1973 Ferrari Daytona RETRO DRIVE REVIEW

MotoMan drives the 1973 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 – better known as the Daytona! A life long dream to drive the front engine, V12 Ferrari, MotoMan discusses and demonstrates the 365 GTB4’s history, it’s technical side, driving dynamics and even it’s tool kit! Then, MotoMan slots the Ferrari Daytona next to its contemporary of the day, the Maserati Ghibli, and a later Ferrari to exhibit timeless design by generation . . .

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Louis Mastrangelo says:

Maserati had a racing pedigree, and in reality, was around a long time before Ferarri.

Rd Rg says:

Radio?  In a special car you are absorbed by the thrill of driving and nothing else matters.

Ronbo710 says:

Had a Lamborghini Muira poster. Yes I am *OLD*.

Shane D says:

mine would be blue with the tan interior

3ducs says:

Are you going to get that Ghibli out? Mine would set off car alarms just prowling through a parking lot, if you were standing anywhere near it you could feel the sound waves. It was a Euro-spec 4.7, maybe that had something to do with it. If you do feature it be sure to capture the sound while standing behind it while someone blips the engine.

Michael Burgess says:

Nice history lesson. I think the Suggested Retail Price was 20K when 427 Corvettes were 6-7K.

GoGagets ! says:

I Would have a radio for my favorite songs then at the right moment turn down the radio down shift and stomp on the gas and let her sing the Ferrari 12 cylinder song.but yet another awsome video Motoman.

IceDree says:

Lwad Have Mercy! Would you just look at that! Masterpiece on wheels … And that exhaust! Daymn!
I bet it felt epic to get to drive a Frickin Daytona!!!!
someone needs to put one in a time capsule for future generations to enjoy & remember the era of beautiful designs before Bean Counters had their way & Safety regulations kicked in … And for a safety precaution, we should burn every Toyota made after 2000 & every GM produced made from 1980 to 2005 … Save for the Brougham De’Elegenace (the last Land Yacht)

beats going to the British for electronics any day… Otherwise we wouldn’t still have this beauty with us today 😉

Here’s where I stand on Radios… They are kind of a must for me (alongside ACs, its always extra sunny here) … Don’t get me wrong, that exhaust is marvellous & I wouldn’t mind listening to it all day … But when you are stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic for hours & can’t enjoy it … That’s where the Radios come in handy!

I had a Viper poster on my wall when I was a kid … I still remember the first time I saw one! (a Yellow MkI RT10 with black rims)

btw, was that a lead hammer you were holding?

as always M! Excellent video

armourdaddy805 says:

what is santameria ?

Undergroundracer Stone's garage Stone says:

I love the Daytona, and the sound of that V12, epic!! No radio needed with that amazing sound. I would drive this Ferrari every day!

Dan Buker says:

I only recently started watching your channel. I think you deliver and present it amazingly well but I really want to hear engines sing across the entire range. Is it a bit to much to ask showing the last half of the rev range and clear up to the limit and a focused upshift back on the power for another gear?

Michelangelo Buonarroti says:

308 GTsi red… very magnum pi


As a Ferrari owner, I believe there’s no need for a radio…for the engine “is” the music.

Anthony Davis says:

Another great vid! Yes radio, blaupunkt berlin on the stalk stalk.
Would have been nice to hear the comparison of the Ghibli(SS)
and the Daytona? Thanks MotoMan, please keep’em coming.

james garrity says:

First let me just say having a radio is essential,take the right song and add it to the music from that beautiful V12 and you have one great road trip sound track. Now,for me this is the ultimate Ferrari,but in a Spider not a coupe. Rossi Corsa red with black leather. And the 5 point Cromodora mags,not the Boranis wire wheels,t least not for this car. I fell in love with this car after seeing Kris Kristoffison drive one in A Star Is Born. Red over black as it should be,and later in The Gum Ball Rally,but not with that tan interior. To me,this is the ultimate classic ,as it should be proper road going Ferrari,the 365 GTS/4 ” Daytona”. btw,the Daytona in A Star is Born,not only had a radio,it had an 8 track 🙂

DtRockstar1 says:

Really great review. There just aren’t enough videos of the Daytona. As far as the radio, I would like one if I drove it long distances. Plus, I’m not really big on saving every pound of weight possible, so I don’t mind the extra weight of the radio.

Rod Reichardt says:

I’d want a radio. This was my dream car about the time I started driving. Partly because of Brock Yates book “Sunday Driver” which ended with he and Dan Gurney winning the first Cannonball in a blue Daytona. Of course my dream car was (and is) red. I never had a poster of this one. I had motorcycle posters and a Z-28 Camaro and an orange 1971 Corvette. I owned a Z-28 but never had the orange Corvette. I’ve had a red Ducati Superbike, which may be the closest I’ll ever come to the Daytona.

