Car Tech – Chevrolet Bolt concept
Chevrolet rolled out the Bolt concept at the 2015 North American International Auto show. Unlike its sister car the Volt, this all-electric vehicle has a range of 200 miles.


Christine Abrell says:

Good points Brian

Rex Tyler says:


Pseudos says:

Hmmm Cooley !!

Hokit says:

The styling is almost a rip off of the Mitsubishi CZ2 – especially at the front – though not nearly as clean or attractive.

Rex Tyler says:


TekReviews says:

Our wonderful Governor in Washington State has come up with the idea that anyone who drives an EV should get FREE Ferry Rides, and anyone who buys a Tesla should pay NO SALES TAX on the first $60,000USD of the car. Democrats!

lessdeth69 says:

People buy electric cars more for performance and convenience than cost savings…

lawnmowerdude says:

I really hope people are not that naïve to think gas is going to stay as low as it’s been.

BrotherWoody1 says:

GM, this one hell of an ugly car.

TechMack says:

make it under 20’000 and I’m sold

Alex Ford-Cox says:

It looks like a MOPAR knockoff of an i3. But not awful.

Teodor Todorov says:

Chevy Spark Chevy volt Chevy bolt soo what’s next?… Chevy Cold? 😀

Corey Civin says:

The Chevy Bolt looks like a driving diaper.

Jarl Ballin' says:

Looks like the BMW i3’s ugly sibling…

Kirill Klip says:

Apple Wants to Start Producing Electric Cars as Soon as 2020.

Seb says:

Aren’t they ashamed to copy BMW?

maarten194 says:

very bice car

reyzuna says:

200/miles on charge, after that your walking XD lolz = best to describe this car lolz XD

72tubedmiaz says:

It looks like the i3 what a rip off

Andrew Butler says:

This nice! I own a 2014 Sonic and an 2005 Aveo. I love both of them. I hope this car makes it to the market!

fre1gn says:

Who cares if the gas price is low, it’s still a lot more expensive than electricity (just a comparison: here, in Japan a full 230km worth of full tank electricity for Nissan Leaf is worth less than 3 dollars, which is about 2 litres of gas.)

Price point is also only one of the reasons people go for EV.

TJC450 says:

I agree. EVs need to be cheaper cmon! 

Aventanario says:

Looks more like the i3

Tim datoolman says:

At $30,000 I won’t be a buyer and doubt many people will.

TekReviews says:

It’s a SuperSized Chevy Spark, did they drive through McDonalds and get a special order?

Arik Haydn says:

Here I thought GM was going to go the compliance route with the Chevy Spark EV and then they release this!  I am so excited.  Tesla is changing the market.  That’s the purpose of that company.  To start the fire.  The Fire Rises.

TekReviews says:

1 Minute is all we get, come on Brian, open the doors and show us the tech.

DanM194 says:

I don’t care about gas prices, the sooner we get off fossil fuels for mass transport the better.

Josh Shuo Zhang says:

Yes it’s Cooley. You may proceed to watch the video.

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