2015 Ferrari California T (TWIN TURBO) FIRST DRIVE REVIEW

MotoMan drives the 2015 Ferrari California T – the first Ferrari fitted with a turbo charger from the factory in over 20 years. Yes, he covers the technical bits, output & performance figures as well as its driving dynamics but MotoMan breaks down the importance of the 552 HP twin turbo V8 engine to Ferrari, it’s strategy and it future . . .

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Abe Froman says:

Great color. If one can afford a Ferrari, go with something unique. It just takes confidence instead of worrying about depreciate. Red is the Beige of modern Ferraris to these eyes. I’d go with Rosso Dino. Google it!

xxxxxGhostBoyxxxxx says:

if i’m going to buy a car I want this guy to be my salesman!

Harry George says:

I love the farrari California t way better than the Aston marton

Storm Holloway says:

Killer review.

mybugatti100 says:

awesome job, man!

Robert Holic says:

looks great

moustache1406 says:

Hey MotoMan – coming from Europe, just let me know where exactly this road is where you’re driving; I identified somehow Tuna Canyon Rd or Topanga Canyon Rd – can you confirm or let me know where this is? Also did you reserve this road for your video shooting?

rasvial says:

this is a rich person toy. Not as an insult to rich people, but the amount their ass is kissed matters more to them then driving. Aka a soft mushy ferrari, with pretty looks, pretty sounds, and pretty much a tightened up bmw/merc on the inside. I get it.. there’s a reason rich people buy way more of these than the equiv. Aston. Astons are kid cars that cost rich people money.. they’re far too sporty in suspension and have more snap in the engine (as in harder to drive since they don’t torque limit low gears, etc)- they’re everything a kid would want in a car

Francisco Espírito-Santo says:

Excellent review! Thank you for your clearly understandable explanations and comments!

Shanney HD says:

Is the Ferrari California T comfortable to drive as I everyday car ?

SuperJameslittle says:

is it just me or does the music make you feel like Seinfield is selling you a car?

moustache1406 says:

Or is it the Corral Canyon Rd, where it enters into Baller Mtwy????

Klay Moon says:

Can you review F12 please? !

longhanfei says:

awesome one of kind review as always

jerry henderson says:

in Canada we pay to much for every thing , i don’t know about new car taxes because i only buy used cars . we do pay more for things like four wheel drive , passenger , gvw , pickups pay more then cars for insurance .for the cars you named i would prefer the Ferrari , but older Porsche is my favorite for cars , older jeeps for every thing else .

pipemaze1 says:

awesome car

Adam Seif says:

I would go for the v12 because in a few years time they will no longer exist and I live in ksa a were has is literally cheaper than water and there are no taxes at all!!

Pietervdv says:

Great review, heard a few things I haven’t heard before in other reviews, so thumbs up for that. Having said that, I am very impressed with the technology of the car, but still find it hard to love the car because of its looks. I don’t dislike it, but there are quite a few cars around that look way better and, when you’re shopping in this category, that matters most. I’d go for an Aston DB9 myself, probably. Maybe even consider a top of the range Jag F-type.

aareth1 says:

Seriously thinking about ordering a CALI T and this was a great presentation, thank you from the UK

Anthony post says:

How do you not expect to like a Ferrari that much

Rd Rg says:

Aston anytime.  Tax does not really matter at this car price level.  More a manufacturer’s problem than an owner’s problem.

Min Kwak says:

So in order to review this car, they have to dress nicely..?

The Hoopty Mini says:

Would really love this car if it were a manual

Quinn Diamond says:

did he just compare that twin turbo ferrari to a v tec????

Youssef El-etrby says:

This the best car from ferrari the most car i love but of course i live in egypt and it’s 5 million pounds I can’t buy it but if i have money to get it i will buy this one of course

Jacob Frey says:

Thoughtful. Insightful. Well done, MotoDude.

annie16661 says:

I am taking delivery of this car at the end of the week and mine stickers out at about $250k including $14k in sales tax. Seems like a bargain to me. Live in USA.

Kim Laczek says:

I would always choose a Ferrari, whether there is turbo or not!
I live in Denmark, the government hates cars! There are 105% tax up to about 12,000 usd and the amount is 180% charge. OMG !!!

This Ferrari California T costs in Denmark about 600,000 usd!

TheSantiayo says:

In my country, Colombia, we pai taxes for everything, at the end of the year, you end up paying close to the 10% of the value of your care, however, in terms of assurance, it depends on the engine, the last time i heard about a california in my country it was bought somewhere around 500k dollars. big moeny for a california… the i8 is arround 300k dollars. I’d rather have a continental v8s cabriolet in terms of a big gt cruiser.

BlankNinjaFrog says:

CCM brakes are standard on all Ferrari cars.

Kevin Lam says:

Is that a camera at the top of the front grill? Standard from Ferrari or was it fitted by you guys?

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