ALL NEW 2018 FERRARI PORTOFINO (V8 600 HP) PREVIEW l California T Successor l Slideshow & Tech Spec

The Ferrari Portofino is the new Ferrari V8 GT .Ferrari has chosen a particularly evocative moniker for this versatile drop-top car, referencing one of Italy’s most beautiful towns. Portofino is renowned for its charming tourist port and, over the years, has become internationally synonymous with elegance, sportiness and understated luxury. The launch colour of the new Ferrari has also been dedicated to this marvellous town: Rosso Portofino. apable of unleashing a massive 600 cv and sprinting from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds, the Ferrari Portofino is the most powerful convertible to combine the advantages of a retractable hard top, a roomy boot and generous cockpit space plus two rear seats suitable for short trips.
The Ferrari Portofino’s all-new chassis features a significant weight saving over the California T it replaces. Thanks to the extensive use of modern production technologies, all the chassis and body-in-white components have been redesigned with a consequent reduction in weight despite an increase in torsional rigidity.

The renowned Ferrari V8 turbo, part of the engine family that was nominated International Engine of the Year in both 2016 and 2017, now punches out 40 cv more than the California T’s power unit thanks to the adoption of new components and specific calibration of the engine management software. The characteristic Ferrari V8 soundtrack has also been further enhanced and can be fully appreciated, particularly in top-down driving.
All aspects of the 8-cylinder’s efficiency have been honed with the adoption of new pistons and con-rods, and a new intake system design. The geometries throughout the exhaust system have also been revolutionised. The new one-piece-cast exhaust header reduces losses, an important factor in ensuring Ferrari’s characteristic throttle response with zero turbo lag. These improvements, combined with the Variable Boost Management which adjusts torque delivery to suit the gear selected, enable the Ferrari Portofino to offer even higher levels of acceleration in all gears and lower fuel consumption compared to the outgoing model.

Technical Specification Summary
Type V8 – 90°
Overall displacement 3855 cm3
Maximum power output * 441 kW (600 cv) at 7500 rpm
Maximum torque * 760 Nm from 3000 to 5250 rpm
Weight and Dimensions 
Length 4586 mm
Width 1938 mm
Height 1318 mm
Weight distribution 46-54% front/rear
Maximum speed over 320 km/h
0-100 km/h 3.5 sec
Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions**
Fuel consumption 10.5 l/100 km
Emissions 245g CO2/km
* In 7th gear
** Combined cycle. Under homologation. ECE+EUDC with standard HELE system.


Ozzy Maverick says:

Not very impressed with the pics. Let’s see what it looks like in real life??

6B8RX says:

I hope that those 7 thumbs-downs were about the video and not the car.

Alessandro De Rinaldis says:

i think it will be sold a lot


i’ll never get wgy people put here powerpoint presentation…

ProjectGenesis says:

Honestly, Ferrari’s design is getting worse day by day after Pininfarina left.

Lenox Fleuret says:

My family runs a car business, and we pre-ordered 2 last week. Can’t wait~~~

안재현 says:

하이패스 없나요?

Dev Aliance says:

At least you can enjoy the potencial of 600 horses …you can still have cheaper 600hp in a BMW 6M , the problema is you can’t enjoy that power the same way

billie dharmajaya says:

this car have a good style and design and I like it

RaZeRbLaDeZ says:

Looks like an F-Type ripoff

김정수 says:

Its got a wicked smile on the front…a detuned 488 power with a hardtop roof..not bad…

celilexus says:

Much more beautiful and sexy than the California T

Tagu San says:

I smell California depreciation.

Snakebloke says:

Not blowing me away, unfortunately, but it’s still quite nice.

I think Ferrari’s are too complicated now. Look at the F355 and the F40. They were just simple, and elegant. This looks like a Transformer and an architect had a child….who was then hired as a car designer by Ferrari.

They’re all looking a bit samey. McLaren is the most exciting company for supercars now, and Ferrari is losing it…they need to get shot of Chrysler. The American laziness is rubbing off.

Rickee Lai says:

most ppl ask are 812 and gt4c looking good or bad ?!

but no doubt this one is a fxxking beauty ! ferrari should look like this !

i hope 488 replacement will be more beautiful and aggressive.

transformers majapahit says:

a litle look like camaro in the head

Alex Varela says:

The front looks like an evil smile, once you see it, it can’t be unseen.

Manekandan Shantha Kumar says:

Y V8 not V12

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