Car Tech – 2014 Chevy Spark EV packs a punch
Boasting far more power than its gasoline counterpart, the Spark EV accelerates fast, and its Siri Eyes Free feature will delight iPhone users.


WafflesOrFrenchToast says:


Chandra shaker says:

67 saudi’s Dislike this video.

toyotaprius79 says:

Considering the Federal reductions, for a car that does 0-60mph in around 7 seconds, then it’s not that much. Look at things in perspective, the Spark EV is basically a Spark GT.

TekReviews says:

You can thank Tesla for that new standard, the Leaf better jump on board too! People will buy electric cars if it’s just as fast to fill the battery as a normal gas car.

LoveStallion says:

Oh no, they have Kevin from the Office doing these again.

Marktuyet says:

Old white guy here. I need a CD for my albums. What is an eye phone?

buildmorefarms100 says:

Id rather have this Spark EV more than the boat huge heavy Tesla.

gman2064 says:

LMAO road killed rat at 5:42

Mr. Teff says:

A 200 mile range would be nice, but certainly not necessary since most people will buy the Spark EV as a second car. We’ve had ours for a month now and whatever range anxiety I might have felt in that first week has evaporated. Driving to work and back, plus errands, I usually drive around 30 to 35 miles a day, occasionally 40 or 50. There are chargers at work, but I don’t bother with them. I have my charger at home set to begin charging after midnight when rates are very low. If I need to make a trip to LA, I drive my other car. Two more things: the Spark is a blast to drive. It’s nimble, handles surprisingly well, feels solid and rides like a bigger car than it is, and it’s got tons of torque that will push you back in your seat the instant you step on the peddle. I drove the gasoline Spark. It was awful. The EV is transformed. Lastly, driving in L mode, the regenerative braking is so strong, I rarely touch my brakes. As little as I use them, they could last 200,000 miles. Dealers are not going to like that these cars require virtually no maintenance.

Apple Seed says:

Design looks just like a Honda Fit.

toyotaprius79 says:

No, Tesla has the benchmark on what a great car should be, it just happens to be electric.

ysl reyes says:

What happened to on cars with Cooley

Lucus Kane says:

The car is awesome, the emergence of something great always gets this kind of pedantic criticism. I love it.

Steve Thompson says:

Why the  hell Not Road Fairies that take Your Electric vehicle from town to town and recharges the batteries at the same time? because American politicians are worthless liars.    

potta14 says:

“more torque than a 458 italia”. yeah.. chalk one up for the spark hah

914050a says:

That’s a weird looking sport coat.

toyotaprius79 says:

Unfortunately not everybody can afford a Model S. Yet a lot more people can afford a Nissan LEAF or Chevrolet Spark EV. All I can say is actually drive one. There are a lot more quick chargers now. A fast charge for a LEAF is usually less than 20 minutes. That’s not enough to even get a quick bite to eat or a coffee! The range is fine also, just go and drive one, but that doesn’t mean Nissan or anyone else isn’t developing cheaper and/or more energy dense batteries. This stuff takes time, years.

Ackshaey Singh says:

This guy is so annoying. I hate these Cooley less Car tech videos. Antuan is not bad, but I really dislike this guy for some reason.

The Tech Knight says:

Where in the flying fuck is Cooley

Other7777 says:

140hp and 400-lbs of torque? LOL

Makes it go to the point to ask yourself whats the point of getting the gas engine one over this one? Besides electric range getting in the way.

Samuel Rose says:

would really like to see someone upgrade the tires and maybe try their hand at making a nice little auto cross car with it

beforebefore says:

Wrong… the traction battery pack is not up front… it’s under the back seat

Hunter-W7NUK says:

ANd of course this electric car has to look ugly just like every other one.

nelly kay says:

27 grand for that ugly crap what a ripp off

914050a says:

And dad jeans…

J C says:

I just noticed that. HAHAHA

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