Car Tech – Ferrari FF

Ferrari’s solid argument that good things come in fours.


Kevin Burrell says:

I’m a big fan of your program. I like how you give a lot of information, yet be entertaining. I still crack up every time I hear,”Ugly is included at no extra cost!”

Wise Sloth says:

5300$ for two iPad minis!!!! Outrageous!

edgo45 says:

The new California T has that new Apple in car system it looks pretty badass. I’m sure it’ll be in the FF soon.

Kosmonaut says:

Added in a rush the central lcd display which is outdated, same with the display in the passenger side, low resolution displays that phones had 10 years ago, not a true 4 passenger car, not a sports car and they want 300k for it. If you are planning to get one you are either stupid or don`t know where to put your money.

Nick Wood says:

I know this is a polarizing car, and a lot of people don’t like it. I, for one, absolutely love the FF, as well as the new version- the Lusso. This is an incredible GT car, it drips taste and style without being flashy or presumptuous. If I could have any Ferrari, for an actual everyday driver, not a museum/take it out once a month type car, this would be in my top 3. The 458/488, the F12, and the FF are my favorites, all different cars with different purposes. If I had the money I’d have a very hard time deciding between those three. I think I actually prefer the body on the 458 over the 488, but of course it’s always nice to have the newest, most trick model. Also, I’ve seen a few interiors on the FF, and all I can say is WOW. Amazing interiors on these cars. Really needs to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. Cheers!

Abdulrahman Idris says:

Camry is a car too
it goes up to 120mph
Im Happy 😀
I got camry

vespers_ says:

That screen quality is a disgrace.

Candlestick Pattern says:

i would like ferrari italia more

Scifluence says:

This car is not that attractive…

theCityOfTitans says:

this ff look like ferrari where not sure what they were making a porcshe or a ferrari

Snafu says:

silver or light grey on a Ferrari is an atrocity. Whoever specced that car deserves to be shot.

TheArfdog says:

The Ferrari Fist-F__k

PrivateEyeYiYi says:

Most of that is available with the Panemara Turbo S for just 200k.

Devin Tariel says:

It’s a shooting brake, and they remind of Dodge magnums too much. But as far as I am concerned I can’t afford one and wouldn’t mind owning one.

Brandon Page says:

anyone else notice that Cooley never drives between lines while taking a curve in almost any car?

R-AIK says:

Thanks for the review sir, really helped me narrow down my options to a civic and corolla now.

jump oricakle says:

you don’t buy a Ferrari for high MPG, good electronics, comfort, or even speed you buy one because you want a car almost no else has but everyone wishes they did and because you could care less about dropping 300k on a car that you most likely won’t even drive everyday.

dygardion 91 says:

Why did ferrari make this….. fugly says:

Idealny wóz do codziennego użytku :)))

justabob22 says:

Over priced junk, gimme a Tesla any day.

Henry Tang says:

very good review, you should be the Amercian James May for Top Gear America.

xdaeq2 says:

might as well just buy the ipads straight from apple ….daaamn 5k and they just in a wallet behind the seats…c’mon

Jacob Dwelle says:

Biggest panoramic roof… Until you look at the model X

Harvey Hunt says:

It looks. A Job Well Done! grate abusive What’s your opinion about that, guys !!

Techommentary says:

Options ALONE are 43 grand. Holy crap

Derek Neff says:


qwertykeys says:

Ferrari Final Fantasy *FF !

Miguel Medina says:


3Storms says:

Instead of a 4-door they made two doors the size of 1970’s Lincoln Continental doors.

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