Truck Review: 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 on Everyman Driver

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Auto shopper says:

Which of the big three do you like the best?

Adam21UT says:

Dave, you didn’t talk about fuel consumption …. What is it??

Ivan Vojt says:

Nice truck but that front end is a chrome mess.

DeathNRebirth says:

While i don’t drive a truck, and will likely never actually be in a position where i might buy one, they still appeal to me on a very visceral, masculine level. On that note, feel free to do more truck reviews! Maybe you could look into the new GMC Sierra?

Leandro Braga says:

I wish we had those prices here in Brazil =/

boxysquare says:

Love the reviews man.

Dee Jay says:

Those door steps are an eye soar.

ARSSystems says:

Good truck for every day drive and work.

mictdave1 says:

I think I’ll wait three years to trade in my 06 sierra, I bet I can get a great deal on a 2018 when the 2019 GM aluminum trucks come out.

zero says:

thats gas spilling out of the muffler… why you ask? because its a truck damn it.

GMC Denali 717 says:

460 torque with the 6.2

Z2357111319 says:

Nice looking truck, but not made in America, Mexico specifically, buy a Ford, Dodge, or Toyota, all made in America….

FlipLoLz says:

I’m sure you’re being sarcastic, but for those that don’t know; the reason there is such an odd amount of condensation pouring out of the exhaust, in the video, is more than likely because he’s only running the truck in short durations.

thembp82 says:


Hrothgar says:

Aerodynamic? It’s shaped like a brick. Also, it’s spectacularly ugly.

dudelivestrong says:

That truck is not worth 50G

Donny Ausby says:

It does not have a bump in the middle seat…

midnite1313 says:

Great truck Ford is still my choice.

rodrigoL921 says:

I’m sorry but I think gm messed up their truck I prefer the f150 now

Geordo1960 says:

Good job Dave!

J Thom says:

Nice truck..but darn..they are sooo expensive nowadays.

Matthew Clark says:

So, those vents on the back of the driver and passenger seats, they are not air condition vents for rear seat passengers.  They actually are part of the cooled front seats and blow out hot air when the driver and passenger use that feature.  So if you have people in the back seat in the summer, and you like them, refrain from using the air conditioned seats as it dumps all that hot air directly onto their legs.

Youthful Julian says:

I use to be a huge fan of dodge trucks but now I just got tired of the body and the way it looms in general so I am thinking of buying a chevy instead but I know for a fact I won’t have enough for this one nor have good credit….so I was thinking about a 2008 or 2009 whay do yall think?

alexsatevo25 says:

Good review..

Amy Quam says:

well done I love that truck

Ben Agrimson says:

Does this have the option for 4wd auto?

Jake Rheault says:

13′ RAM*

Young Simba says:

Greta review. The word luxury was used loosely Nothing luxurious about cabin full of plastic parts. Other than that. Ok looking truck

sahiel5 says:

and ther comes new F150 crushing pussy chevys and dodgy dodges

Rik M says:

My dealership just recieved the invoice and tells me that mine will be delivered in 10 to 14 days. Next step is that stage 2 6inch lift kit by Pro Comp.

Everyman Driver says:

@Yousef, Yep, before automotive journalism, I was a TV News Anchor and Reporter (it’s in my bio in the description) – Dave

Paul Wicklund says:

You can get a International Terristar for less money and get more truck.

Brett Clark says:

My parents have a 2014 Silverado not as much stuff as this one in the video but is a alsome truck. A lot different than the 2013 they had. I can fit in the crew cab and be comfortable and I am over 6 foot.

Jeff Horton Reviews says:

beautiful truck i may change my mind bout my ford lol

Eric Ávila says:

Silverado this shedding all the gasoline

Gregory Ferguson says:

Bad ass truck

Yousef Hasan says:

Hey There Dave, Is there by any chance this was you, (/watch?v=D6ZZZKIznUA) I was watching some related videos, and I gasped very quickly wondering if you had been a News Spokes person before. Thanks So much, Keep up the amazing Reviews.

jared melchionno says:

Is the floor in the back seats flat like it is in the Ford F-150 or does it have that bump in the middle where the middle passenger would sit? Thanks… and great review.

EVautoman says:


ugutierrez55 says:

Aero dynamics?! Get the fuck out of here. That’s still a brick.

Jake Rheault says:

Can u do an interior vid on the new double cab. I just leased a 13′ because I wanted that quad cab configuration rather that the extended cabs.

Mario Andres says:

Global warming wrapped in leather… Americans…

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