2011 Ferrari Four (FF) Sound : Revs, Accelerations, Downshifts and Tech Data.

This is the all new 2011 Ferrari FF, a 4WD replacement for the old 612 Scaglietti. It has a 6.2L V12 that makes 660HP ! It has 4 seats and a 4RD system that’s the same as a 4WD but lighter… I’m not very sure about the styling, what do you think about it ? This is the final design for the car. The few sounds you can listen to are accelerations, launch control, burnout and wheelspin, upshifts (it has a double clutch gear box now) and downshifts !
Enjoy that !


anotherone10 says:

Ferrari FF = BMW Z3 M Coupe ?

JayRicci7891 says:

@wilson3a10 The FF is the ugliest Ferrari ever?? What about the 612 scaglietti or the 400?? Anyway, I doubt the customers will take a blind bit of notice – this car will walk out the showrooms.

MyNameIsAlexander says:

@morjej4488 458, close though

Clover leafIV says:


This has a v12, like every 4 seater ferrari since 1950

ionellovidell says:

@bronze5420 i agree with u

WhatTheFproductions says:

@patatasete Yeah, good point 😀

ajmchief says:

That is a fantastic sound! It does look pretty poor with that boot, but it looks great up front.

xxcatchmyshadowxx says:

@soulreaver608, pmsl, Porsche is and will be the benchmark.
No street legal ferrari is even close to the GT2-RS Nürburgring time and the new Panamera TT even beats supercars like the lambo Balboni and Mercedes SLS on the track.
as u can see here: youtube.com/watch?v=se8RNPtQEvU
but i am sure ferrari will send some tuned press FF cars to the reviews to not get their asses spanked that much.

Meet the Ferrari FF, the squint-eyed hunchback Fo(u)r Fools

Michael20VT says:

Looks like a Viper not like a Ferrari ….

canabeenzo says:

i use to love the scaglietti, not any more

jam63112 says:

nice slideshow with good sound,
thank you for the work

samc821 says:

458 Italia front grafted onto Z3 M coupe arse end,doesnt quite match up,distinctive though.Judging by Ferraris current form though this car could be an absolute monster

canabeenzo says:

@patatasete are you a genius?

CALEB5617 says:

A lot of people think that this car is ugly, but it is most definitely one of the best hatchbacks I have ever laid eyes on. Compare it to the 612 Scaglietti and it is utterly beautiful.

Eliana Clemente says:

Well there goes the ferrari design team!

scrfce123 says:

@soulreaver608 You do know that the 612 Scaglietti was a 4 seater, right? The FF isn’t Ferrari’s first by a long shot… Before the 612, there was the 456 GT which was produced right up to 2003.

Either way, the Panamera isn’t a shooting brake or a 2+2. It is more like a dedicated 4 seater – wagon. If any particular moron wants to buy a Ferrari solely to go to furniture shopping at their local IKEA, then the FF is perfect. It is a stupid car which makes absolutely no sense.

salvas1234 says:

this is not a ferrari, 4wd, caravan and style, please tell me this is a nightmare

blueoltremare73 says:

current models need a superior style.
It is a sport car, but I can’t distinguish it
between lambo, mercedes, and others.
Ferrari should be at the top of performances
and esthetics too.I think FF doesn’t.

António F. Maia says:


Robbie Calloway says:

man this thing looks like a old 300z , a DB9 or a rapide , a porsche panasonic and a old corvette

Clover leafIV says:

Please, if you DON’T KNOW what a SHOOTING BREAK is, shut up and do not say bullshit about BMW Z3s or 370zs.

Aztech355 says:

Not big on the design.

Mauricio Roa says:

Nice front,but the view and rear side….looks like a BMW Z4(E89),THIS DESING NEED MORE ORIGINAL FERRARI TRADITION!!!!!

MyNameIsAlexander says:

So…..When does Postman Pat get his car

Satya Inactive Profile says:

this creamy sound of ff engine reminds me of an enzo 😀

LOGIC42369 says:

@wilson3a10 ehh, but for ferarris basically first attempt at a 4 wheel drive hatchback, it aint bad. def. looks like a hatchback 458 italia. which is beautiful. and wow its gonna be fast a baaalllls

Sweet 'Nlow says:

Me gustaba mas el 621 scaglietta, el FF es feisimo

Lanti t says:

Message de mr FERRARI, lui même, jolie son, mais attendez la prochaine FERRARI …. BRAVO

Jason Landry says:

really wish pininfarina would step it up.. the 458 is amazing.. but u cant leave it at that :/

Maverick Hunter Daniel says:

I wish i could drive now

Giuseppe Dettori says:


scrfce123 says:

@morjej4488 Even though I also dislike the 458, I am sad to say that this abomination would easily beat it. This thing will be in the ballpark of the 911 GT2 … Maybe even quicker.


Yes, as everyone says, ugliest ferrari ever! This is even worse than the 512M… And @soulreaver608 Hell no, the panamera looks WAY better than this thing..

rabotnickif says:

why the fuck would you give this shit 660hp when the 458 italia has only 540, bullshit

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