Old vs New Off-Road Technology Review: 2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2 vs Big Green

( http://www.TFLtruck.com ) Old vs New Off-Road Technology Review: 2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2 vs Big Green

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speterbilt says:

what part of Colorado is this filmed?

3374jj says:

Love my K-10… Bullet proof

Carter Patton says:

What’s your guys favorite classic car? Mine is the olds mobile 442

MrNixan1 says:

the new one seems a bit narrow asian version of the American truck

dickkickem says:

The K10 looks (and sounds) way more masculine. Don’t get me wrong, I like the newer trucks too, but the new Chevy itself is just an overpriced luxury computer made for city boys. Also the new one doesn’t have a V8.

D Anderson says:

brick on the gas pedal, and ready to burn them Bowturds

RayJ-HT says:

I know this is minor but the young guys nasal like speech really annoys me.

michael malkowski says:

Take them through the mud. And not a puddle, like you’re ‘off road’ adventure on a dirt road. Mob them through some actual mud. Or actually off road, not on a dirt road. Seriously, I could drive a Vette down that dirt road you were on.

BigChief THE GREAT says:

this acting is terrible

Toyota Fortuner says:

GM pls bring the Colorado Based Trailblazer in US

CalviNx9229 says:

Good job guys. This video is awesome.

Ronnie Jan Morales says:

that Museum is from the movie Car. Route 66 that is

Ted Donley says:

Why not do a mash up comparison between the ZR2 and the H3T Alpha ?

Bohemia Lite says:

where’s the Lincoln Mark v for 2017…..

iblockpuncheswithmyface says:

The difference between the old, and the new, is that when you take the new one out for a weekend of off roading. Come Monday it will have to go to the shop for $1,800 worth of repairs.

Jeff Gossett says:

ill take a 70s 80s generation Chevy/Gmc over a midsize anyday

MG TX says:

That K10 is awesome!

Mister Mopar says:

Okay you’ve done old vs new with Chevy and Ford, now please do a Dodge Power Wagon old vs new comparison

Dianne Nutzman says:

Well that was a worthless video. I was expecting that you would drive them over the same terrain to show how they each handled. Just a lot of talk and not enough comparison. Why not do them both on Gold Mine Hill the same day?

wrussi says:

i’ll take the square body 😉

David Gizzarelli says:

Oh my gosh I watch this whole video and they never went off road.

Parker MacDowell says:

Some of the worst acting that i have ever seen

undertaker666dead says:

Old school trucks all the way.

J Fulkerson says:

Big green 2 k percent

Synyster Shadows says:

Love Big Green.

jclaunch00 says:

The Colorado is a decent new toy truck, but no comparison to a K10 like Big Green.

TheKillerMarine says:

that’s why I owned power wagons no locking hubs

Leo Durocher says:

love the old chevy

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