2 1/2 Years and 25,000 Miles On Chevy Volt

A quick update to my leased Chevy volt I bought about 3 years ago. The lease is coming up and I don’t know whether or not I should get rid of it or keep it. Overall though, great commuter car.

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Tom Huffman says:

77 MPG is not great for a Volt. The median lifetime MPG for the over 2,000 Volts that have been tracked on VoltStats is 143.

MikesRandomCars says:

Im pretty sure the lease agreement states that you have to follow the required maintainance miles. If not youre going to be “fined”. Im not sure how the volts leasing agreement looks like but my recently given back lease on a 2016 vw golf stated that very thing. But VW also included the maintainance cost in the leasing cost.

Bryan Corbett says:

I see that 2017 NYS inspection lmao

redvenomweb says:

You definitely should not keep the car. I was in the same situation as you 2.5 years ago: I was coming off a lease of a 2013 Volt and debating whether to keep it or buy a new 2017. For my leased 2013 Volt (fully-loaded, sticker price $44,545), the buyout price was $25,390. The (also fully-loaded) 2017 Volt I ended up buying had a sticker price of $40,430, but I negotiated it down to $36,737. After the $7500 federal rebate and $1500 CA state rebate, that left me at a net of $27,737. So that means that I could have bought a 3-year old 2013 Volt for a little over $25k, or for *$2500 more*, I could get a BRAND-NEW 2017 with more range, better MPG on gas, more features, etc… and 3 more years of warranty! (Simply buying a 3-year extended warranty on the 2013 would have cost me at least $2500 by itself!)

It’s a no-brainer. As long as the federal tax credit is available, you should NEVER keep a leased EV. Hand it back over and get yourself a brand-new one if you want to buy.

P.S. You don’t have to guess when the car needs an oil change. Cycle through the information displays on the driver gauge and there’s one for “Oil Life Remaining.” The Volt will also automatically warn you when you need to change the oil (at <5% life remaining).

MM Rajesh says:

My Chevy volt 2.5 year old. 28k miles. Couple of days back I got transmission issues. Right now it’s with Chevy service center.

Bradford Hart says:

the car has an oil life meter in the drivers display, it monitors the oil and will let you know when to change it. Throw those oil change stickers out, totally unnecessary

I'm Mikey says:

If Rob’s shirt was any shorter…

Tristan Peters says:

The Volt has a gauge in the console to tell you when to change the oil… It doesn’t follow the sticker, but it will need it eventually. My Volt is from 2013 and I’ve been using it since summer 2016 and have had the oil changed once or twice. I think my lifetime is over 100mpg, I have a small commute to college and around town. It’s a great car for me.

Lisa says:

It’s not an electric car – it’s a hybrid. It has oil to change.

w23857980 says:

Don’t keep it unless you like to spend thousands replacing the battery down the road.

Matt's Garage says:

I heard GM lost 50% on every unit they built, they put real effort into this. I would buy it out vs. buying a Tesla, it’s nice to have the security of a gas engine + a lot better after sales support. One big issue I have with newer GM’s is they rust away in about 5 yrs in my area, perhaps the Volt is better but I’ve seen 5yr old GM’s that were no longer structurally safe…

IElRedI says:

Get the Tesla

beachbummm69 says:

someone hit it remember.. how much did that cost ya?

THE GERM says:

Rob why do you have a NY registration and NYS inspection but NJ plates?

Jacob Klein says:

Keep the volt, don’t go with a Tesla. At least after you warranty expires you know that Chevy won’t completely through you under the bus for everything. Save the money you would have spent buying the Tesla and buy another real car

The Moeller says:

screw the volt, whats up with that mk2 on the lift?!?!?! @10:18

Chao Li says:

2019 have a better faster charge port

Ryan Straub says:

tesla’s are pretty popular these days on youtube, might spark some new viewership for your channel

Jeff Zahnd says:

had my 2016 volt for almost 3 years now. It’s an amazing car for what it is. If you use it in it’s sweet spot, (to and from work, less than 50 miles a day) then get one….you won’t want to daily a gas propelled car ever again.

Thomas Hofstetter says:

If you didn’t change the oil you should trade it in because you probably damaged the engine do to condensation. You need to change the oil at least one a year. I do it every spring with my Silverwing even though I Drive it less then a thousand miles a year

stuna101a says:

I JUST had my 2017 LT Volt bought back by Chevrolet. I had it for 2.5 years with no issues, I loved the car saved me a ton of money, especially during hurricane’s when there we’re giant lines at gas stations I drove by smilin. Then I brought it in for a firmware update recall and as soon as I picked it up the headunit/touch screen and all that goes with it died. I brought it back to the Chevy dealership and they could only temporarily fix it. The service adviser said GM was sending bad parts then he said no techs had the knowledge to fix it. When I said why did you let them work on it in the first place he swaid that a head unit seemed easy to fix and had nothing to do with the EVness of the car.
It took a few months but Chevy gave me all my lease payments back and took the car in, I just dropped the car off at the dealership that couldn’t fix the car, signed a few doc and was given a check.
To reiterate I LOVED the car. It had tons of torque, drove smoother then Rob’s ass and was reliable. I just had a some bad techs screw the car up. I really should have got another one but I leased a 2019 STI Limited for $310 a month when I put the money I got back from Chevy down.

scottcol23 says:

So the gas engine in the Volt cannot turn the wheels. It just spins a coil that charges the battery.

Lounge lizard says:

40 mpg gas is kinda disappointing for a hybrid. Prius does 50 plus.

THE GERM says:

Rob I also have a Volt and go thru the same thing. I have about 22k on my Volt. I’ve used my engine very little because my commute is less than 20 miles each way. I won’t be buying my Volt at the end of the lease because the residual value is to high and the tech on elec cars is changing so rapidly.

_Milo says:

2.5 years and 25,000 miles? Jeez. I’ve done 20,000 in 5 months on my Ford Fusion.

Nick Twaddell says:

I got a Bolt EV to commute. I love it.

Tony S says:

Given your attitude about maintenance, I think you and this car are made for each other.

Carlo de Guzman says:

the old crx nearly had 40mpg on avg and volvo claimed there new gen ICE cars are reaching 50. i was hoping the efficiency of these hybrid cars would destroy new mileage on ICE cars but their barely keeping ahead.

Benjamin Damon says:

Lol… Had mine for only one year. Has 10k more miles. Good thing I bought it.

Afif Tahir says:

I don’t know If the oil is used. So I don’t send it for service. – Spaghetti

xDSMRx says:

” my leased Chevy volt I bought about 3 years ago”?

TheACCHRM says:

Rob, I’m actually curious if you have a heavy foot on the Volt like on a sports car, I sell Chevy, and from all the feedback I have been getting from customers who actually had the car for a while, pretty much everyone has been reporting a better than advertised battery range and better fuel mileage on the generator. This is by far the best EV/Plug-in hybrid you can buy unless you are looking to spend close to 70-80k.

David Beppler says:

Only 25,000 miles in 2.5 years? Amazing that you feel 25k miles is enough to even report on it? Get back to us when you have 500,000 miles.

Tim Z says:

I wouldent say not getting a check engine light in 25k means anything. LOL. If it goes 150k or 200k thats good. Watch out for the wheel bearings I heard they dont last to long in the volts.

Julio Blanco says:

The car tells you when to change the oil… check the oil life monitor

World Star says:

very informative video. thank you

Mitzael Serna says:

i think the oil have to be changed for the time too

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