4K Review: 2018 Chevrolet Equinox Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

The Chevrolet Equinox is now smaller and lighter, making it a true competitor in the small SUV segment. The Equinox also offers a new turbocharged four-cylinder engine and available active safety equipment.

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trumpsixteen says:

What happened to Tom M.? He was my favorite.

sam Anderson says:

A word to the wise……. stay away from G.M. Vehicles. I swear at least 30% of those are lemons right from the factory

albert7139 says:

If people had driving knowledge than those safety feature shouldn’t need to be standard.

C Hrdz says:

That interior screams CHEAPO all over. It’s 2017 and the segment is very competitive. Can’t believe Chevy is still putting out such garbage.

Bull's Eye says:

Nice rental suv. Consumer Report, please, this is not competitive in this segment at all.

Todd Bianco says:

A lot of damning with faint praise. It’s all just passable…. If you compare it to the top trim Honda CR-V, the CR-V blows it away.

Bargainteers says:

Maybe 20 to 25. But Over 30k? No thank you

GooglR Ratings says:

The main assembly plant that builds this vehicle is located in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada. Because of the well skilled and experienced workforce there, GM did something they never did before. Rather than stop production of old model, retool the plant and start production of new model, they decided to introduce production of new model while still building old one. As a result, significant number of 2018 models are required to be pulled off the assembly line at the very end and send to repair. This is due to the fact that a lot of equipment had to be modified (On the fly) to accommodate both vehicle models, and since they are build around different platform that makes it very challenging. 2009 – 2017 models were decent models providing you get rid of them before you hit 100k – 120k miles, after that the engines simply fall apart, not in all of them, but a lot of them. 2018 was engineered under pressure to introduce significant weight reduction, though too soon to know for sure, it is widely believed that new generation Equinox will be poorer quality, more fragile than its predecessor. If the way the launch of this new model has been going over the last few months is any indication of this vehicle’s performance, GM may be in trouble and could have very well signed a death sentence on what was one of GM’s top sellers in recent years.

trumpsixteen says:

Still searching for Tom M.

Vince Ciccone says:

Im kinda sad that the bench seat has been abandoned, it could work well in a crossover.

EastCoastATV says:

Will you guys ever test ATV’S and side by sides and rate reliability? PLEASE start rating them.

Anonymous98 says:

The simple fact is that the Equinox has been poorly designed and poorly built from the beginning. The current model is the successor to a major redesign in 2010 and that design has been plagued with engine and electrical problems from the beginning. There are a number of secret extended warranties on certain specific issues on these vehicles which GM uses to keep from having to implement a recall. The problem us that dealers are loathe to find vehicles eligible for these secret warranties and will refuse to even acknowledge they exist, unless the customer has the obtuse notification letter from GM, a copy of the relevant Technical Service Bulletin describing what is covered and how to fix it, and his lawyer on speed dial. Ask anyone whose Equinox has gone into Reduced Engine Power mode (i.e. max speed about 10 mph) while in the left lane on the interstate passing a heavy truck or just trying to get the car out of a busy intersection. To echo Ralph Nader, these vehicles, with their unreliable engines and electrical systems and arcane and expensivebelectrical problems from corroded wires and poor electrical grounds, are unsafe at any speed and ought to be recalled for safety issues. Ask GM how many 4 cylinder engines it has had to replace over the years due to shoddy, porous castings, plugged up EGR systems, stretched timing chains, bad variable valve timing actuators, blown rear oil seals due to internal overpressure, burned up pistons and ring sets, and failed internal lubrication that caused GM to develop its Dexos synthetic oil particularlynfor its smaller displacement engines, but without telling owners of the older models to up to the full synthetic Dexos specification oil to keep their engines from catastrophic failure.

elvir salmanov says:

for that money you can get an Acura RDX, so no thank you chevy

Ivan Vojt says:

37K 2WD still gets you a 9.5 0-60.

