2018 Chevrolet Equinox First Drive Review | In 4K UHD!

For 2018 Chevy put the Equinox crossover on a crash diet, shrinking it from a Kia Sorento-sized crossover to direct RAV4 and CR-V competitor. In the process they shaved over four *hundred* pounds of curb weight from the vehicle making the new Equinox one of the lightest in the segment. The light curb weight and a new family of turbocharged engines (including the segment’s only diesel at the moment) make the Equinox one of the sportiest compact CUVs on the market. Toss in an interior that’s towards the top of the pack, a new focus on safety and an aggressive base price and the Equinox is a strong contender. Can it dethrone the Honda CR-V which is all-new for 2017? That remains to be seen.

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Karl P says:

I don’t understand your scoring system. In two areas you say it’s average but you score it as an A-. Huh? Since when is average an A- ?

Natwayn Altema says:

can your next review be a fully loaded Nissan Altima

Stan M says:

We also have
Much less car, with less MPG and more money…HUH

Blake Swan says:

Wow way too slow compared to the CRV and that price is just insane. I’m also shocked they don’t offer a hybrids. The Volts drivetrain would work nicely here

Jamel Moore says:

good review. definitely a good improvement over the last Equinox, but the high pricing, somewhat boring styling, and poor acceleration are its biggest shortcomings. the 2.0T and diesel power plants sound decent, other than that, this is another boring CUV….

mstngken says:

GM is just turning their basic cars and trucks into total slow pigs and gas mileage really sucks on most of their cars.

Dan Turnpaugh says:

Good quality review, I like it when the person knows what they are doing and this guy does. Waiting for the 2liter with 9speed.

Bruno TaTa says:

You continue to over-rate everything, making your grade ratings pointless. This is not an A- handling crossover. Don’t make excuses for the class, the Mazda is an A, this is NOT.

My conclusion is that you want to continue to have access to test vehicles and have gone the “everything is great” route to get that access.

kn7gez says:

Test SUVs with 4 people and luggage weight added. Would revealing.

Wayne Novotny says:

28mpg from the 1.5L doesn’t impress me at all, I average 28mpg (90,000 miles) from the 2.4L I have in my 2011 Equinox. Also, why do you always seem to test the top of the line models? Not all of us can afford that.

D Jay T says:

….there is no reason that the diesel should not have a 9 speed…imagine the highway miles.

Zach Artman says:

2017 A4 please

Matthieu Gagnon says:

GMC terrain 2018 = Better.

Look better.

Equinox is for females. Too round looking.

Terrain is for men. Look dominating.

Cant wait to see the price on the cheapest 2018 terrain model.

Ricardo says:

Doesn´t have enough ground clearance, which makes a AWD system useless in most situations.

Tony M says:

I am very impressed with the over new look both inside and out. I do like what is not standard on all Equinox trim levels ie: heated seats, remote keyless entry and push button start. I am glad that GM is staying away from the cvt. I hate the droning of an engine at higher rpms. I have seen this new Equinox in person. I like it even more. A few things that I don’t like about Honda is there desire/need to make the entire driver info center pretty much all graphics and hardly any real gauges. And they are finally bringing back the volume knob. And Honda’s idea of keyless entry is grabbing the door handle. What if you are wearing gloves? Will the door handle still acknowledge your hand?

Nawh Yawl says:

i don’t like all of that guessing about fuel economy, braking distances, acceleration or towing capacity. instead of rushing to make a video…test it thoroughly, then give the results for Only the model(s) tested.

Ye Zhang says:

Hey, I saw an ostrich there waiting to cross the road haha, how cute was dat!

bigden 2755 says:

junk at its best…… sadly

bnj0828 says:

It looks good, but it’s a chevy so there goes reliability out the window.

freddywayne says:

Solid first look! Subscribed

Christa Urhot says:


Grogo59 says:

After having driven the 2017 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Limited (3 times!) and the 2017 Honda CR-V (twice!) as well as the 2018 Equinox AWD Premier (3 times), I purchased the Equinox. I just liked it better than the other two and I couldn’t get over how “staid” and stale the RAV4’s interior was. I’m coming from a V6 back to a 4 and find the Equinox’s 170 HP, 203 lb.-ft of torque in its base 1.5L turbo sufficient for our needs. Purchased the Iridescent Pearl with Jet Black / Brandy interior. Getting lots of positive comments, in particular about the interior as to how “upscale” it looks. There’s plenty of room for everyone and the fuel economy is O.K., as well.

p. stephen w says:

Love the DB measurements usually taken in the cabin on other vehicles. Wish this one had them too.

GooglR Ratings says:

Awesome Car!!! Well done GM! Saving a spot in my garage for one !!!

Martin Smith says:

The rear seats seem unnecessarily cushy. Trim them down and you could probably get an extra inch or two of cargo space. Once again I would much rather have soft touch door sills than a soft touch dashboard (Who’s nuzzling up against the dashboard?). I wish automakers would make note of that fact.

Wayne Clark says:

How about comparing to the Forester.

Bill Dingo says:

Everyone moans about price, but you realize GM likes to give big incentives, easily all trims will see 4k off sticker

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