2015 Ferrari LaFerrari Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Review

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Hello and welcome to Saabkyle04! YouTube’s largest collection of automotive variety. In today’s video, we’ll take an in depth look at the Ferrari LaFerrari!


Color/Initial start up sequence: 1:02
Steering/transmission details: 2:16
Exterior walk around/styling/discussion/background, etc: 5:48
Wheels/tires/brakes/suspension: 11:17
Engine/performance/fuel economy/dimensions: 14:53
Interior quality/design/comfort: 21:21
Sound clips (cold start/warm start/multiple perspective revs): 25:08
Interior tech and features (incl. reconfigurable instrument display): 27:30
Cargo space/front compartment: 31:09
Brief interview with the owner: 32:26

***A big thanks to Foreign Cars Italia Greensboro for helping make this video possible. For more information regarding their contact info and current inventory, feel free to check out their website provided below!

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During this presentation, we will take a 1st person look at what the vehicle is all about beginning with the start up, performance data, fuel economy, the occasional track data, and build quality. Also, I will teach you how to use most of the interior and exterior features in a detailed fashion, that before, you could only get from going to a dealership yourself! Throughout the video, I will highlight key styling and unique differences about the vehicle, any available options, and of course it would not be an enthusiast car video without the good ole engine portion with rev and exhaust note with interior and exterior perspectives. A thorough tour/review of this car designed to give others a greater overall appreciation of the vehicle.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE CHANNEL SEE BELOW: In this channel you will find in depth educational videos of automobiles from all over the world, presented in a more detailed fashion than ever before. Basically, this gives the viewer the chance to view the most detailed 1st person look you can get without going to an actual dealer yourself! Every video is consistent in the way I present so viewers know what to expect in my presentations. I treat every vehicle with the same respect whether a 1960 Chevrolet Impala SS or the 2012 Lamborghini Aventador. I film all types of vehicles from past, present, and future while broadening the knowledge of the automotive enthusiast. You will see everything from vintage, brand new, exotic, mainstream, old, etc. I am very proud of this channel and have built it up from amateur videos years ago to what you see today. I wanted to share my love for the automotive world with the rest of the world. Be sure to explore the massive video variety, have fun and enjoy The Driver’s Seat of YouTube!


Top Takes says:

Dont know if i should buy this or the 2017 or Honda civix

Neumonic Videos says:

i cant believe i actually watch 38 minutes of a car that i couldnt even afford

Kai Johansen says:

Perfect video!

Lee Hasselman says:

THis is a great narrative for a WORLD CLASS CAR!. But WTH do you dress like Walmart?.. PUT ON a TIE  brother?.. Judas Priest

Ahmad Rashed says:

lampergine first 1

Trevor Dane says:

how much is it in us dollars?

LightYagami100000 says:

Not impressed. Inside is ugly.

Enderman Gamerz says:

does that startup sound like the laferarri in driving school simulator?

Cade Del Rey says:

Should I purchase this or Hyundai Accent?

jamrockingston says:

That start up gave me a boner

AXE Paradise says:

Ayee I live In greensboro

awsome leo says:

I bought that car and I raced my friend he had a lamborghini and I smoked him

rcrazy stone says:

lol when you rev it quick it sounds like some one blowing across some paper… when you drive it , sounds like porn for ears…

Magicsiren 5587 says:

When are going to show a Kia

Peter Sampson says:

it’s beyond AWESOME KYLE

Hilton Camons says:

Yeh, this is nice, but Kyle, please do another update on your grandpas Ford Crown Vic. That car is awesome!

Alessandro Filippi says:

Heh he did not get to drive it tho… kind of blueballs right there.

OJ Whittle says:

Did he say $35k to replace a door ?

Aleksandar Loncarevic says:

current best youtuber

Jules Goossens says:

politician Does anybody identify one’s better this casj? %lawl

ChaoticCarReviews says:

A door is 35,000 Fucking Dollars?!? Jesus my grandmothers brand new Accord doesn’t even cost that much

Shar Reh says:

everything about the car is ugly.

Mohammed Ezzedin says:

Please do a review about mercedes g 65

Noah Taroli says:


Mark David says:

Can’t believe it has an actual key

Alexei Yukov says:

Money over everything…. I swear

Unbeatable Kaioken says:

Nice video, but how do you get hold of these cars bro?

Rouge63 Destroyer says:

There “”IS”” a Real key? Yo what the fuck this is my dream car

The Dex Channel says:

koenigsegg one:1

Her Culiz14 says:

Ugly interior and exterior. Only good thing bout this shit is the engine.

Orcjura says:

No use of that 800hp 6.3 liter engine if people are just gonna buy it and store it in their garage with other 80 supercars they never drive

Reuben SmithY says:

Lol that’s fake h ha ha

rzarectot7 says:

In 20 years this car will be worth 5-8 million.

Filipe Martins says:

Whats the song at 28:15?

Daviidd Bx says:

can you do a review on the Toyota 86 Gt

Jason W says:

Great, thorough review. Is there any chance in you doing a review of the McLaren F1

Rouge63 Destroyer says:

By the way the interior is so complex

Kevin Perez says:

this aint worth 1 million and more, yes it has 950hp but its top speed in mph is 218, a aventador has 700hp and its top speed in mph is 217, a 700hp supercar is 1mph slower than a 950hp hypercar

Yad .A says:

the only thing that i dont like about the car is the mirrors they look ugly it ruins the car but its still my dream car

samlee27 says:

Million dollar car that does not have push button start found on a 20000 focus…

LividLeon says:

The audio during the interview is really soft know this is an old video but still. I can’t hear what the gentleman (the owner) is saying without a headset.

Mr fas says:

30 SECS into adds get the fuck you greedy idiot! smh

Oscar Yeezy says:

Theirs a replica of this car for 20k just way lower specs

georgie peorgie says:

Could have a nice car for the price of a new door……..

Rory McCarthy says:

I got to see the last produced la Ferrari it says on the steering wheel last produced and it is yellow but the most amazing part is out of any place in the world it could be it is in Kentucky

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