Review: 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 (10 Speed)

I review the 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 with the new 10-speed automatic. Huge thanks to Tom Henry Chevrolet! If you’re interested in a Camaro contact Cam at 724-444-5224 or and tell him Subaruwrxfan sent you!
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Redstallion says:

OMG! The ZL1 is soooooo fast! It has 650HP and 650 lbs of torque!

Oh wait, isn’t that the 2013 – 14 Shelby GT 500’s?

Way to go Chevy. It only took you guys a 6.2L Supercharged pushrod to finally catch up.


SofaKingStoked !!! says:

The most superb modern American muscle car produced as of late. Fucking love it!

Aaron Chandra says:

Is the air conditioning in the car good cause i dont like where the they put the air vents by the shifter doesn’t seem like a logical place to put vents

Tristan Dyer says:

I think he should’ve calmed down a little bit before he started filming

Mike Ro says:

Guy looks like beavis

LJ Charles says:


1234zcrom says:

whats the fifty for at the bottom of the steering wheel? I wonder why Camaro doesn’t advertise anniversary dates like Mustang does.

Christopher Brown says:

How much a difference is there between the SS & ZL1? I know there is only so much you can put into words and it’s much better to experience it, but I wanted your opinion.

Derogatory Name says:

“But that’s OK” omfg lmao!!!

darioden says:

9:23 what is that? i want that car 😛

misfire0027 says:

You gotta relax Morty.. ii iit’s just a car Morty.

Luis Serrano says:

with that expression I buy the car jajaja

Dkad'z Gamez says:


liso mendez says:

he wasnt this excited in the hellcat

cglarsen26 says:

So for daily car, is the ZL1 more enjoyable than a 1LE dollar for dollar? Great vids.

bruce2636josie says:

Dude you don’t have to exaggerate your reaction to the car like that, you sound like a retarded person

Jack Holt says:

Please turn off the music during the review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

meen28 says:

Genuine reaction to describe what is experiencing. Great car.

Pedro Gonzalez says:

10:39 for another acceleration! LMAO

john Smolinski says:

Matt if you were to pick between the zl1 and the hellcat for a weekend car, which would you pick?
Love your videos, your expressions are priceless!

Maurice Jones says:

Just love his reviews………………most people who comment on these sites will never drive one of these cars and when they do they will have the same reaction………awesome!!

Wesley Cherry says:

Not ram air, it’s a heat extractor.

Enthused says:

Hey Matt, wondering if you’d agree with Motor Trend’s assessment that the ZL1’s combination of LT4 and Alpha platform chassis feels better/more controlled than the Z06. Does that really only have meaningful effect at or near the limit of cornering on a track? There aren’t many Youtubers who have experienced both. What are your thoughts?

Lorenzo G says:

Did you just ‘cream your jeans’ at 8:00 ? LOL

Braeden Babin says:

Dodge Demon is fast in a straight line, but on a track it’s shit.

MyIRisHFriend C says:

I had the same color one 2016 for a rental for like 2 months. I did not want to return it…

Dan Murphy says:

You can almost see his pupils dilate as he rounds the corner for the acceleration run.

WRAITH! says:

Dont know about you goons, but yeah hard accelerating cars ALWAYS make me blurt out expletives too 🙂

Jeremy Walls says:

I wonder if the ten speed gets better gas mileage?

Stan Williams says:

I’m so gonna have this car one day. But I live in Englandland,and we have to have these hulking great number plates on the front too. It’s gonna wreck the front good looks.

Mark Snyder says:

I swear I just watched this one for the reaction, and of course the exhaust

camirocz says:


William Davidson says:

Great review! So funny on the acceleration parts.

Kuban Kevin says:

Tell him you sent us? So you can get your bird dog money? Nah dude, you got enough money with your e-begging.

Shyam R says:

Toyota prius owner here and I must say this car is fast. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

HaloGTMaster says:

The best video

Nao Chue says:

Can’t tell if it’s an Autobot or a Decepticon.

Car Girl says:

I love you,
I like You video. can you help me?

_htx.jr_ says:

I feel like at 8:00 he just came in his pants

Ralf Oliver says:

dude I drive my ZL1 everyday , be a man ! and take the power

Andrew Fallon says:

sorry…. but 3850lbs???!!! Please GM! Put it on a diet!

nef003 says:

such a girl… blah..

Emilie St-laurent says:

Amazing! love your reviews

552mustang says:

If I could stand sitting in a Camaro for 5 minutes this would be my #1 choice. But it just happening. Its like sitting in a bathtub being submerged and trapped. The worst of the 3 pony cars. This one is statistically perfect with the supercharged motor and 10 speed and reasonable price but I will never buy one.

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