2019 Chevrolet Silverado FIRST LOOK!

First look at the ALL NEW, 2019 Chevrolet Silverado’s!



John Hall says:

$45,000 average cost? Nothing better exemplifies Americans’ mindless consumerism and mindless consumption better than these monuments to waste.

Nidal Al Saleh says:

no one will buy it

Fernando Conde says:

Badass truck all around

Bill Cooper says:

Worst design in 20 years.

zubob 52 says:


joe jackson says:

Nice looking, very Chevrolet.

Fritz Javel says:

Real nice exterior, not feeling the interior.

Raymond J. says:

Surely doesn’t look like a Ford or Tundra to me either, this truck was meant to re-capture design elements from Chevy Trucks of the past and have those elements work together to bring forth a new model in time for it’s 100 Year mark in production.

Dylan Wells says:

Chevrolet really took a step backwards with their interior. Surely the push-button start was a nice feature but I really liked the big screen that the 2015 Chevrolets had and I feel like they made the screem smaller and cheaper at the same time.

Pedro vaca says:

le pusieron ganas en el diseño… bien chevrolet.

Mario Castillo says:

I knew this would be a kick ass looking truck.. that red one showed a month ago didnt show the true potential of this next generation of Chevy trucks…

zubob 52 says:

a man has to be 8 ft tall to use the bed. an ugggggly

Mario Castillo says:

One thumbs down each from ford, dodge and tundra owners…

alphiejh1 says:

i wonder all them criticizers who was saying oh the truck looks like a tundra and follow ford with aluminium and call it baby colorado all them fools who like talk first before waiting to get a good look now what u got to say , those it looks like a tundra or follow ford now , put u foot in u mouth

redd7188 says:

Is that push button start and remote tailgate? Looks like a lot of Chevy fans will no longer want a high country edition since they claim do not want all the tech and lux found in the F150. Oh yea, I almost forgot the body save for the bed is now aluminium so if all the Chevy fans on YouTube stay true to their words then this truck will not sale well considering they knocked the aluminum F150. Yea that’s right I should mention that following Chevy’s failed marketing campaign against Ford they working on a carbon fiber bed to save face and avoid looking like hypocrites.

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