2017 Chevrolet Trax – Review and Road Test

Already among the segment’s most well-rounded entries, the Chevy Trax has been improved with a redesigned front end, improved interior and new tech including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, making it one of the first subcompact SUVs to offer these enhanced phone-integration technologies.

For the latest Chevy Trax pricing and information:

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sportsMike87 says:

Looks like a best seller for rental car companies.

Sukun Unosawa says:

This “Car” needs to be burnt at a stake

Cans kanalar says:

i love this car

xpinchx says:

I don’t understand the appeal of these cars… They’re smaller, uglier, more expensive cars. Every time I see a subcompact SUV it just looks like a raised Golf to me… Or a shrunken minivan.

Crazy Guy Stewart says:

you guys are funny

Joshua Johnson says:

To be honest like the rest of these comments, what’s the use of this segment? Just save a few thousand to get a more practical yet good looking compact crossover. In fact I hardly see any subcompact crossovers. The most popular models I see are the HR-V, Crosstrek (if you want that vehicle to the segment), and Renegade. Hardly see the CX-3 and the Trax.

PussMag says:

a lot of money for a car, making a KIA Soul a winner

von makulet says:

I’m considering to buy Mitsubishi ASX, can it par with Chev Trax?

Tian Cai says:

One of the worst cars I’ve driven.

CrazyFastRapper says:

Good thing ford is making one. So GM won’t be able to sell 1 of these things in about 2 years.

Disney Fan says:

In Chicago you can get a base Chevy trax for $16,000.

Jeffrey M says:

Not bad but the Pontiac Vibe that was essentially it’s ancestor was quite a bit more stylish.

Justin Bouche says:

class leading in connectivity, interior, and ride quality, well done chevy, but i don’t little CUV’s.

Ryan Cooley says:

I literally don’t get the appeal of this vehicle. It’s ugly. I know looks are in the beholder but this isn’t sporty looking or boxy like other CUV. A cheap interior, no more room then a hatchback…… like the Buick Encore is at least nice inside and has some extra HP. But anyone wanting a cheap vehicle has better options or someone with money should just buy the Buick or a Mini Countryman/fiat.

yiyangcheng says:

Y’all think this is pos? A Jeep Patriot and last gen Jeep Compass is more pos than this lol

Jacob Dongon says:

DRL is broken

bearsfan97 says:

so its just a buick encore with the chevy badge

She Ramos says:

If you will take a base Trax, might as well get a loaded Fit. lol

IAmBruce says:

Hi what kind of job would this be considered as? I would love to do this in the future !

nadeem Yousaf says:

i drove a rental for about a week. Its nice and thrifty

Joe Katama says:

Piece of shit

athemocracy says:

Should be priced @ 13K-$15K, not $20K

East17A says:

is the Toyota chr in the U.S. market ? i hardly find any review almost all of them reviews are in the UK !!

BlueNinjakoopa553 says:

I don’t understand subcompact SUVs. Who are these made for?

New Car Review says:

This car is beautiful

Paul Ramos says:

I just purchased the HRV and it is better all around.

Mister Mood says:

the honda hrv is FAR better

Joshua Johnson says:

Fit and finish issues again?? Oh GM when will you learn.

tingokuman says:

What is Chevy thinking when the Honda C-RV and H-RV are in the same price range with substantially better quality…

shadowB2st says:


billy fatbowe says:

…I would rather buy that Mongolian yurt bldg…
…you know the one behind the chain link fence…;–),,,,,,,,

sportsMike87 says:

just missing the terrible Chevy actors saying we got awards

willie s johnson says:

Nice piece of kit, but I’ll pass, nice review none-the-less my friend “a decent job of keeping the outside noise where it belongs” and the obligatory Chevy “cheapo plastic” notwithstanding

obhatti says:

Any other Mazda CX-3 fans/owners in here?

The Bakers says:

I own a 2017 Trax and I really like it… it handles great (turns on a dime), it small so it parks anywhere and it has everything I need in terms of tech. A lot of the bitchy people here don’t take into account that not everyone wan’t a heavy/big car and I have never had a honda, toyota or ford that I liked. Don’t like it, don’t buy it… but Other than me I know three people with one and no one is unhappy with the purchase.

David Nacson says:

Great review. Thank you so much for announcing the main competitors.

GrumpyShihTzu says:

Trax is a joke.

chocolate milk says:

It’s only like $1k lower than the 2017 Buick Encore, right? What’s the point Chevy?

conceptcs says:

when a movie suck, it goes straight to dvd. when​ a car sucks, it goes straight to become a rental car. this is a such car

zrp0602 says:

Ugh I hate this class of car

ganthc says:

Since when has a Honda ever had the quietest cabin? Great cars, but they have always had road noise intrude in the cabin.


it needs a engine upgrade, 138/148 is too weak for a cuv

jduke989 says:

what a piece of shit…

Johnyboyknowsbetter says:

22G? seriously?

Вася Литвяков says:

заебись бричка

atb102798 says:

I’m amazed that GM is still in business

paul smith says:

This is a decent looking cuv, but it needs a better interior. The make over it got didn’t go far enough in fixing the flaws inside.

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