2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Car Review

The E.P.A. estimates the Chevrolet Bolt EV can travel 238 miles on a fully charged battery. In the process of finding out if that’s true, Tom Voelk determines if this is a car you’d want to live with as your only vehicle…

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About Tom:
Tom Voelk is an award-winning automotive contributor to The New York Times. His podcast was the first to win an Emmy Award. He also married way out of his league. Now, stop reading this promotional copy bragging about Tom’s photography and editing skills and watch a couple episodes. It’s much more interesting.


Brad Murren says:

Let’s call this what this car will be.. a great USED car. You have to be crazy to buy this car new. Wait a few years and pick it up 50% off. Use some of that money you’ll save installing your 220 charging unit in the garage.

Jamaican Me Crazy says:

Lol Chevy should have been the Tesla of the electric car world. That even would have sold well.

Ali 1002jj says:

Ev cars are the future cars

simonburkeisable says:

Still the biggest problem is that it’s seemingly aimed at city dwellers but nobody I know has a garage where they could charge it. At my office there’s 2 charge ports at work but that’s it!

Tim Mattox says:

Got my Bolt 2 weeks ago and love it! This is a great review and still minimizes all of the neat features of the Bolt. Got my home charger installed from Amazon in 3 days. Been in a Tesla X and still love the Bolt more. While not as fancy, it has better viewing and is more spacious. With all of the Bolt features I have, the Tesla would be $60k and by the time I got one, the rebate would no longer be available. Go Chevy!!

Asiri Iroshan says:

Thanks for this video. A well detailed GREAT video. Actuall, now I understand how good this car is.

Chris Freemesser says:

Great review. More quality EV efforts like this and the shift towards an electric car world might actually take place.

MrSamsam911 says:

I really like the design in and out for what this car is

Benjamin Francis says:

I think this’ll make a great used buy. At $43k it’s hard to justify but when it gets down to $15k (and it will…pretty quickly) I’ll be scouring AutoTrader for one. I like the look.

TJC450 says:

I too wish there was a sunroof. But EV purists will say “it adds weight”. Trust me I’ll take a few miles less in range to have a feature I want.

Ivan Vojt says:

It’s a CARB Compliance Car & GM is losing money on every one. Why advertise.

FrostFire says:

Great review! Interested in this and the Nissan Leaf, can’t wait to see your review of the new one. Also, HELL YES on the Sleater-Kinney shout out!

Tommy Estridge says:

Those car top carriers will cut down range.

g496r500t says:

You’re a great car reviewer!

netman88 says:

Great video Tom, wish they make a bigger version.

NLDMesa06 says:

Forget the Model 3. How does this compare to the BMW i3 REX?

igeekone says:

The interior is really bad for a $40k+ car. It looks darn right out of a Sonic. Ehhh, at that door panel 5:44 .

Jeff S. says:

I like the new longer format of your reviews. Best of luck with the YouTube venture.

J Segal says:

Looks so good in black- especially with the doodads on the roof. And rush hour with ac cranked is the smartest review I’ve seen for an EV.

LordLauderdale says:

Why drive around with a roof rack that’s not being used and increases energy consumption plus reduces range?

Pete N says:

I have seen one in the local parking lot and it looks cheap and ugly. For 43k, I can pick up a Tesla model 3… No thank you!

Thomas Smith says:

The key to an electric car is: it can’t look stupid. Car companies have one job: It has to look normal, it can’t look stupid

Lavonte A says:

I still love the Chevy Volt

Michael Kirven says:

Great review, Tom. Had a chance to drive one yesterday at a National Drive Electric Week event here in Pittsburgh yesterday. How did you like the front seats, and how’s the ELR running? Thanks!

Peter L says:

Great review.

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