Review: 2016 Chevrolet Silverado High Country

Huge thanks to Tom Henry Chevrolet for providing me with this brand new truck to review! If you’re interested in getting a Chevy truck, be sure to contact Cam at 724-444-5224 or and tell him Subaruwrxfan sent you!
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Nathan w2803 says:

this isnt a real truck

Erik Keenan says:

I’m good with just this one

Francisco Lopez says:

I think you enjoy reviewing performance cars more than you enjoying trucks. I’d say stick to what you like, but if you do more truck reviews talk about the trucks capabilities more, like max payload, max towing capacity, 4×4 system, how it compares to other trucks, etc. Thanks for the reviews!

Jhonatan Kof says:

no dia qui essa silverado chegar aqui no brasil vai see la pra 2030 kkkkkkkl

Nick Smith says:

“cream pipe”

Omar Rivera says:

me encanta, es una pickup brutal

redd7188 says:

Good footage of the truck going down the road, it looks really nice.

Sergio Mejias says:

What is the song used in the minute 0:20 ??

Paul-Sebastian Manole says:

63L/100KM?! Why the FSCK do they MAKE these!?

Nathan w2803 says:

its got to many bells and whistles

Tomassi Racing-TEAM 76 says:

anal tap is great 0-60 in

MoJo says:

Dude – yes, it’s a truck. We can see that

MaxH says:


XboobtubeX says:

LOL @ his face at 8:10 on this video.

Danne Hughes says:

love to have that 41! Thanks for showing it!

Marco HernandezVlogs says:

Can you review The all new GMC Sierra or Ford F-150 or ram 1500

Gregory Trane says:

The reviewer seemed ill at ease reviewing this truck. They probably should have had someone else do the review and his knowledge of these trucks seem marginal, at times. I’ve owned many BMW SUV’s before I went back to buying American and am completely satisfied with the Silverado 5.3 v8. The BMW X5 v8 was fast but passed everything on the road but a gas station. I like this new Silverado better and it’s more versatile and cost considerably less. It completely satisfies me in ways the X-5 could never do. I always dealer service and properly maintain my vehicles and if I have good luck with this truck, I’ll probably stay with GM. They have come a long way.

Stainless One says:

the interior looks like someone got shitfaced on Merlot and puked it out into the truck.

Hector Salinas says:

yah go sub to my channel I just lifted my 2016 silverado

Matthew Trickey says:

Can you review a pontiac g6 gxp

laurentiu octavian says:

how much does this car costs?

sevenfourtyseven says:

2017 King Ranch>

jon gotti says:

i like it but the stitching idk. other than that solid trucc

Richard Recupero says:

Drink a shot everytime he said uhh

nikon d3200 says:

ford f150 better

NickoSupra says:

“We should buy a new house, no let’s buy a Silverado instead”.. I’m a year late with this comment. I like the Silverado, they are just so damn expensive here in Sweden.. Around 67-70k(711 thousand Swedish Crowns)

Barack Obama says:

It’s so sexy

HiImHavoc says:

uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh

Jordan Park says:

its nice but unfortunately some wealthy Mexican is gonna buy it, and lower it on oversized gmc rims playing loud ass motherland music at car meeets

Mr Smith says:

I laughed hard when he said you don’t want to wip this thing around on back roads. I personally drive a 34 ton crewcab Silverado 55mph Dow a single lane gravel road on a regular bases

Joe Qasse says:

I had a Chevrolet Cavalier and I hate it, because of that and other bad U.S car that my family had.

The best decision is not to buy an American car again and buy Japanese car who are much better.

J_glez07 says:

Wow this was one of the best truck reviews I ever seen really detailed and informative awesome job sir!!

Tac FG says:

” watsup everybody suabbasgdgshsh fan”

OperativeHD says:

i like u brittany wilson because u choose a good car brand

Joaqine Perez says:

good job thank you for the information

Mark flores says:

“Really nice!”

Ari Cohen says:

3.8 mpg. That’s what I’m talkin’ bout!

mossy creek tennessee says:

Ford trucks are outselling Chevrolet trucks by a whole lot

Saoud Ahmed says:

اقل هم اهل الصناعة ولا حنا يل عربان مانقدر صناعة سيكل

MaxH says:

Best vehicle reviews. Touches on everything without taking 20min

Last Trump says:


Dequavis Hardaway says:

i do love your channe…but i almost stop watching when u said 5.3l…. and its nothing wrong with that engine but in a high country no….. it needs a 6.2l , i was in a z71 with a lift kit omg nice truck and the radio i love… i think it has a sub in the front too

strawpolessuck says:

Still no rear air with that price tag, huh? Meh….

OperativeHD says:

jv fords are worst because its a ford

Esteban Camarena says:

Looks new but look at my old truck on my name, cool huh?

Jeff Horton says:

dream truck right there

storm14k says:

Drive smooth? Don’t carve roads? Don’t need straight line performance? You need to come visit us in Texas lol. We will haul ass in a truck here.

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