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General Motors has officially pulled the Chevrolet brand from the Indian market. Chevy will soon stop selling cars in India but will continue to support existing customers with spare parts and service. General Motors will continue to use the factory in Gujarat for exports to Latin America and other countries. Read the detailed report here:

General Motors To Lay Off 400 Employees In India:

Chevrolet Dealers Clueless About GM Decision:

GM To Stop Production Of Chevrolet Cars In South Africa:

Chevrolet Sales To Be Officially Stopped From 2018:

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unni krishnan says:

fiat got a promotion, since chevrolet proved that it is more unreliable in terms of marketing.

Sreerag Suresh says:

What will do current owners of chevy

Amit Killekar says:

Chevy is a best car manufacturer in global, I’m happy with beat, and I was waiting for new beat, but it’s bad news,

saurabh vyas says:

Japanese and Korean’s has bold the American Muscle hunk, GM, in INDIA.

Amir Stun says:

General Motors has already backstabbed its own people in America who helped it out of bankruptcy in the past. That’s why people in America calls General Motors as CHINA Motors where it has invested and investing its business right now.

Rishabh Singh says:

when chevrolet didn’t respect indian’s by only bringing Chinese products why would they

Mohit Saxena says:

next turn will be of fiat

Rudra Kumar says:

Now no expectations from Chevy bringing new cars. 🙁

Kapil Dasgupta says:

blow to chevy fans?? think of the owners new and old like me!

Abhishek Roy says:

Chevy fans? really? Like they sold corvettes and camaros in india

shan naren says:

Many thanks at last garbage left india

Vijay Aditya Singh says:

Siddharth Sir this is really sad news. I’m a big fan of their Cruze and was planning to buy it. Is it possible to pick up the Cruze from the dealer at a discount? And will it be feasible to own it

Prasanth Panicker says:

GM pulled out of India the Opel brand few years back. Now the Chevrolet. This proves that they r unreliable. what about the thousands of customers who bought their products. Service might continue, but it is going to cause a big confusion among Indian car buyers about the American brands. Moreover their service were also not up to the mark, inspite of all the promises. Especially in Kerala.

fidel castro says:

all because of fucking maruthi

Ace OfSpades says:

apart from cruze they didnt have any serious competitor

Reddylion says:

bye bye murican garbage lol….

Neel Alok says:

Thank god they are out. They could have never cracked a market like India with type of products they were offering.

Alok Kumar says:

It’s a big breaking news, thanks to CNB who tells​ us

s DC7 says:

first stupid line up, second idiotic marketing and now the biggest mistake in making a decision to pull out retail ops in India… shame on Chevrolet….

the real thing is that GM never understood the Indian market… they used it as a dumping ground for their rubbish products….
the only good products they sold were the beat and Cruze…

Preston Jose says:

So no Beat and Essentia

Faheem uddin ali says:

optra best car on highway

shan naren says:

Now Chevrolet sell the left over cars at pushed away price like Daewoo

Dronesh Patil says:

thank god chevy getting out of indian market vaise bhi ek bhi car success full nahi hai….. and pollution ma ek number hai

Gurmeet R says:

Cruze ws a good car bt priced a bit higher. beat was vfm . bt sadely the taxi market took charge of beat and tarnished its image badly

Chetan Gupta says:

1st view

Tennis Ball says:

worst company. Thank god

Airbus 380 says:

Chevy resale value will go more down now

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