2017 Chevy Malibu – Review and Road Test

The 9th generation Malibu hits the reset button not only on Chevy’s midsize sedan, but also on the expectations of all Chevrolet sedans. Join KBB’s Zach Vlasuk to find out why.

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Insane BARZ says:

Dad stop that!?!?!

KosaiAvonej says:

I never thought I’d say I want a GM car, and GM runs way back in my family.

FullSpectrum Survivalist says:

Malibu Hybrid has 375 foot pounds of torque, try again.

binhcadillac says:

Good car

Carlo Williams says:

Oh damn, The back looks kinda bad.

Mike Davis says:

Awesome looking car but I hate the interior. 🙁

solaide says:

i just rented one of these today. Lets just say i definitely do not want to own this. EVER

Sukh Dhillon says:

I like this guy more than the other guy

Ammar ALZeibak says:

Now that looks brilliant

MetaView7 says:

why is this world full of old Toyota Camrys, but no old Chevy Malibus?

Elliot Mock says:

I had huge interest in the Malibu until I found out how cramped the seatbelts were and all of the other things the Malibu lacked.

wtf66611 says:

Ford Fusion is better. It has a CD player and circular shift gear.

Iris Gross says:


Rick Dawkins says:

This guy needs, a shirt that fits.

Roy Edmond says:

Is it just me or do the Malibu looks like a catfish in the front

Anthony Clauser says:

GM makes the very best cars in class, and value. Other car companies make exception vehicles, sometimes even “nicer”, but dollar for dollar nothing comes close to the stuff GM produces. More so GM has made strong efforts in the last 15 years or so to improve things consumers don’t like.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved my Ford Fusion – I think it is the best looking sedan on the road today – Period. The interior is also very nice. Which is a bit curious because I told myself I wouldn’t touch the previous major design. But you are going to pay a couple thousand more for that quality.

Also the the driving ability of GM’s stuff is head and shoulders above that of anything in the same class. My Chevy Cruze would toast my Ford Fusion, but much more important to me my Chevy Cruze try to kill me in nasty winter conditions. When there was 3 inches of snow on the ground I would refuse to drive my own car, and instead practically steal my mom’s Malibu – She didn’t like it one bit, but I wasn’t about to die because the Fusion decided it wanted to head towards a ditch. Sure you can talk about driving skill, but this is the same driver in two different cars, so driving ability to mute.

I also happen to know that should I ever get into a head on collision the Chevy is capable of saving me life. Despite the car being totaled, I walk away without any injuries.

I won’t say I’d never buy a non GM vehicle, but I don’t believe any other company has the value they do.

busa89 says:

I’m renting one of these right now while my car is in the paint shop. Visually the car is pretty nice to be honest except for the weird shaped nav screen in the dash. It is pretty slow too. It really should be a v6.

Claudio Rivera says:

Sothe 2.0 version need regular gas or more expensive gas

Ben Santiago says:

I bought a 2017 Malibu and it’s the last Chevy I will ever buy.No horsepower,vibration in steering wheel,touch screen doesn’t always activate and did I mention no horsepower?

Barcelona Toyota says:

Focus ST is the same price and gets more fully loaded also does 0-60 in 5.6 seconds

Murphy S. says:

Incredibly smooth and quiet with good gas mileage and a very spacious interior. The Malibu also looks good!

Sasho GeorgieB says:

Ugly AF

Okie Rider says:

Kelly Blue Book
You guys need to add more info about the cars being reviewed in the description box. What from level is this car? I have a 2017 Malibu 1LT and it doesn’t have the same A/C knobs as the one in the video.

27Zangle says:

I actually like the look of this car, but I am worried about resale value. My 2014 Cruze took a huge hit because it was a manual AND every damn rental car company’s lots were littered with Cruze’s.

DzaceK says:

Can You tell me the name of the tune in the background?

Taz Man says:

I just wish all car manufacturers would put LED or HID headlights on everything they make standard equipment, I bet even the Malibu Premier doesn’t have LED Headlights but it does have LED taillights.

Guy Good says:

hyundai copy….. change design

Jonathan A says:

The best Malibu’s are from 2008-2016

Cade Del Rey says:

Not a huge fan of the design. In my opinion, none of these mid size sedans can compete with the Accord in terms of overall design and quality. I much prefer the sharper but elegant look of the Accord.

Ben Santiago says:

I bought a 2017 Malibu and it’s the last Chevy I will ever buy.Would not recommend one to anybody.What are they going to do next,make a 1 litre 3 cylinder with twin turbos?these cars are so under powered it’s sad.I live in Western PA and the hills and terrain and bad roads almost require a V6 or 8

Robin Sattahip says:

The light show you cannot turn off, the stupid push button start, idiotic warnings, auto lock can’t be turned off, ridiculously complex entertainment system, a horrible car even a rental.


would have like to see more on the computer—-all its features

Meow ;3 Körvson says:

I feel like this should have been a transformer in transformer the last knight

Ben Simmons rookie of the century says:

I thought this car looked familiar now I know where they got the inspiration to design this car a catfish

ronch550 says:

The styling is a bit garish to me but I suppose you can’t really go wrong with this car. Crazy how it’s available with a 1.5L motor though.

Guy Good says:

design ruined. dont try asia car style.

Chris says:

This car is butt ugly…and the dash is comical

Ryan Harris says:

Keep the content coming, you could potentially be one of my favorites next to this artist named Hunnid.  Check out his videos.. I have a few on my page.

AquariusLady Gorgeouz says:

The previous years of Chevrolet Impala’s have had unattractive designs in my opinion so, I’m glad they stepped up the exterior designs.

Joe Black says:

Seeing this car in person, it is absolutely my favorite in the segment. Such modern, classy and handsome lines. The same goes for the interior, very modern pretty yet ergonomically so simple. GM really nailed it with this one, I would love to own one.

soapboxearth says:

looks a lot like the chrysler 200. inside and out.

George Hernandez says:

Good luck

Cleberson Verginassi says:

Brazil kkkkkkk fcy.

Lorenzo says:

*stop that*

TheLanard says:

The ambient noise reduction @2:45 was in my 2006 Acura TL.

Schwenda says:

Which is the better value… A pre-owned mid 2010’s Malibu… Or a late 2010’s Malibu… decisions… Decisions…

James Swift says:

5:50 Found a hidden Chevy logo!

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