2017 Chevy Volt or Tesla Model 3? Review of Volt.

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BrutalSystem says:

Final verdict – get a Bolt.

Mark Levenson says:

dude, you don’t get it. IF the Bolt was $20k it would be really cool… but it’s the SAME price as a Model 3!!!! get it now??? why would I buy this car if i could get a much better model 3 in the near future. It’s the MONEY Doug..

Cooper 2004 says:

This car looks really nice. Greetings from England :). You’re videos are really cool, I like your passion for technology.

Jeffrey Ruffner says:

Excellent video.

Alexander Brandon says:

I always like your reviews. However I think this one skirted a few things, and it’s because you simply wanted a Volt and wanted to explain why. I’m still set on a Tesla 3. The reason being, the numbers are simpler. How fast? It goes 0-60 in 5.6 seconds. With a top speed of 130mph. You neglected to include those numbers in your drag race info. It appears the Volt goes 0-60 in 7.1. And has a top speed of 100mph. Now, will we use those numbers? Definitely not for 99% of our driving, if at all. As far as “how far”, you didn’t mention how far your trip took you! You indicated it got halfway back from downtown Dallas before switching to gas, and that if you use gas it’ll go as far as you want. But that wasn’t the question. The Volt appears to go between the high 40s and mid to high 50 mile range on electric mode. The Tesla 3 goes 220 miles on a single charge with its standard 50kwh battery. So to summarize, that’s cool that you got a Volt and are supporting electric power. Your wife’s i3 also has a great review. They both appear to be solid cars. The remaining question I have now is… for your next car, would you consider a Tesla 3? 🙂

I'm Green says:

When I do go electric car I want to go full Electric no hybrids.

Ted Schoenling says:

How about a Bolt?

The Lavian says:

Nerd confirmed – I recognised the water gardens from Logan’s Run

Stianofp says:

I really like electric cars, but the automatic transmission puts me off. I read that there are some manual electric cars, but they are mostly custom electric engines on normal cars.

Cliff H says:

I would take the Chimpanzee home. would make a great pet…

Nathan Quiterio says:

The volt is in the UK. It’s just called the Vauxhall Ampera

ealiev60 says:

how reliable is chevy volt? compared to Prius Prime ?

FSAPO says:

One year later and the Bolt comes out which puts the Volt to shame! I wish you could have gotten that one!

Matthew Sheppard says:

The chimp, every time.

Mario Alvarado says:

Oil changes, gas filling, tune ups or else is non-existent in electric cars, hybrids are for people who need to drive a lot! If your car is for city usage, electric is far better than anything else in economic and environmental sense; yes they are more expensive, but consider that the average ICE car requires an amount of money in spare parts similar to the original cost of the car, which is not the case of EVs, so in the long term EVs are cheaper, and they also have federal and state discounts.

Seksit Atta-Ekanan says:

Wow funny at 9 minute you talked about harricane in 2016.

Richard Alexander says:

Loving my 2017 Volt. I’m driving nearly 50% on gas due to long distances I travel that a Tesla just can’t do, and my overall average is still above 70 mpg. This car is comfortable, quiet, and very fun to drive. I drove the Prius, and wasn’t at all impressed. The Volt cost a little more and is totally worth the difference. Even the first model Volts have held up really well, so I’m expecting this one to last as well. Too bad Chevrolet hasn’t bothered to advertise this model. The Bolt gets a little attention, but nothing like the hype of other EV’s.

Jody Green says:

Hello I bought a 2017 Chevy Cruze LS and I have been talking about it and the car gives me 45 to 48 miles to the gallon.GM hit it out of the park with this one.

Tom Ickes says:

So if Chevy removed the engine the fuel tank and fuel the exhaust and replaced all that weight with battery how far would it go on battery ?

tallll70 says:

Haha…CD player…unfortunately the only way how i can use my audio content is still stupid CDs, because i can’t find any directions on net for cue track splicing compatible with USB memory. The only many many directions and file templates, are for mp3 cd burning…so annoying in year 2017.

nigratruo says:

Well, by the generally accepted definition, this car is definitely a hybrid and no fully electric one. It still has a gasoline engine that it has to carry around.
Personally, i would not touch this, as it doubles the maintenance problems, since it is double as complicated as either a fully electric or ICE car.
For me it is a unnecessary intermediary step, you could argue for car companies that can’t manage a proper electric car.
Get some proper battery capacity and problem solved.

Isidro Orta says:

Tesla obviously, Chevrolet & ford are meant to sell parts which means it won’t be long before it needs fixing

John Blackham says:

Thank you “The 8-Bit Guy” for taking the time and effort to create your review video! So far no video that I have watched talks about warranty, maintenance, nor the cost and projected life of the batteries (how large are they?) and the other major components which I think is a major factor. What sort of longevity does a hybrid or an EV have especially here in Utah with cold winters? My understanding also is the Teslas now are rear wheel drive vehicles which is not good in snow or off road (is the Volt front wheel drive?). Don’t get me wrong – I’m glad to see the EV technology move forward but I believe they still have a long way to go. Your thoughts? Any info you could provide would be helpful! I know you live in Texas so you don’t deal much with cold weather or snow but perhaps you could give me an idea of the maintenance costs and possible longevity.

