Is the 2019 Chevy Blazer RS a BOOM or BUST?

The ALL NEW Chevy Blazer back, but is it better then ever? This Blazer RS features the tried and true 3.6L V6 under the hood mated to a 9 speed automatic gearbox. From it’s eye catching exterior to it’s Camaro inspired interior does the 2019 Blazer RS deliver?


RayRay G says:

See thats what happens when you get a older 30 year old to do these youngen jobs. You made me not want one i thought your job was to make it sound great. Bad job if i was the chevy manager id make sure its your last chevy review.

Orlando 1106 says:

Will not sale. Looks soft.

DaLizMs says:

Chevy Brassiere

Andrew Gibert says:

No one I know will ever buy a gm product again. Besides that this SUV makes no sense it’s competing vs the equinox and the terrian. Fuck gm they will fail with this.

twatbar 556 says:

If Chevy shoves a V8 in to the blazer, sign me up to buy that bitch.

Kennth Bennett says:

Bust! I haven’t seen one on the road yet. My Chevy dealer has had them for awhile now.

Christopher Miller says:

Soccer mom car whack as hell! Should’ve made it a lot bigger and lifted!!

yogibearstie says:

Will Chevy customers buy a Made in Mexico Blazer?

Desto Perez says:

There better be a 2020 SS version in the works with an LT4 making 650hp for only 10k more than this absurd price

Scott Mitchell says:

Blazer WTH, that thing is ugly and overpriced like Silverado.What is up with all the black rims on all the new cars and trucks.NOT


Ors Art face says:

I normally love GM products but I don’t like much about this one. Especially the fact that it is made in Mexico. and the are laying off us workers.

MrMike300x says:

50k for a crossover. GM is nuts.

the negative says:

$48 grand naw fam thats not it

Ron Mitchell says:

Chevy screwed up.  They already had SUVS / didn’t need another duplication of those.  What they needed was a true truck frame-based off roader like the 2020 Ford Bronco is going to be.   Now they won’t have anything to compete against that with.  Lost opportunity, GM.  >: |

Cameron F says:

I beat the fuck out of my 2001 blazer with 200k miles. Its tough, trust me

Warlock 6 says:

GM bastardized the name, then got a dope smoking kid who popped shrooms to design a car that mixed a Camaro and Murano together. The design is hideous and I predict will not sell well and will be disco’d in about 4 years. GM failed on this just like they have failed in most of their vehicle line-up in the past. The side also reminds me of a Volester from Hyundai that they lifted.

Andrew Schultz says:

Nice Hustle! Brah Respect. These are for the GM versos FCA Jeep Cherokee Fanboys/Fangirls. Glamorous and aggressive. Utility? Think more Celebrity Famous 🙂 I heard Brittany Spears has one?

Joe Rez says:

Love the way it looks, wouldnt buy for more than 30k new.

TrolldickOG Sr. says:

I dont think Chevy understands why the blazer was so popular.

Timmy Alexander says:

Way to crossover looking, GM hasn’t noticed that more traditional shaped SUV’s are selling well, even when they are a unibody.

Brian Mccadney says:

The Blazer has always been cheap for 1 for 2 it’s always been somewhat rugged there’s no front bumper on this vehicle I’m going to stop watching after 30 seconds that’s how long I’ve been watching whoever’s in charge of these new car companies needs a swift kick in the balls cuz you’re getting it all wrong

Anthony Hunt says:

Raiti! Does that cargo restraint bar fold down or is removable? I mean, if you want to put a longer larger box in there it would certainly be in the way.

Luis Zaragoza says:

Better than the supra

Elvin Ramos says:

Whoa I live right across the street from Maus Chevy in Lake Heather. Small world

Buddy Dawson says:


RayRay G says:

Oh i see why now… fuck chevy lol!

earnedmystripes says:

Honda Passport ELITE is $45k. You can option a Blazer OVER $50k. Yet another failure by CEO Mary Barra. When are the stockholders gonna realize that she’s killing marketshare and running it all into the ground?

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