2018 Chevrolet Equinox – Complete Review

Chevy’s wildly popular small crossover has been going strong for many years now. But as the competition steps up their game, the timing is perfect for a new generation. And this is what Chevy has crafted – meet the all-new 2018 Equinox. 2018 CHEVROLET EQUINOX VIDEO REVIEW BY AUTO CRITIC STEVE HAMMES http://testdrivenow.com/2018-chevrolet-equinox-video-review/


Blake Swan says:

Agree. Very dated, bland styling

signifiKint says:

Looks like a Benz ML 350

A F A says:

Trying to look Japanese.

mark williams says:

Looks compelling but was burnt by an Impala some years ago

Forever Free says:

Is the stop/start system annoying?

Dan D says:

Thanks for the review Steve. I agree the styling is inoffensive and nice… but not great nor memorable. Seems like a jack of all trades master of none with some nice creature comforts offered,

AutoRingMagazine says:

Steve I don’t think you know it, but it seems you like hit below the belt. Laugh out Loud.

Chenxuan Cui says:

I should have waited for a year gosh!

RC says:

The car impresses me, the review doesn’t

WretchedDrake says:

I can’t imagine how costly it would be once those electronics go haywire or bug out. Modern cars are becoming too expensive with all this crap, the repair cost of these components is insane.

GooglR Ratings says:

The new 2018 Equinox has several serious flaws.
#1 is the 1.5L engine, which is awful, problematic and underpowered, GM is scrapping that engine at the end of 2017.

#2, likely due to stamping defect, there are few spots on the vehicle where it looks like it got dented, some spots can be visible on every vehicle while some are hit and miss. It is easy to spot and recognize systematic failure once you visit few dealerships.

#3 several areas have paint runs, yes you read it correctly, especially around wheel well, quarter panels it is common to see runs in paint.

#4 Chrome exhaust tail ends often have scratches or weld splatter on them.

#5 Various plastic clips and fasteners either missing, broken or not fastened, don’t be surprised to find a tear in fender liners which in this model are made of paper like material.

#6 If you remove bolts to customize or upgrade anything, be prepared to find that bolts were driven in incorrectly and the thread is worn or crossed.

#7 If it’s anything like previous generation Equinox, make sure you get rid of it as soon as warranty expires.

Personally new Equinox shouldn’t be in the same conversation as RAV4 or CRV, at least not from reliability or performance point of view.

If you really like this vehicle, to minimize your chances to have issues listed above, don’t buy Equinox that is assembled in Mexico, look at VIN# by windshield, if it starts with #3 it’s build in MEXICO. Also, avoid GMC Terrain which as of 2017 is build in MEXICO also.

Cheers! Hope this helps!

BlazeTomBay says:

Looks like a mini van. Great interior though.

Russ Hendrix says:

My parents bought a new equinox a few years ago and they absolutely hate it. Although they have had no reliability issues yet at 80k miles…It’s possibly one of the worst drive trains ever. their model is underpowered and the engine makes a terrible noise when pushed. Another complaint is how uncomfortable the seats are on long trips. There are NO AC or Heat vents going to the back seat! What year is this 1970? They didn’t even think to check for something like this when buying this car. I hope they have made some improvements since the last model.

Jose Fuentes says:

So it’s a smartphone on wheels…

ast5515 says:

Already looks very outdated inside and out.

Google Sucks says:

Why buy this when there is a Tesla Model 3 for like 35k?

Miguel Ircontar says:

Cars and SUVS are just to much $$$ money these days.

Moto arzan says:

What they need is a “Volt powertrain” in this thing! Perhaps a 30kw battery for 80km range and then the backup generator engine.

Bernard Odom says:

when are they going to make it a hybrid?

BoxHead 42 says:

This vehicle is ugly! Phew. Past models looked much better than this. Awesome review though.

Sam Pak says:

Stupid company made this car same as Jeep
Drives like a Jeep Compass

BCtravelTV says:

I think it’s the best looking in the class. Very classy and luxurious. Hate the Mazda CX-5

Guy Good says:

shit ! not buy. ugly like a hyudai.

Ivan Vojt says:

Stick to mid trim levels and wait for offers.

jessica62583 says:

I was looking to get a 2016 Equinox. The 2018 looks great! Just a tad out of my price range.

Liam Ross says:

And yet …. the same old GM. The 1.5l GDI turbo is having a multitude of cylinder and piston issues relating to massive overheating of critical aluminum pieces as well as oil blowback and turbo failure with this engine in the new Malibu 1.5l turbo. I personally know of two owners of the 1.5l turbo whose engines have already been replaced, one of them after a massive engine / piston failure with less than 5000km’s ….. Same old GM …..

Curtis Miles says:

I wish that I could drive a car.

Timpala44 says:

I really, really was hoping the new Equinox would look better from the outside.

Trades46 says:

The cash grab of an increasing number of non-luxury compact SUV these days is starting to be a disturbing trend. The Escape was getting expensive, then the CR-V and now the Equinox.
Glad I’m still anti-SUV; suddenly midsize & compact cars seems like the bargain of the century.

AlexMustang says:

I got a Ford ad comparing the Escape and the Equinox before this lolol

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