2018 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Review (The ALMOST PERFECT Car)

My review of the 2018 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 coming from a Hellcat owner who also owned an SS 1LE Camaro!

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Warrior King says:

This car is shit compared to the new Mustang GT350

Jon Robichaud says:


ChroniX says:

$215k for this car in Norway… xD

Abdul Aziz says:

I LOVE CAMAROS, MY DREAM CAR! MUSCLES ARE JUST AMAZING. I wouldnt say its cheap but its an amazing price for what it is. i would take a camaro over any car any day.

STIGS TV says:

Great car, Good video.

Tommy Warren says:

I just smashed one of these with 430hp lol

Hans Anderson says:

The Camaro USED to be an affordable “muscle car” for the average, hard working, middle-class American. Doesn’t look like it will be the “norm” anymore. SAD.

WrongWay says:

10x better looking than the hell cat…

Madtwos ! says:

Looks like you channeled your inner Matt Moran when you reacted to punching it for the first time.

DudeManBro says:


karl smith says:

Chevrolet Got Everything Right With This Car

Boy BolaHijau says:


AlGangsta Vlore says:

why is there shift paddles on the steering wheel while it has a 6-speed manual? Mystery!!

thecarambassador says:

Come look at my latest car challenge run motor not your mouth @thecarambassador

Dev Rao says:

Which colour is this?

Jamar Martin says:

I I really don’t care about if a car is fast I’m not hopping on a track or racing down the street. All I want to know is does it look Good!

The UFO Experience says:

That thong goes 195mph! Its a no brainer for anyone who ever wanted a super car. Why buy 150K imported car vs this? This is a very important car for that reason.

mchristr says:

The designers of the first gen Camaro must be spinning in their graves. Damn that’s ugly.

jay poma says:

what a gorgeous car

Nancy Shannon says:

We’re do they sell this car at in Sandiego?

Viking Power says:


Moon Lau says:

This is bumblebees car form in transformers:the last knight

MrGame N Watch says:

66k? You might as well just buy a used Lambo in the 100k range

fuck luis fuck luis says:

one of my favorite design car

Tony Tapia says:

Great car…!!!

Gage says:

That’s a fucking bat mobile

Pommes Mayo says:

Chevrolet is a european car brand 🙂

四爺 says:

Frankly, American sport cars are highly improved and well developed now a days. They are very good but too bad we could not buy one here in Hong Kong.

Alien Outpost says:

Not a bad price at all

Steve Jovan says:

Good for an American muscle car but there is next to no demand for this car outside the USA. Why would someone buy car built with cheap materials that you cannot drive below 50 degrees, in rain or snow. The Porsche S/ GTS is faster and is usable everyday in all weather. It’s not a bargain if you need to buy a second car.

Geobean 409 says:

The almost perfect car? Not by a long shot. You cannot see out of the car.

Carl Johnson says:

This or the corvette?

Jim Via says:

Challenger is real muscle! this thing looks like a insect. very ugly.

Phenom Azure says:

How’d it have paddle shifters on a manual… hows ….that work???? Do a video


Imma work as hard as possible to get a car like this

Donny Neuman says:

That is one BEAUTIFUL Camaro!

CricketnPeaches J says:

Beautiful car, if you ever need a car sitter you won’t have to twist my arm.lol

Tu Papi 69 says:

He shit his underwears

Julian Saiz says:

Lol I’ll save 50k and get an r6 it can keep up if not beat that zl1 and I’ll save $100s on insurance and gas

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