Pie Arce says:

I had a poster of a gold colored Lamborghini Countach. I told myself that one day I would own one…and today, I still don’t.

heymisterderp says:

lol very entertaining review. 😉
Super nice car, totally outclassed pretty much everything in its day.  With a corresponding price tag too, though.

PaulPotsdam says:

We drove (the last 365 GTB4 Daytona ever built) from Hamburg to Frankfurt and back in ’83, often at top speed – average of 200km/h. We didn’t use the radio – we had to concentrate. So if you drive this car as intended, you don’t need a radio… 
Back then the german Autobahn was – compared to today – empty. We had a great time.

mcgaurya000 says:

Drive that Ferrari 308!

Adam Reed says:

I think every car needs a radio, because the sound would get kind of (dare I say it) annoying after a while.

Il Valentino says:

I had a 3.0 CSL racecar, Ferrari 512 Testarossa and a Porsche 911 Carrera RS. I’m a mid-late ’90s through the early 2000s kid too, always had a thing for classics,… well, I had a Zonda C12 poster as well, but that’s beside the point.

Shane D says:

wouldn’t take any car over that Daytona

3ducs says:

Back in the day there was a somewhat rusty Daytona parked on the street in my neighborhood, I never did talk to the owner. I did end up with a Ghibli for a few years, Sn AM115-870. Beautiful truck, great sounds, like a lion walking through your campsite on a dark African night.

eric heine says:

The 365 feels and smells like a Ferrari. When you close the door it clicks like a little jewelry box. The 308 is a plastic piece of shit. The 308 is a housewives Ferrari. The entry level Tom Selleck, Star Wars Ferrari. The head room in the 365 is good or bad depending on how tall you are. The 308 has a tiny little Sewing Machine belt to drive the water pump. The engine is transversely mounted in the back. This speedometer is fly-by-wire with the magnetic sensor.
The 365 is the 4.4 liter V12 with the motor out front where it belongs. If you’re going to fly off the road wouldn’t you really rather have the motor out front. The 365 crosses up and uncrosses better than the 308. Oh you need the arms to steer the 365. You can always put the power assist on it.

Carl Fuggiasco says:

The 1973 Ferrari Daytona Spider was the model that A.J. Foyt and Jimmy Sebring won the first cross country Gumball Ralley…and that is one of the many reasons I just love love that car!

Heylookits Gomez says:

if you have a car like that i don’t think one would do that many 5 hour road trips haha

David Newman says:

So how heavy was the steering in that Daytona? Some say it is horrible and others say it isn’t too bad once you get moving. Opinion? Comparisons?

Jonathan Peden says:

Check out the Rover SD1 on Google images…totally inspired by the Daytona.

sexyitalian891 says:

Where is the emerald green S65 coupe!!!! You are also insanely lucky to get to drive that car. Wow.

Targa Florio says:

Wow! Now that’s what I call a VERY special MotoMan episode. IMO, the Maserati badge is right up there with Ferrari. In a lot of ways, even more exotic & has genuine racing pedigree, but less well known. Yes, I would want a radio, regardless of the epic engine note. Especially on long distance cruises. Thanks for the vicarious trip MotoMan. Just wonderful.

Mr. 2cents. says:

Nice shifting sound this car makes.
Like this video. Click.

GMdrivingMOPARguy says:

Radio? not important. I my Camaro doesn’t have one and it’s 50/50 if I use the one in my Cadillac

Big Al's House Vlogs says:

I would want a radio in this car because Italian classical music would add to the awesome factor.

earthdog1961 says:

Well. . . Yeah! It is a Ferrari . . . I had to settle for a beefed-up Nissan 350. Zero to 195 mph never sounded so good 🙂 And I didn’t have to spring an extra dime for the “cup holders” or radio. Zoom goes the Nissan !!!

andyhoov says:

A radio is a must. Yes, the sound of that V12 is fabulous, but if I owned that car I know there would come a point were I would want nothing more than to drive around at 2 in the morning while blasting Deep Purple’s Highway Star.

Kalsonic says:

My father’s Datsun 280ZX got mistaken as a Ferrari Daytona plenty of times. Design language of the past (pre-90s) are just beautiful to me.

It’s like the E-type Jag: 50% of the length is claimed by the engine bonnet. The rear 50% is where Jag stuffs in the driver compartment and the trunk.

Bernie Hoffman says:

I own mine 40 years and have never turned on the radio. Nothing sounds better than my V12 Daytona

kiddycat17 says:

Well MotoManTV, if I’m the owner of this beauty, I’ll make sure to have a radio! Why? Because I need a little music to dance to after hours of driving with my lady near the ocean in the moonlight!

Joeys Cleaning Lady says:

becker radio was an option vertically placed in the center console.

Jim Big says:

At 8:05 “have your best girl with you”… Yeah I suppose you would have multiple girls if you had this car.

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