PREVIEW – Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport – By NEKON

This is the Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport previewed by NEKON. Coming soon to Asphalt 8! Be sure to subscribe to NEKON’s channel:

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Song: Axol & The Tech Thieves – Bleed [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.

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juan francisco moreno moreno says:

carraco molon

L1GHTG30 GD says:

Painful farming for this car


You serious a8 ? what was slk se then ? do you know 540 is bigger number than 518 ? or do you mean fastest accelerating ? but wait that is mp4-25 in a class. what do you exactly mean ?

Ali A says:

Song name plz


please asphalt 9

L1GHTG30 GD says:

Farming for this is depressing, I have had sleepless nights farming for this, what will happen if I fail…

L1GHTG30 GD says:

the chevies get their revenge on BMW

Brandon Sosa says:

It is possible you guys might motorcycles?

Arhangelo33 Venera T950 says:

Tomorow start EDD i waiting 3:)

Ali haydar Daşdemir says:

I fucking paid 1.5M or something for shit Mosler GT 3 days ago and almost paid 4M for upgrades and this goddamn car coming soon also a class .If i cant complete this car i wil kill myslef i will fuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkiiiiiinnnnnnnnngg kkkkkkkiiiiiilllllll myssssseeeeeeeeeelllllllllllffffffffffffff

Tom/TTGAMEWAR Vuong says:

It will beat homage


What about Asphalt 9 ?

TheRacinGolem says:

I have a hunch that this will be the new king of A class

Monirul Islam says:

while this event start? Elite format is a wrost formation.

thaiphamsg says:

‘Elite car’? No, thanks!

L1GHTG30 GD says:

looks at 0:41 :V why didn’t hommage wreck

Joanna Wollenberg says:

I have a message and it starts tomorrow 🙂 EDD nice

L1GHTG30 GD says:

If this car can handle S8 last curve then handling is not that bad

Daniel Lpez says:


kevin urdaneta says:

Could you put the ford gt 2017 please?

Bhavya Bhatia says:

where is 30% off on A class you have reached 550k
or it was just a strategy of yours to get more subscribers

L1GHTG30 GD says:


누굴까요 Nighttrigger says:

Shit why it change map when I get 10000point.
and getting harder? Just my think?

ldrizzeR says:

How you do to rec asphalt to max graphics

Chee Madara says:

I bought a A-car pack and this car is not the fastest or King of A class

juan francisco moreno moreno says:

Hola miren esto va para todos aquellos bugueros que solo saben aprender como hacer trampa, dejen de hacer trampas tan bilmente que da muchisimo enojo ber lo que hacen algunos , bueno son cada bez mas tramposos

Imran Abdullah Khan says:

Please someone reply me if the EDD starts..

Theodore Spittnikov says:

great video but…

oooh noooo…, a pity it is another idiot Elite car that need maintenance always…just can drive three, four at once before another maintenance time. nobody deservers. if play some MP cup will crash the car at garage and will need another repair, and again, and again, and again….Tell me I’m wrong, GL… try

_ItzNaG1B4IkYT_ MineCraFTER says:

Good Vid

Andrei GamingRO says:

Te abonezi la mine?

Naser elyas says:

Can you give people credits for free or tokens

danilomatol says:

what kind of engine of that car nekon.??

Pedro Lucas Bahiense Evangelista says:

One question


Anadi 4121 says:

When will the edd start????

누굴까요 Nighttrigger says:

Also i put 750000 here too hard f

Alduin TV says:

Asphalt 8 Airbone Is very very nice game

Smart Gamer GS says:

Best Video in the world

민규 says:

omg…look at the car..that’s insane…u know what? im gonna buy thay mofucking car

L1GHTG30 GD says:

Man, I was happy when I saw the ONE-77, Camaro SS and the Hommage getting destroyed by this beast, and the SIN, this car must be a good deed

iamon ahorse says:

EDD starts on Monday, at least for my region. I guess I better get prepared for it.

DarkBoy DxB says:

Gameloft, add more tracks
like Newyork, San Francisco, LA
and famous places

Ivo Metodiev says:

When the EDD will come?

Bhavya Bhatia says:

where is 30% off on A class you have reached 550k
or it was just a strategy of yours to get more subscribers

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