Chevy GM Hydrogen Electric Car

Chevy GM Hydrogen Electric Car. MotoMan lives with the Chevy GM Equinox Fuel Cell Electric Car powered by Hydrogen and learns it is indeed ready for prime time! However, this story has a but: There is a big issue standing between the Hydrogen powered concept Chevy and a Hydrogen powered reality . . .

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tass gol says:

EV are horrible, hydrogen is the future

Omar Khaled says:

well i think that piston driven hydrogen powered is better than this because u still get the noise!!! 😀

Samu Babukokku says:

EVs use less energy then a hydrogen powered car. EVs are the future not this. When I’m out of high school which I have about 2-3 yrs left , I’m going to start building Evs out of vehicles that were use to seeing on the road and while I’m at it I guna make charging stations that reads your previous mileage, sets it to an amp to charge the batteries in 5 minutes or less.

Omar Khaled says:

well i think that piston driven hydrogen powered is better than this because u still get the noise!!! 😀

Ed Gladstone says:

The future will be great. Hydrogen Gas coupled coupled with an Atom Battery and an Advanced magentic motor can propell your vehicle for long ranges without polluting the environment.

LamboGallardo560 says:

I’ve never been convinced that Hydrogen is a good choice. It might be the most abundant element in the universe but it doesn’t occur as molecular hydrogen on Earth, you have to split it from something. Splitting water is idiotic since we need it to survive and splitting hydrocarbons isn’t solving anything. Either way you use electricity to make hydrogen, which you use to make electricity. That’s so inefficient.

John Briggs says:

Ah, did you talk to anyone else? besides GM to get information for your story. The hydrogen that you are using comes from steam reforming natural gas, a fossil fuel. Hydrogen is not a fuel source, it is an energy carrier, much like a battery. You still need an energy source. Also, the vehicle is way too expensive and uses 3 times as much energy as an EV. The problem is not the infrastructure, the problem is that it does not make sense even if the infrastructure existed.

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