Blue Apple Watch Sport 42mm Drop Test!

So I got myself the 42mm blue Apple Watch Sport and decided to see how strong the thing is when accidentally dropped…I really didn’t think it…well…just enjoy.



David Roy says:

i am shocked by the quality of the apple watch after watching this but even more shocked after seeing the anger reaction of this youtube reviewer. I mean what did you expect after a drop test? that your not even gonna scratch your precious little watch ??? hahahaha!!

Lands& Grooves says:

Looks and sounds exactly like a child throwing a tantrum. Birthdate circa after 2000

Hawiye Wilson says:

this something he doing this guy is ocd he need doctor

Zachary Lewis says:

“the call this duriblility*?”…… throws it on the ground at probably 35-40 MPH

Rome says:

dude lol im scared to get one

Lord Fang says:

Why would u even spend ur Monet and just smash it a sain person would keep it safe

Nikhil Venkatesh says:

sir giveaway any apple watch sir 2 me sir plz

Farm Lyfe says:

God why do people do these test always destroying perfect objects just for a test… heart breaking

#Carraig OMeara says:

Calm down

Luke Hall says:

That’s what happened too mine

Kennedi Perry says:

Why would u do that stupid

The holly Tree says:

Fuck you bitch

Carlo Cestaro says:

Dude, please. Get informed about what you are drop-testing. Please. I mean, seriously?

Arnel Tacadena, Jr. says:

That’s a. Waste of money

Jake Maningding says:

Get gshock

Yianni Tjortjis says:

I do not want to get an Apple Watch

philip lobello says:

I have a Nike 42mm series 2 I got it February 29. 2017

Teto 21 says:

It’s not sapphire

-Crypsis CAE says:

He is even more pathetic than donald trump

Vanilla Ice 364 says:

Its fake watch all the other videos of other people doing it, i would recommend everythingapplepro

Cierra Keels says:


Footymatt 123 says:

I don’t think Apple thought someone would do what u did

Sophie Sunsuz says:

He has a anger problem

Irinoc Gamer _YT says:

your cat or dog was watching you

Explor says:

Wow i am 99,9 precent sure that techrax is idiot

Ziyad Sindi says:

I wonder why apple sponsors you, you just talked crap about them and ack like they had no idea what they were doing and not to mention that little seen after it cracked, you need an anger management class!

The Cousin Billy Talk show says:

Last time I checked you wouldn’t intentionally try to smash your watch so yes actually it’s probably durable .

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