2019 Chevrolet Camaro SS: Review

In this video I’ll go for a test drive & completely review the NEW 2019 Chevy Camaro SS! I’ll go over what’s NEW on the 2019 Chevrolet Camaro as well as performance, exterior, interior, tech, safety & much more… Hope you like!

Big thanks to Criswell Chevrolet in Thurmont, MD for allowing me to check out the NEW 2019 Chevy Camaro SS! For more information on their inventory please feel free to visit their website below.


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Toby Kiefer says:

Looks like shit

J E says:

Are there automatic ones instead of Manuel?

Ivan Becerril says:

Did he say the head up display doesn’t come with the ss 2?

jake black says:

Looks like a Honda Accord in the front. Why don’t they go back to the more classic Camaro looks. And I find the interior of these cars to be cheap looking and dated and the sound systems are never that good. You buy this car for the big engine and 0-60 bragging rights I guess.

Universal Joe says:

The re design is not growing on me, looks like a Honda Accord from the front. And the rear end… not finding it as appealing as the 2018.

Terry Wilson says:

Shit looks like a Toyota Camry in the front! Bad design for front end. Still a Chevy guy but damn

Manish Singh says:

The screwed up the front look.

SSuperLyf says:

2010-2012 best looking years. This reminds of a honda or some other 4 door car.

Stoopkid says:

The placement of the Chevy badge is bad in the front, otherwise it looks good.

AYLA 1111 says:

Beautiful as always!

D Rock says:

The front bumper is awesome! Their engineers nailed it! The taillights put Mustangs to shame.

Skrrt Skrrt says:

Ugliest camaro

tommy d u b b s says:

I think cars like this are dead, nobody wants muscle anymore they just don’t.. and they don’t want ugly muscle

Man Media says:

Great Video Man!!!!   You are very good at what you do, Hope to get as good as you!

Carp Spudpicker says:

Wow they really beat the shit out of that car with the ugly stick!

Max says:

The front just ruins it

Tyrone Taylor says:

That Dodge front end, though.

jenwoo lee says:

I think this front end 1st showed up on transformer 4. It is early then Honda made.

JMLSkits Tv says:

Is this a Toyota Camry?

frank pavan says:

Front end is not muscle car enough and I wish they would make the Camaro Z28 model available again!!

rita cooper says:

Camaro is my first pick

Michael Cass says:

Why can’t I just get a stripped version of this car. No power locks, windows, air, and no bull shit to weigh it down and make it slower.

William Taylor Payne says:

Yes Goldpony if you own a Camaro the windows are easy to work with. I’ve had mine for over a year now and it’s been easy to just use the mirrors to see around you. So it’s not an issue at all.

B laCk says:

seen one drivng in real life and i have to say pictures make it seem just bad, but in person its one of the sexiest ugly ducklings i have seen

ImFAULKn says:

This looks amazing compared to the shit look of the other models. Finally GM did a good job on Design

SS S says:

2013 still the best back end I’ve ever seen

s ga says:

Is there a reason why the indicator needles have to peg when car is powered up? Seems a little gimmicky…

Ivan Gz says:

The design has too much, like Lexus or Honda.

Music Mane says:

The taillights are hideous

Grant and Dan Adventures says:

I just ordered mine! I can’t wait! Ordered the 2ss, With the red adrenaline leather seats,magnetic ride control, dual mode exhaust, and sunroof! I can’t wait!

ugly asia car never not buy says:

gasoline 6.0… who’s can buy… diesel 3.0 better


OHH so this Is the car Bumblebee was driving

Chevifier says:

450 hp thats it??! my 2010 ss has 426hp…I know theres alot more to it but ill stick with my 2010

J C says:

Man is that ugly!

TNN_P1E says:

Thanks GM. now I know that a Dodge charger mixed with an accord coupe looks like shit

Jays Gameplay/cat videos says:

Honda Accord face ass

B B says:

I hate black rims.

Rick Marks says:

This is one of the ugliest camaros I ever seen the front end looks terrible what where they thinking

Yadiel Marrero Hernandez says:

Why the out side of the car is ok but the 2018 is better looking.

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