Edward Russo says:

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Ivan Starovoytov says:

How can he review this without even having a Tesla (world’s best electric car) to compare to.

seveNGus says:

I really like how the model 3 looks like a cool porsche though.
The Volt is ok (for a 90’s car).

Troy Roebuck says:

Lmao watching the drag bit was ridiculous… Reminds me of someone… That being unprepared even though you’re already in the lane.. Like you didn’t have plenty of time and was forcefully shoved into the lane.. Which led directly to you fumbling around and screwing up your start, like messing with the window and knocking over the camera or the pulling off the gas completely for seconds. It was easy to tell the reaction time would just be killer

Gosh, it was honestly so goofy I thought it might’ve partially been a joke

gjmob says:

The Volt doesn’t have a big tablet in the centre of the dash, but you probably fit an iBook in there!

Schnitt Shack says:

To say that the Volt “ticks all the boxes” is *_delusional, biased BULLSHIT!_* To say that a Volt that has *_FIFTY-THREE_* miles on a charge is *_LONG RANGE_* in comparison to the *_FIVE TIMES MORE_* the Model 3 has… WTF have you been smoking??!

Joeteck says:

Ah, No! Volt does not get the same RANGE per tank and after the battery is dead, The Prius wins hands down. Electric range should not be the deciding factor. Overall, Prius wins!

Happy Happy Happy says:

Does the gas engine charge the battery when your driving on Gas

Cody Daily says:

volt 53 miles. model 3, 300 miles. sorry buddy you lose

buggeroff says:

Sounds like rubbish when compared with Tesla

MurderousMelon says:

bruh fills all the check boxes? great looking? not really. great performing? eh in comparison no. electric car? more like hybrid. well umm i must give them this. it is long range if you use the engine of course. 35 and lower yup your right but is it worth it? i dont think so. if you guys want a real/ good electric car then do wait a little longer because if this is the alternative well its well worth the wait.

John Doe says:

36 miles and an hour and 10 minutes? I Used to hate the midwest, but I now understand that I love it. I can go 36 miles in 19 minutes, with traffic. Fuck big city life, and your car is terrible, you made a terrible choice. Don’t harm yourself over it, its just a bad choice.

tpcs says:

18:23 ” No it DOESN’T fill all of the check boxes. It’s a HYBRID…not 100 % ev. And you compared it’s price versus the price you got because you had family that works(ed) for GM. Not everyone has family that works or worked for GM to get an inside discount. Your comparison is very flawed. I’m sorry to sound so negative and honestly think you did an ok job overall. I’m not thumbs downing the video though.

James Smith says:

In the background: @7:39: Chevrolet Tahoe; @8:02 Chevrolet Impala; @8:07 Chevrolet Silverado; @8:26 Chverolet Camaro.

Andrew Wells says:

I’d take the monkey every time. You can find attractive women everywhere, but a monkey? Thats special.

Avnett says:

Nice car but seriously GM.. Why do feel the need to immediately copy competitors  body styling? The new Volt isn’t even subtle, it’s just a carbon copy of the Civic.  Some years ago when Ford went to the large front facia/grill, Chevy had it copied for the next model year and tries year to year, ever-so -hard to keep up with Ford body designs. Oh and btw, nice try with your tool box drop test into the truck bed scam. No one bought it. Just made you look dishonest and sore loser. Remember Body by Fisher?? that wasn’t so bad and it was all GM!


One of the best reviews of the Volt. Your video helped me decide to buy my 2018 Volt. Thanks!
I get 1800 kms on a tank of fuel traveling 134kms daily. Most of my commute is Highway, and I burn a little gas daily. I charge daily.

Ante Radić says:

3:10 chopped

BroccoliBeefed says:

This is a laughable comparison. It’s like comparing the lead singer of Talking Heads to Diana Ross

gregben says:

No, none of the Tesla models are going to be slower off the line than the Volt. You need to drive a model S (any version) for a day or two. It’s an eye opener.

Sadok Barbouch says:

I dont like electric cars such a hassle of pluging it in and waiting i will stick with my s class

Edward Russo says:

prius is the best bet

Investor Genius says:

I think electric cars was the dumbest thing ever made. I test drive a Tesla. And I would never never never ever buy an electric car. I’m sticking to My American muscle

Billy Wudzyn says:

Good info but review seems very biased

Lester Ardon says:

how far can you go with the combined systems? electric+gas.

Bob Bartho says:

The Volt is too complex a vehicle, meaning more could go wrong with it. And, the repair and maintenance costs are most likely higher. EV’s don’t require oil changes, radiators, transmissions and gasoline. A 230 mile Tesla or other EV is much simpler for about the same price. No Volt for me.

seaplaneguy says:

So, you got 42 miles/gallon. Fuel is $2.70/gallon (guessing). Road tax 45 cents/gal. So fuel costs $2.25/gallon. 2.25/42= 5.35 cents/mile for gas without road tax. The Volt gets 100 mpge in electric mode. Electricity is 15 cent/kw-hr or $5/gallon. 5/100=5 cents/mile. Gas mode: 5.35 cents/mile. Electric mode: 5 cents/mile. Ah, but I forgot the battery cost….12 cent/kw-hr or $4/gallon. Total fuel cost for electric with battery is $9/gallon. Cost to drive electric is 9 cents/mile. Gas mode won….

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