2018 BMW M5, Volkswagen T-Roc, Lamborghini Huracan Safari, Ferrari Portofino: Weekly News Roundup

It’s been a couple weeks since we’ve done one of these, but we’re back! This week, the 2018 BMW M5 debuts, the Volkswagen T-Roc is here, the new Ferrari Portofino debuted to replace the Ferrari California T, and rumors of an off-road ready Lamborghini Huracan Safari have surfaced.


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Kevin Alan says:

The Ferrari California was first conceived as a model for Maserati but it was deemed too costly so it was handed to Ferrari. No matter how much Ferrari-esque design weight they throw at it it just continues to put off awkward vibes. The Portofino doesn’t look better in my opinion. The first gen was the best looking even though it put off Maserati vibes.

Evan Osborn says:

Actual first?

Mike says:

Monotone as fuck. I’d rather watch this on mute

gadgetsgalore says:

Odd. My VW rep said we are getting the T-ROC although the name will probably change. Makes sense for we don’t currently have a sub-combact crossover in our lineup. We are also getting a large two row to slot between the new Tiguan and Atlas.

Rekt communist says:

nah I’d pick M550i, it has everything you could ask for.

Senduran Pack says:

If Emily Watson dressed as “Tom Boy” she’ll look like Sam McEachern

Smiiithe 888 says:

That Portofino is the prettiest car

W.D GASTER says:

This guy looks like he is a zombie

hortn123 says:

this guy looks and sounds like a corpse

young flako says:

This guy makes it feel soooo boring monotone as hell


same shit since 2010

BrawlFreak786 says:

This guy is such a bore. Gives us someone more enthusiastic.

Miguel Ircontar says:

He seems very nice but please cut the hair you look like the Chucky doll son grown up.

Adil Khan says:

Amazing bmw

05Forenza says:

I know others have said it before, but really…it’s “hun-DAY” not hun-DIE. I think we determined this somewhere around 2007.

Luke L. says:

*monthly news roundup

Tal -ha says:

Insert: *personality*

T4B says:

M5, Lamborghini, Ferrari – presented in our most boring voice option.

Acc0rd79 says:

Sadly I don’t think this guy will last more than a few episodes, just too dull:(

Andrew S says:

M5 starts at $140k?! Holy camoly!!

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