LUXURY TRUCK FACEOFF — 2019 Chevy Silverado vs. 2019 RAM 1500: Comparison

Which LOADED pickup is the KING? Find out in this COMPARISON of the 2019 Chevy Silverado High Country vs. 2019 RAM 1500 Limited! This comparison will highlight key differences between the two such as the performance data of the engines, cargo capacities, distinct styling cues, driving impressions/test drive, interior technology and functionality, tow ratings, beds and much more! So, come join us as we sample these automotive delicacies in a very detailed review that will leave no questions unanswered!

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Tyler Ryce says:

Ram 100%! Chevy lacks when compared to the Ram or even the Ford.

gmc sierra says:

High Country for me

Jose Gomez says:

Chevy is more reliable and more durability

Alex J Cuevas Henandez says:

High country

guy proulx says:

I want my truck to be more luxurious than a Rolls Royce

kaliman198117 says:

Ram wins by far

kaliman198117 says:

The interior on the HC is too boring.

Mr. Well says:

If the chevy had the rams interior it would be the best truck in the segment

Andy Hass says:

R u on drugs? It’s not even a commparison! Chevy interior is 5 yr old in a brand new truck. Ram interior is 100x more comfortable. Ram has air ride. Ram u can get e torque. Which would still be cheaper than the Chevy and get u 2 mpg better!
Lest we forget the Chevy cant get the max tow. It’s a truck! Who blocks owners from getting the max tow on any model they want? Stupid chevy!

Smarticus says:

Ram hit it out of the park. They outsold Chevy last month. October sales numbers will be quite interesting. I am waiting to see how the 2019 Ford Limited with the Raptor engine stacks up.

Eric Martin says:


Reviews 101 says:

It’s sad to know that there are people that will choose the Chevy over the ram since the Chevy has a interior that is almost no different to the last few years and is has a bad step and a power tailgate because apparently it’s to hard to lift up a tailgate and the ram has a jaw dropping interior with luxury car materials and stuff you only find in expensive luxury cars also it has a ride that is way better thanks to the air suspension but the Chevy will be bought by all the fan boys that think there the best thing ever

Hector Espinoza says:

The ram limited have the another 22 rims . Looks better than chevy !

Fernando Conde says:

Exterior goes to the silverado interior goes to RAM

Eric Martin says:

this video is geared towards the Ram.

J Wolf says:

A High Country exterior with ram interior would be perfect.

ViiV Creations says:

Seriously 65k for a fking chevy…NOT EVEN A GMC 1/2 is rediculous. 67k gets you a nice ass Lariat F-250 POWERSTROKE DIESEL 3/4 ton pickup….what trash marketing these guys have lol

Baf Man says:

12″ touch screen and adjustable air suspension…better pony up for that super-extra warranty package on the DOG-GE !

juan valdiviezo says:

Best review ever! Great job, I wasn’t sure which one to buy, I’m getting a ram

vince gutierrez says:

Lol Chevy’s interior looks like it should say for < under 5 years old . Ram wins

lil bandkid says:

Is that “auto start stop” feature an option on the Ram?

Macho Man says:

Chevy just cant seem to ditch the grandpa interior.

BeholdtheMightySpoon says:

Ram needs to offer a full tuned 6.4 as an option 485hp 475 ft lbs without a doubt would sell like mad.

Duncan orr says:

Ram has 22inch wheels as an option

Bleedblackandgold51 says:

The ram also comes with 22″ wheels. 1/2 point for the air suspension is low. I have a 19 limited with the air suspension and it is light years better than a conventional suspension.

A Stanton1966 says:

The Ram does have better electronics.  However, God help you if you have a problem.  Our 2017 FIAT Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk requires you to reset the oil life gauge by stepping on the gas pedal.  How screwy is that?

Hank Fin says:

When the Ram started the lifters were rappin. Like always weak valve trains.

Fernando Conde says:

I saw a silverado in person looks Badass. Videos and pics dont do it justice

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