Belgian Grand Prix Preview – Scuderia Ferrari 2017

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Smartphone Games says:

can wait for this awesome race and also on so beautiful track

Ced Ced says:

What’s the point showing this?

Dominik 95 PL™ says:

Kimi’s track – maybe win, finally?

Simon Speckmaier says:

Well done, right way

gamer boy says:

Forza Ferrari



iTzCrafterPvP says:

#ForzaFerrari #ForzaSeb and #ForzaKimi

Yash Gandhi says:

Love the music!

Mattia Cristiano says:

Come on guysssss!!!!!#ForzaFerrari

f1racer09 PRL says:

Forza Ferrari

StigH says:

Yesterday i went to the ferrari museum in maranello, and the simulator was a cool experience ,
i loved it
Forza Ferrari!

José says:

Mr. Nikolas Tombazis;

Important !! Proposed Initiatives Interesting Materials Testing and Aerodynamics for Scuderia F1.!!
Some time ago I developed some ideas and sketches in my mind, some of which have to do with the brakes, as for Design and Material Types !! You. Study it and consult your service provider, assuming it eg. Brembo…?
Then I’m watching Types of Materials and Composites for High Temperature in Mass Disks, not only Carbon Fiber …?
Other ideas have to do with aerodynamics, Specifically in the Body and Rear Spoilers, Front and “Central”
Dare I write from my own Email as Private.
I commented in Brief. Fan all my life to Aeromodelismo in which I have presented very important projects in the field of Service to Airports Control Wildlife and Bird, besides being Pioneer in Photography and Video Air Helicopter Remote Control, inventing systems and appliances, as an amateur.
Pilot Deportivo de U.L.M. And Logically one Apasinado and Zealot, always !! World Engines, Aircraft, Motorcycles and Auto Ferrari !! Obviously the F 1
I’ve said this I guess they do not care, but I wanted to make a small presentation, only!! Now I know and understand something, Materials, Technology and applied for many years always autodidact!!
I guess you have to go to Mr. As Technical Director Pat Fry, as I imagine you. Handling is the relevant departments …?
I do not know who is the chief designer …?
If it is to you, Mr. Pat.; I want to tell, that would appreciate your prompt response. Although I guess they do not have time to think this sounds Stupidity or Folly, but the offer to you. !! First Since I am an enthusiast of the Ferraris on the FF4 tod … And the fomula 1.
I think these ideas that might please you. Thought and or are very radical, could bring in improvements that need Frr Scuderia.
In my country there is a saying, Management No worse than not done in this case !! Trial and Error
If to you. They are not interested or see you have no interest in my offer, please send me appreciate an acknowledgment receipt from my Mail. Beforehand thank you for your time and waiting, wish to cooperate with you. here in Chile., South America !! P. I Double D. Chilean-Spanish / Catalan Girona Nationality Near Montmeló !!

Best Regards.

王磊 CHINA says:


Rasto Mahdal says:

A…, i ja práve sledujem pred tv; (live-živě) na *sport1/2* už (jeho…!) druhý tréning i povzbudzujem (…tak, ako vždy !) scu – dé – ria !!! (y) <3 🙂 😉

Nayee Nayee says:

mwah 🙂

hexagon523 says:

Let’s go guys! The most important part of the season starts here. I believe in your abilities. You’re the best! Forza Ferrari!

Shoi Nagase says:

This is a really good representation on how strep Eau rouge/Radillon is

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