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As of this month, Chevrolet trucks have been part of the American landscape for 100 years. One of the ways General Motors is celebrating this anniversary is by rolling out a fully redesigned 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 pickup. In keeping with the gravity of this important milestone, this is no half-baked warmed-over restyle. The truckmaker has gone all out and made numerous transformative changes.

For more information: https://www.edmunds.com/car-news/first-impressions/2019-chevrolet-silverado-1500-pickup-first-look.html

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Escape for Mankind is Keith Johnson says:

I bet it still has that Push-Rod junk under the hood.

G Man says:

By far the best looking 1500.

John Potter says:

There is something about the grill. I dont like it. It looks unfinished. The rest of the truck I think looks great tbh.

David MotorGuy says:

Like the current model and new Ram is much better imo!

TPike777 says:

Im not a truck person..but I always enjoy looking at brand new models of any vehicle..This thing is boot ugly. And after coming from a video of the new Dodge Rams I can say they look much nicer inside, and especially outside.

Ant says:

Chevy is killing ford

Blake Swan says:

Love that all the bros pay tpmhave there truck lifted and then pay again to be able to get into their lifted truck on accessories. Wouldn’t need to pay to have the corner of your bumper missing if it had a normal ride height…

Clous von says:

Kill it before it lays eggs

ap 123 says:

Just another ugly piece of shit chevy nothing new. Chevy falls further behind Ford.

Steamin Steven says:

Not sure any of the full sized American trucks are good looking anymore, their all slab nosed bricks on wheels…

Tom Gill Chevrolet says:

Pretty much nailed all the key points. There’s no doubt we’ve upped our game in the truck segment

thegoof529 says:

Holy crap that thing is ugly!

Praetorian says:

As bad is it is, its still miles ahead of a Ford

Tom Gill Chevrolet says:

That pure front-on look is awesome. Love that paint code too!

g7sky says:

car is ugly @@@truck

Charlie M. says:

front looks like crap. Chrysler did better

David Mathew says:

wow ford ram and Toyota are killing chevy…this truck is boring inside and out

JK Rowlings says:


Tornexted says:

Holy crap, that grill is ugly. Who the hell thought this is good looking? My 1995 GMC 6.5l diesel looks a lot sexier than this.

Escorpion SLB says:

They ruined the front end.

Red_Bearded_Dad says:

Did Chevy add rear air vents. Lack of rear vents is a deal breaker for me and many other family guys.

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