 00:30
How’s the storage? 01:09
Is it roomy? 02:16
How does the interior feel? 02:41
Is it well equipped? 03:06
How’s the infotainment system? 03:36
Is it a good daily driver? 04:04
Is it fun to drive? 04:45
How’s the fuel economy? 05:15
How much is it? 05:36
What are the negatives? 05:57
Who should buy it? 06:15

Crossovers tend to the be entry point to many luxury car brands, and Cadillac is no exception. The SRX was long the brand’s best-selling model, and so its replacement, the new Cadillac XT5, has big shoes to fill. It needs to pack enough style and refinement to convince buyers to move up from mainstream crossovers, and it must compete with the ever more competitive set of luxury crossovers from Japan and Europe.

The Cadillac XT5 looks sharp inside and out, and offers a truly impressive feature set. But does it drive well enough to stack up against the best new luxury crossovers? Find out in our latest Why Buy? video.

Engine: 3.6-Liter V6
Output: 310 Horsepower / 252 Pound-Feet
Transmission: 8-Speed Automatic
EPA Fuel Economy: 18 City / 26 Highway / 21 Combined

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Host: Jake Holmes
DP: James Bradbury
Editor: James Bradbury


Jaguar says:

Looks very stupid typical American way
Very arrogant lines and no qualities

Victor George says:

Picking mine up tomorrow! Hope all is well Jake!

Darnley Alleyne says:

good review. I’d like to see one on the 2017 hyundai santa fe sport. pleeeze!

hawkdiesel19 says:

great neutral, no nonsense review. Please keep it up!

Scott Wilkins says:

This is the only review on YouTube that the guys said “it’s not fun to drive” Welp, I think that makes his review worthless.

theory816 says:

I love the front end of this car.

greata7x says:

Feels pretty cheap inside the cabin? Really?

Claude Diamond says:

Just leased one of these. Best mountain car I have ever owned. Quiet, great handling and power. Cabin is comfortable and love apple carplay. Lotta praise from total strangers . Lotta room and fun to drive.

1111pyramids1111 says:

To me average height is 5′-9″ in Sweden it is 6′-3″ … why don’t u tell us how tall you are …. what are the front and rear leg rooms are from GM spec sheets…. good video … better than most…. but leg dims and volume for storage should be an automatic research on future episodes.

Mike Harris says:

the black molding around the bottom makes it look cheap, I know why they do it but it makes it look like something Chevy should be selling not Cadillac.

Matt D says:

cadillac xt5 commercial was on before this

Blake Swan says:

headlights are way too small

Mitchell Pritsker says:

The XT5 and the CT6 are both new Cadillacs.

Michael Martonick says:

This guy is way off, drove several imports, which are overpriced, overrated, and he buys into it….sad….Caddy also gives more bang for your buck!! Far more beautiful to look at then it’s competitors.

Rye Shelton. says:

ugly its fat and slab-sided.

SanDiegoInnOut says:

*Alcantara, not true suede.

Ronald Stephens says:

I disagree. I own one and I love it. Just drive it for your self.

Hindee Malkee says:

I hate the looks

Anthony Macneil says:

Trying to make deal on a Platinum offered $54,000 Canadian. In my opinion the price is crazy and that’s all I’m willing to pay for the top model not worth it even if it’s a Cadillac.

Blake Swan says:

that price is insane

johnls39 says:

The reviewer is terrible. He did not go over the drive modes and most reviewers say the XT5 is very engaging to drive.

Wowowo Rider says:

Think about it. How many reviewers you can find on You Tube? Buy a Go Pro and welcome yourself in the business of reviewing cars.

Ga Green says:

You are an idiot – this is a real nice crossover and fun to drive with paddle shifters and a responsive motor especially in sport mod.

Sheth Jones says:

not sure why he acts like this is some outlier in the segment. It’s the second best selling CUV in this price range.

thatamerican550 says:

I disagree, i leased it and while the infotainment wasn’t intuitive, its very comfortable inside and silent. I felt it was kinda unpowered but it still could corner great. I’d recommend as a lease option, wouldn’t recommend for someone to buy though

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