2019 Chevrolet Blazer matches sharp looks with smart tech | Review

2019 Chevrolet Blazer is a sharply dressed sport utility vehicle. Chevrolet’s new Blazer revival matches Camaro-inspired looks with smart, connected cabin tech. We hit the road in the new RS model. Read the full review – http://roadshow.co/m2xpe2

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Blake Swan says:

Really the issue image is the price. $50k plus formthe creepy plastic interior is poor. That is also Lexus RX territory. Then there is the fact that they charge nearly $3k for AWD when Acura charges about half of that for its more advanced SH AWD system. $10k less and I could see why this would be an attractive vehicle. At $50k, nope

Lorne J says:

Hello people your supporting jobs in Mexico not Canada or the U.S.A when buying this vehicle…

Wizardnil says:

Anyone else actually like it?

howtobebasic1 says:

the S10 blazers where way better then the 2019 blazer

David Webster says:

I thought video wasnt that informative as it could have been. 2nd row info? Hatch/cargo info? How is it different from the traverse and the equinox..etc

79 Chevy suburban Super traction machine says:

We all know that this will be on sale for 2-3 years and sell almost none then get put out of production and later on we actually get a real blazer not a kinda sporty traverse.

justen ramirez Lackey says:

Tell me why I shouldn’t buy a Jeep Wrangler over this??! The values gonna Drop half of that when you drive it off the lot. Chevy will never be the same

sebastian saavedra says:

We’re is emy hall

UTI says:

I cant get over this guys voice and lisp. how did he get a job on tv?

Ahmad Haruman says:

I would recommend everyone wait and buy a Tesla Model Y or buy a Tesla Model 3. This vehicle should have been all Electric for that price.

Roadshow says:

Does the Camaro inspired design work, or should Chevy have gone a different route?

Tomas Alcaino says:

Put the 6.2 in there and you got a budget urus

Ainrev White says:

How did Chevy mess up the Blazer TWICE?
The most common thing done to every 89ish Blazer/Jimmy is… V8 swap.
Also… It looks like a Ford Explorer. As in I’m standing at one looking at this video and ‘it’ and… they look the same.

lessdeth69 says:

Where’s the Electric version?

roguedogx says:

Based on what you said, my takeaway is “its what equinox should have been from the start at a price that that makes the shareholders happy”

Jacob Shreve says:

I hope they eventually lift it and make it a trailblazer. Like a Cherokee trail hawk

paul smith says:

Towards the end he says it has a lot of safety features available. That’s just it available, they’re standard for most everybody else in this segment.

Leon Flames says:

Love the new Blazer the RS model is badass looking.Also I love how all the ford fanboys come to Chevy videos.The king of all vehicles to talk shit.Pathetic pieces of shit lol

J. Marr says:

Very, very cool exterior and interior design!! Great dimensions and power train.

Norm T says:

Chevy Blazer engineer Larry Milhalko says in the TFL review the RS has Twin Clutch AWD system that sends up to 60% of torque to the rear and also torque vectors the differential left and right.

WWG1WGA! USA says:

Missed the mark. Should have gone after McAnn/ q5. Weak.

theplayernkc says:

Every review I have seen on the new Blazer has been positive. I think it looks great, nice job Chevy.

ThisIsMurica says:

Waaaaaaaaaaay overpriced, and still outclassed by the CX-5

ARCATM says:

Ah the GM cloud….. a no doubt unprotected internet facing server somewhere just waiting for someone to hack. No thanks.

CB says:

Same engine from the XT5/XT4

HW2800 says:

Have the ZL1 engine as available option and add in the start-stop turn off button and you have a buyer even if it is made in Mexico!

dygardion 91 says:

Everyone is bitching about this car like that’s going to do anything

Lawrence says:

I think the styling is a home run for the Blazer.

DigitalYojimbo says:

45k ? Nah, ill get a telluride.

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