Dynamic Attractions SFX Coaster Animated Preview. Looks Amazing!

Dynamic Attractions *AWESOME* looking SFX Coaster!


Kayla A says:

This is literally incredible……. America, y u no think of this?

utube101x says:

Love the innovation here. This is not a coaster for your average Six Flags though.

Anthony Studios says:

thinng i see not working is reconnecting the track after the cars are flinged about at impossibly fast speeds

meezymillionz says:

Dang how much is all this gonna cost?

sultanhamed g.a.r S.H says:

im so happy about the new roller coaster when i go to yas water world and then i see the new roller coaster i was like oh man that make me so happy

Thijs V says:

What does this have to do with ferrari?

Adam Johnson says:

So Super Escape from Gringotts?

Carson Ortiz says:

Lol will it suksed!

Olaf van Rijnsbergen says:

Love the music :p

KoasterKing 205 says:

Great ride!

evan scott says:

looks like a more intense Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts. i approve! 🙂

123 456 says:

AT Canada?

Sergio Laskoski says:

A new steel hybrid should open in 2015

LightbulbTedbear2 says:

Alton Towers will be all over this, just you wait.

Ryan Stadler says:

“Two other clients with four of the elements.” Cedar Point’s newest Dark Ride?

K J says:

What a nice!! Really like it

Josh Solomon says:


Silvana velasco says:


truemetalsonic says:

since th13teen – lots of companies are trying to add drops into coasters :/

Leslie Vera says:

We can’t even see the ride

Asma Isma says:

where is it ??

nolimiters says:

Very awesome coaster!
But not really in the Ferrari World theme I thinks.

ThrillRider247 says:

as a old park employee. .the manager told them they were very interested in this…But decided not to go with it…

David Lomax says:

A rollercoaster for the new up coming Rollercoaster Tycoon game

Darius Cornejo says:

That looks way too scary for me! XD

ywluvstojam says:

WOW! I like this new technological coaster concept!

Brandon Hall says:

omg why it’s like Jurassic park at universal

FNMasterChannel says:

If I lived near by, I would wait 1 year so I know the ride is safe enough.

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