2014 Chevrolet Silverado – Drive Time Preview with Steve Hammes | TestDriveNow

Drive Time preview of the all-new 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and interview with Tom Wilkinson, Chevrolet Truck Communications Manager by auto critic Steve Hammes.

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2014 Chevrolet Silverado – Drive Time Preview with Steve Hammes | TestDriveNow



rrt08 says:

Wonder if they have fixed the fuel gauge sensor failure issue. Its a $500.00+ repair with the fuel tank having to be dropped.

Alpha_717 says:

Yup, other than that the Silverado is a great truck

bmwmsport11 says:

You need to see one of these in person to respect it. I saw one at the auto expo a few weeks ago. The exterior looked rather big to the 2013(which maybe be good/bad). The one thing I didn’t really dig was the interior. Looks like they soften it up quite abit. Or maybe it was just the LTZ trim.

Billy Sou says:

Steve — are you at the Times Union Center? (aka Knickerbocker Arena)

Mr. Hand says:

Hope GM learned from their 8-6-4 debacle.

81GhostSlayer says:

Any new on the new 2014 Tahoe ? when it will officially announced ?

NikesZ28 says:

If you listen he says that it has a Eco tec motor! 😉

TheCireMC says:

Call me stupid, but the deals on the 2013’s are so good right now that I traded in my 99′ beings the improvements on the new one aren’t that dramatic. Although the quieter cabin will be interesting to hear in person…

Mark says:

Its about time they caught up to the rest of the pack, they better be nice trucks, GM needs it.

Michi Scholl says:

This “trick” for zylinder deactivation works in Audis since 2010! 😀

David Malinovsky says:

GM has had the Ecotec name since the early 1990s, way before Ford used Eco

BiPolarBear512 says:

damn you chevy now i need to update

David Malinovsky says:

Chrysler was first amongst the modern systems in 2004, GM in 2005 and Honda in 2005

TestDriveNow Reviews by Auto Critic Steve Hammes says:

Yes, sir!

azatecas says:


stchman says:

Yes, GM has had the Ecotec name for years in their engines.

qwerty12345470 says:

The front end look so 90’s.

cremazie says:

Chevy has had it on their trucks since 2007

camaroman101 says:

that info cant be released yet

Dreadzedan says:

Ugly as hell, previous gen look way better. that can be said for alot of trucks these days. what is it. Are the designers getting old and blink or Senile of something?

Autos Fan says:

Wow this truck looks great! I like how they continued the long running Ecotec nameplate over to the truck engines now. Great work GM!

Ernie L says:

How come I can’t see this video? This totally sucks..

camaroman101 says:

there’s no eco badge on it. you need glasses

Gamers Unite says:

Should of asked what the HP Tq numbers be on all motors 🙂

333bmurph says:

You have the best car reviews on youtube!

madjak30 says:

Just don’t like the styling…in or out. They should have gone a different direction…it’s not terrible, but it looks like the Colorado Supersized…too bad, they had a chance to move on from the box design…outdated before it hits the stores.

CzechAmerican1 says:

Im sorry but chevy is still playing catch up. Im not impressed. Ford and Dodge have had this technology for years.

TheCarChannel says:

wow is this truck ugly. and I thought the current F150 wasnt much of a looker. Now it looks like a work of art.

MrJanobala says:

love that new front end, going back to the look of the 90’s!

Jacob Grochowski says:

Probably their eco-tec line.

shanhitex says:


TJC450 says:

Nothing yet.

dinonoce says:

So when does GM update their full size SUV’s?

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