Sean Kurth says:

“The overall feel of the interior is a bit on the cheap side, reminding us of a cutrate rental car.”

Well, that’s what most Chevys you’ll see on the road, other than the the Camaro, Corvette, Silverado, and Suburban, are. When was the last time you saw a less than fully loaded Malibu, Equinox, or Cruze with in-state plates? So that makes sense. GM’s problem for nearly 40 years now has been that their interiors only look great in brochures. The hard, greasy plastic looks soft touch from all of the standard car review camera angles, the leather looks sumptuous because of the complicated stitching but the material itself is standard rock hard GM, the metal accents are really chrome sprayed onto cheap plastic, 99% of the “leather” not on the seats is just fake stitches molded onto matte plastic, etc. In pictures and videos, GM’s interiors always look the best, no other automaker engineers for ad copy quite like them, but in person even a Kia’s fake leather is softer. Too many car reviewers go along with this and talk about how great the interior *looks,* but it’s great to see CR telling it like it is.

Of course, we know they’re biased in their own ways. Toyota’s car-based light trucks are outstripped by Nissan, Honda, and even sometimes Ford in nearly every way, and they’ve never been particularly good since the Previa ceased production, yet CR always does the opposite of every other reviewer and rates the mediocre Sienna and RAV4 just as highly as they rate the well built Camry, Corolla, and 4Runner. A Toyota badge is an automatic ticket to a top rating from CR, regardless of what every other reviewer says about long-term reliability, build quality, initial quality, value, and interior look and feel of that particular model. But at least all of those other cars actually are what they look like they are. The Murano, Highlander, and Escape really do have soft touch plastic, metal, and leather where they look like they do, and where there’s hard plastic, it doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not. We know *why* they’re the only ones treating Chevy fairly, but it’s good to see that they are, we can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

jimmelay71 says:

Just wondering if GM will ever change the styling of their dashes. It seems like every GM interior is designed by the same guy for the last 20 years.

CJ Hike says:

Last gen looked better. This is just meh…

Trades46 says:

Not a bad car per say, but the pricing (especially considering its 1.5T engine) is best described as optimistic.

TheLifetraveler1 says:

Well, it definitely looks better than the previous model. I’ve driven the 2017 and it is not something you want to write home about. I drove the new CR-V last week and ‘oh my, it is great’.

Cory McComas says:

Ok, it’s $33,000. But does the CR-V EX come with the power tailgate, HUGE moonroof, Blind spot monitoring, heated seats, and rear cross traffic alert? Nope.

inboxnews says:


Kermi Irani says:

Where is tom?

Mark Henry Dela Torre says:

The Honda CRV EX is much better than this and is only around $28,000.

Alexandre Potvin says:

what’s up with non-adjustable seat belts in new GM cars?

aayonce4 says:

Oh no the price is wayyy too high ! This is absurd !!

Rick Believes says:

interior just does not compete against the better class mates. Exterior is very blah too, and the price …that will drop like a rock in a few months, what are they smoking ?

Grant Jones says:

it’s a typical new car, too expensive, too electronic and ugly

fatboy19831 says:

The diesel makes things interesting. That would be what I would go for. This should be nicely equipped for 26 27k to be competitive in this segment. Unlike Honda and Toyota GM has a way of making you feel like a cheapskate unless you get the top of the line model. I bet the Diesel is only an option on the top level trim. I would want a base Equinox diesel with AWD and apple car play. Thats not going to happen. I bet that option list will push you to 34k.

Jeff Bowman says:

Sadly I believe in the 2018 models they have taken one step back, taking away a very important and safety driven feature in the OnStar modules….”Please know that many changes have been made to our white dot button feature. Within our 2018 model year vehicles, you are no longer able to store routes, store phone numbers, and other changes have also been made. We apologize if this has caused you any inconvenience. If you have additional questions, please let us know.
Philip J.
OnStar Customer Care”  I have been told these features (which were previously available on the earlier versions of OnStar) were removed in order to add the SHOP icon.

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