2019 Chevrolet Blazer; Cars That Broke Our Hearts | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #190

Chevrolet has revived the Blazer nameplate, and we discuss if it can compete in the saturated 2-row SUV market. Love is in the air this week, and we share stories about the cars that broke our hearts. We also share some highlights from the 2019 Chicago Auto Show, including details on the 2020 Subaru Legacy sedan. We wrap the episode with audience questions about the importance of washing your car’s undercarriage, myths about automatic emergency braking, and how we test cargo space.


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00:26 – 2019 Chicago Auto Show – 2020 Subaru Legacy

04:08- Cars That Broke Our Hearts

09:39 – 2019 Chevrolet Blazer

17:51 – Question 1: Do We Recommend Undercarriage Washes?

20:19 – Question 2: How Does Automatic Emergency Braking Work?

24:05 – Question 3: How Do We Test Cargo Space?

25:49 – Question 4: Used Car For a New Family With a Dog?


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ktpinnacle says:

The attraction to SUVs (formerly called trucks) is a self-fulfilling prophecy brought on by very astute marketing campaigns. More profit in SUVs for the manufacturers, and they push the sales. It’s worked.

BTW – I can’t see how a group of guys gets excited about driving a Santa Fe, but not a 6-cyl Blazer. The Edge is certainly no more exciting to drive than an Edge. When i sat in a Blazer, I found the buttons easy to read and reach while driving, and the rotary vents a nice design touch. And there’s nothing wrong with cross-pollinating your sports car with what will become your sports SUV.

S Tea says:

ah the global temperature element again. never mind all the old age open nuclear testing.. CARS and regular joe’s are too blame, never the government and let alone the never ending US blowing bombs around the world… blame the cars and joe the driver

Craig Chevalier says:

Massive screens can go back under a rock where they came from.. HATE them, it’s a distraction and nothing but issues.. Terrible idea.. I hope this goes full circle and we get buttons back eventually in all cars.

KOLT says:

Thanks for the informative podcast! Keep up the great work guys!

M_ White008 says:

Had a 96 blazer,thing was a POS! Nothing but problems! Owned another newer Chevy it was also a POS! So hard pass on Chevy anything! Have fun band loyal ppl! #stupidpeople

Stephen G says:

3 geeks shooting down a chevy, what else is to be expected from consumer reports.

Lucas Simpson says:

The Blazer doesn’t come in just an all-black interior.

Don says:

Subaru is ‘edgy’ you say? OK…… This is like watching an alternate universe version of 3rd Rock. I wonder how much these geeks bitched about the Nissan or Honda SUV’s and their impact on global warming like they did with the Blazer. BTW, their comrades disagree with the characterization that the 2 row SUV market is over-saturated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJJnjo6aSag .

nattga says:

Toyota influences new Subaru… a bit too much… I think.

Mario Torrez Quant says:

Where is grumpy Tom? The Jag was a car I always wanted too, but after having a Merc, I`m looking for a mainstream car, `cause luxury cars are moneypitos for everyday driving

Ray B says:

Interesting start of the program, then Keith gets to the 3 trees climate BS. Perhaps he can speed dial AOC and sign up for the Green New Deal right now so he can save the island

Paul FUN says:

That is the lamest biggest regret ever guy in plaid shirt. You are a lucky man leading a charmed life if the worse car regret is missing out on something good. When I bought my first car it turned out to be running on 3 cylinders and the salesman used every trick in the book to sucker me into a very bad deal. It was an expensive lesson. ( age 16 $2000 for a ’74 Plymouth Fury that was probably a ex cop car). Adorable bunch you 3.

Phos9 says:

I see GM interiors continue to be terrible.

Kip Paseo says:

It doesn’t surprise me that the weird beard millennial got suckered into believing that the VW diesel was a clean car cuz he’s dumb enough to believe the climate change Hysteria and does anyone believe he stays up at night worried that we are living on an island with three trees. don’t worry sweet millennial the new green dream plan is coming LOL no more farting cows and vehicles that will run on unicorn tears.

HeDontLuvU says:

It’s like watching Ellen Degeneres talk to herself 3x over

Barrasali Ahmed says:

my 1986 Mazda 626 Hatch, was a great car, it lived the hardest life car can get into. When I was renovating my house I used it to haul bricks, pipes, cement bags. It has a manual trans and the stick was disconnected from the housing so it kept falling every time I switch gears. the engine and trans were great never had a problem with them. I really like that car and I applause Mazda for making such a great car.

dwilsonjr78 says:

Another recommendation for the guy with the last question is a Toyota Venza from 2009-15. It’s a little smaller than the Lexus RX and Toyota Highlander, but it’s about the similar size as the Prius V. The Venza also has different powertrain configurations depending on the consumer’s need such as a choice of 4 cylinder or V6 power and optional AWD depending on the trim or option package. Plus it’s also got the Toyota reliability as well.

That's a Wrap says:

What is this, Queer Eye for the Car Guy?

JogBird says:

Blazer is Made in Mexico
get this shlt out of here

Stanford Taylor says:

I’ve owned SUVs for most of my adult life but I understand that not everybody needs an one, as the market is currently trending. I tow with mine as needed. Many of these SUV that come out, couldn’t tow a thing if they wanted to.

TableRocked says:

More statistics and tables, more data, less opining…… what is with CR pushing personalities vs facts????

Mark S. says:

I think the Blazer is a bit heavy on price. But they have a nice vehicle on there hands. I was walking around a local dealer last Sunday and they a a red RS out front. I couldn’t believe it was unlocked. I was floored by how easy it was to get into. But the price is a concern. Watch for rebates ect soon ! This is a vehicle that has possibilities but body on frame guys will be disappointed.

Luke-o 1234 says:

Last question. Answer? Used Rav4 hybrid.

Will Yang says:

So much praise… Is there anything you don’t like about Subaru vehicles?

TheVolvodav says:

Subaru are the most overrated car on the market.

Ray Sammarco says:

Your Talking cars episode about the Chevrolet Blazer was the most enjoyable video you have put out in a long time. It really seems like you guys were into what you were talking about and not just sitting there saying “OK lets get through another show” It showed some excitement and that you weren’t just phoning it in!

regkarn1 says:

Great explanation on Automatic Emergency Braking. That’s the best discussion on the topic that I’ve seen yet.

J Segal says:

If you love the Golf TDI Sportwagen, you’re in luck. Pretty much every one ever made is on Cargurus right now. Go grab one.

Ryan says:

Question #1. Answer: A car bidet.

carpuppy says:

Why are Subaru’s so popular in the northwest? I don’t get it.

erlebo says:

That’s what she said.

Abdullah Alhamadani says:

three people talking in the same time .. i cant hear

Jonathan A says:

I think the new big touch screen is not a smart idea. I rather have actual knobs and buttons for the climate etc. I also think they should keep CD players in car. I’m 33 and I have an iPhone, but I still use CD’s for music and not my phone.

Dick Gozineaux says:

Your cohost needs to stfu w/the virtue signaling b.s.

eriknephron gfr says:

Dudes…your stories(and the telling) are awesome.

Hippie Bits says:

Keith, the new glasses look great!
Tremendous improvement.

Tom Crisp says:

Is a two-row SUV needed? Better that than a vehicle with a third row where there is no room for it. How is it that the smaller, two-row cars are often best-sellers, if it’s not that two rows is enough for most people? The idea that the SUV is the new minivan may carry weight among some families, but it doesn’t affect those who don’t haul little kids around.

mike c says:

Awesome Glasses Kieth!

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