2017 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta: Road Test & In Depth Review

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Today, we’ll be taking an in depth look at the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta!


Start up: 0:45
Walkaround/general overview/styling: 1:32
Wheels/chassis details/steering/drive modes: 5:08
Powertrain/performance/transmission/fuel economy: 8:00
Interior/features overview/options: 11:48
Sound clips: 14:57
Trunk space: 17:30

A HUGE thanks to my friend Brock (HowToCarGuy) for helping me set this shoot up and of course Raymond for allowing me to take out this incredible machine. If you’d like to check out Brock’s channel, be sure to click this link! https://www.youtube.com/user/howtocarguy

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bizzwoofer says:

Who else was like “shut up and just keep driving”? Lol


how can someone even think about making a black ferrari interior? i just think the cuoio colour is perfect!

Jonas says:

They copied the C7

Graydon Wood says:

This guys voice is so annoying

Philosophy Garden says:

They’re called magnetoRheological (mag-neeto-ree-ological) not magna-tor-ological…

Lamborghini Lee says:

Great video

Brian Lee says:

BTW I’m surprised to hear that Foreign Cars Italia* *ITALIA, not Germany, UK, USA or Japan, but Italy and no Italian owned American brands like FCA.* didn’t offer this car to you

Tja Crypto says:

That’s a beautiful machine I’d love one for sure 🙂

Discreet Pleasure says:

If there is art,this is art.

Anze G says:

How do you put it in park?

Milenko Boljevic says:

Just another masterpiece from Ferrari.

Bass Florida says:

Just wondering but what does Raymond do for a living? Looks to be 16.

Buddha BlazerSS says:

I hate Ferraris GT cars. They’re so blah

Drezzyflowers says:

Lol this Raymond house and cars

Miguel Rodriguez says:

I rather own a corvette

Oba Kodjo says:

I will trade my girlfriend for this.

Charlotte Holmes says:

Hey guys .. training Anyone see worse this casf ? .2

Francisco Viper Díaz says:

Holy sound !!!! O.O

CravenRobloxPro 2000 says:

I’ve seen a Ferrari but I don’t think it was an f12 Berlinetta

Omar Ahmetović says:

review the mclaren 720s



T. Buitano says:

I have a dog

ratfink1953 says:

The owner sitting in the passenger seat is freaking out, about to pee his pants!

ArEsZuEs says:

So should I buy a house or buy a Ferrari? Can I live in the Ferrari?

Deif Lopez says:

N/A V12 nuff said

Joseph Parraz says:

The best sounding Ferrari ever!

Andrew D says:

Why does he have all those stickers on a Ferrari

Declan O'Cuidighthigh says:

Bet “Raymond” bought it on “Chinese Credit”

Ronnie Ellis says:


Oba Kodjo says:

Dream car.

CloroxBleach says:

The beeping chime slowed down

I push fat kids says:

Im tired of seeing either a ugly nerd, a fat dude or an old man driving supercars.

ron simpson says:

Sure have to be careful with speed bumps

Fusion says:

This is my dream car

neil matthew palapala says:

My Favourite Ferrari

Unactive says:

Swear he’s already done the F12

JerseyPrepper says:

its 2017 and Ferrari is still using a key whats up with that

RippyTheRazer says:

“you have all the bare necessities” (pictures pit-speed adjustment dial)

mohannad mohammed says:

200 k and a fucking JBL audio system fuckkkkkkkk meeeeeeeee 🙂

The David says:

The 812 Superfast is kinda “uglier” cause they had to somehow find a way to manage 800hp without the help of any external spoiler. Which is amazing imo, there isnt anything similar to that by any other brand.

begalthegreat says:

I’m sorry but Ferrari didn’t win me with this.

no 1 says:

Revving the car like that ? Cmon

Lord Apophis says:

Doesn’t Ferrari have any other colors in it’s inventory? Just seems like everyone who can afford this car, just gets red,SMH.

Kostas Sterling says:

I legitimately shed a tear from hearing this. Most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.

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