2015 Ferrari California T PREVIEW

MotoMan highlights the changes of the 552 HP, twin turbo 2015 Ferrari California T as a sneak peek before the release of FIRST DRIVE review & living with Apple CarPlay in a Ferrari – separate – full episodes . . .

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Daniel Groulx says:

I know the F40 had a turbo or two. My Fiero has one. And it goes like stink.

Mihai Vlad says:

If it isn’t red it’s not 100% a Ferrari!!!

MrCarGuy20 says:

I saw a black California T back in February on the road with actual plates. Of course, I live right next to the Ferrari dealership.

shopwithaaron says:

Like your work…Rear half rather clumsy and reminds me of the recently departed Lexus IS drop top…

rpmpowerm says:

1987-1992 Ferrari F40 and 1984-1987 Ferrari 288 GTO. For sure!

Hellfax says:

I’m not a huge fan of the rear end. May be it looks better in person…

djweetos says:

Last turbo Ferrari’s before California T are F40 and 288 GTO.

armourdaddy805 says:

its ur first .got it.get over it

JCASTRO performance FITNESS Peruvian says:

What’s up.

I’m going to California on nay 6th. To San Jose. Then drive to Fresno for a wedding.

There a nice places to visit in Fresno or San Jose. Car place. Or food. Thanks

flyingcow 32 says:

Suggestion: you should do a review on a 2015 Range Rover Autobiography LWB
, love your videos!

andyhoov says:

I’m usually indifferent to blue on cars, but I have to agree that particular shade is gorgeous. I also love the engine bay, it’s so beautifully symmetrical.

As for turbocharged Ferraris, I knew the F40 was turbo charged, but wasn’t sure on the other. Initially I was thinking the 488 but cheated and saw that was pretty much revealed alongside the California T. Thus, I did some cheating and found the other turbo Ferrari was the 288 GTO. That got me thinking, is the 488 named in honor of the 288?

IceDree says:

that’s right, I almost forgot … The first Twin-Turbo Ferrari was the magnificent F40 (from 87 to 91 I think) … The second is the California T I believe.

youngprankster94 says:

SL65 AMG is better

Csab says:

Love the show keep it coming!

opandroid market says:

looks awesome

Greg Wallis says:

OK, love the vids, love your presentation, but… …don’t wish to criticise BUT I just HATE that jangly bass musak. Please, PLEASE either use something else, or, preferably, nothing at all – you don’t need it, you’re good enough on your own.

Caleb Ring says:

Gto and F40

Thearrith Dong says:

This channel is so underrated! Your vids rock!

Daniel Alexander says:

Excited for the next videos!

Targa Florio says:

Fantastic achievement and well deserved re: the Ferrari. IMO, This Channel and its presenter knows its cars and presents the material in an entertaining and informative way. Would love to see more Italian exotica from MotoMan. Maybe even another special episode with Bob Boniface. Loved that Alfa Romeo episode.

alvaro maureira says:

the first one was the 288 gto and the second one was the f40

achuck4321 says:

I hope you get more cars from Ferrari and other highend manufacturers. You always capture the other side of the story that no other journalist does. 0-60 blah blah. I love to hear the stories and inspirations behind creations on which you always deliver. Congrats on gaining more attention from manufacturers!

Sam Elkhoury says:

ferrari f40 could be one of the 2

IceDree says:

Blue isn’t my color but wow! And the fact its not red is a big bonus! Need different rims though.

it is a big milestone, Ferrari doesn’t just hand over Review cars (or at least without some serious restrictions) !
No No No No No, Thank You for making an excellent show & being a great friend!

I’m looking forward to your CarPlay video (been thinking about it lately)

that exhaust note is very addictive ain’t it? Everytime I go out, I pass by the local Ferrari dealer hoping to hear one (the fact is the dealer is 5 minutes out helps a lot)
is it Active? Or roars 24/7? (nothing is wrong with that)

on a side note, the T’s updated side profile reminds me of the BMW-Zagato roadster concept from a couple of years ago.

as always, excellent video!

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